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I like to build and create, is tech for me?
5 points by tolstoywasright 53 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments
In a way I understand the pointlessness of the question, I meant it as in—will it kill my soul or is the industry wide enough to find challenging work?

I come from an illustration background, I have seen the following job title "Product Designer", it seems to involve programming and design, it reminds me of an artisan in a sense. I'm quite enamoured at the moment, so please pop my bubble a bit.

It’s the same as every other high paying knowledge industry. Sometimes the work is meaningful and the people are amazing, other times-the opposite.

Just give it a shot.

Build a website. Any website with html and css. It’s either going to feel challenging, fun and rewarding (look what I can do!), or it’s going to be miserable (who could make such a mess?!)

Tech is going to be like that: a lot of research about things you don’t know, and a lot of failures cause things are capricious.

It’s a pain to go through, but I personally really like when it comes together at the end.

> will it kill my soul or is the industry wide enough to find challenging work

Almost no industry is small enough to be that homogeneous to be able to be predictive about it. If you care for your soul do a bunch of research about the specific companies you want to work for. IMHO smaller can be better, if more demanding.

If you like meetings a third of your time, you like tech xD

Sure! to build and create the technology is the way, but why the industry? You can do it without, like you say, as an artisan.

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