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Spotify is a peer to peer music streaming service, haven't they been pretty clear about that previously? I actually can't find any information about it on the website at the moment but I'm positive it's been there before. I have been a member since the early beta (i.e when only certain parts of Europe had access) so they might have changed it since then. I've never noticed any slowdowns though and since we don't have bandwidth caps over here it hasn't really become a issue for anyone.

I'm a premium subscribed now but I used the free service up until they limited the amount of plays per song and how long per month you could use it, and for me it's worth the $18~ I have to pay to get access to the music I want to listen to anywhere. Even if there is some bandwidth usage if I keep it running. It's never so much that I notice it in any way and it "gives" when other applications demand more bandwidth.

How often do you actually have Spotify running without listening to music anyway?

> haven't they been pretty clear about that previously?

News to me. I've seen a lot of ads and reviews for them and I don't see this mentioned at all, or at least prominently.

As to your last question, it's actually pretty much always running, listening or not. At least in my installation, clicking the X to close the window actually (by default) just minimizes it; to really close the application, you have to use a context menu or something. That alone is enough of a hurdle that I rarely bother to close it...on the assumption that it's not hogging too many resources. I'm wondering how safe that assumption really was now.

I just CMD+Q to quit it (on OSX) which as far as I know does in fact close it properly. In any case I make sure to close programs I do not use.

I do not believe it does quit it properly on OS X. Even after a fresh reboot, Spotify appeared to be using about 40k/sec outbound bandwith. After I removed it, idle bandwidth dropped to zero.

I also noticed something strange when removing it with CleanMyMac (similar to AppZapper). There's a separate dock icon file for Spotify, and removing it restarted Dock.app. I think that might be to cover up Spotify running in the background somehow.

Spotify does quit when you cmd-Q. You can verify this by opening Activity Monitor and looking at the process list.

If you are running MacOS X Lion, then the OS might keep the underlying OS process around in case you start it again -- this is by design. I have not been able to observe this personally, however.

The p2p thing is a good model. On the one hand you have services like Youtube which come up with all kinds of innovations to PREVENT you from using too much bandwidth- but Spotify is focusing its efforts in a more user-serving direction, encouraging you to go through as many songs as you can/want and finding ways to make it happen.

Actually quite a lot. Not anymore. My primary internet connection is a (truly) unlimited data plan on my phone with Sprint, but I don't go out of my way to abuse that fact, even though I live in a rural area where bogging down the towers shouldn't be a problem. This is pretty much a deal breaker for me.

No they have not been clear about that.

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