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Codesandbox open sources their execution enviornment: Sandpack (codesandbox.io)
82 points by plondon514 53 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

I was a very early adopter of Codesandbox and a patron back when it was a tiny sideproject by Ives.

Years ago, very happy at the time, I wrote a lot of code using Codesandbox, and expected it to remain private.

At some point seemingly, Codesandbox introduced plans (not just patron support), made all my code public (for who knows how long) and kept charging me until today! Quite the surprise, I expected better from the team.

I know this post is technical, but I find it hard to separate the technical merits of a company from their business practices.

First of all, super cool to hear that you've been such an early adopter of CodeSandbox! Not many can say that.

The fact that we made your projects public and kept charging is definitely a big mistake, and shouldn't have happened in the first place. When you cancel a subscription, we should keep your existing work private. Could you send me an email at ives@codesandbox.io so we can fix it?

Apologies for the fact this happened to you, that's a severe mistake and shouldn't have happened!

Hey Ives,

I wrote to you some additional context yesterday after your message, but I’m not sure you got my email?

FYI I couldn’t find a way to cancel and I’m still being billed (and my code is still public).

This looks really cool, I can't tell if it is a sandbox environment or not.

Does it download the dependencies on the client side, and compile the JS on the client side as well?

Yep, it downloads and compiles dependencies on the client side. However, it does this on a different domain for security reasons.

Also, while it uses the CodeSandbox bundler, you can self host it so it's not dependent on our servers!

So by compiles it on the client side, you mean the JS is bundling the JS?

If it is all happening in the users browser, what's do you mean when you say "it does this on a different domain"

Is there an API to get the compiled and bundled sources into one output/result?

Yes, after every compilation we send the full bundler state. This is saved on the context so you can use that to analyze the output. In one of the examples in the blog post we show the transpiled code for example.

A hidden "feature" is that we automatically run tests defined (e.g. index.test.js) using jest, and dispatch the test results. So you can listen to that as well.

Early adopter — and even advocate since we extensively use for our courses on web dev! — fan of CodeSandbox.

Very happy to see the project big and stable enough to start open sourcing core components of the product.

Hey yuchi! What are you working on irt courses on web dev? I'm also working on something similar see https://codeamigo.dev. Wonder if we could collaborate!

I'd like to see storybook with support for this.

Awesome, I love codesandbox. Thank you

Mods: typo in title

I don't think I've ever spelled environment correctly!

Until you did

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