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And this is why you never-ever want to release a good product to the US. If it works great in EU and the rest of the world, you can be damn sure that you will meet so much hate in US, for some obscure reason. Well - from a personal perspective.

I've been running Spotify since early beta, and monitor the network usage of all my application, both when it comes to traffic and when it comes to what it accesses (littlesnitch is a great tool!). Spotify hardly uses any upstream bandwidth, and if it were using a lot, I should've seen that. I see a lot of downstream network usage.

This is just another blogger to piss on Spotify for some strange reason, to the point where they make up stuff. And it does not make sense to enable the user to not have any caching, then the network usage of the entire swarm would've quadrupled. I feel that 1GB minimum and standard at 10% of free diskspace (!!!! free, not total) is a good middle road.

(For those interested, Skype uses a boatload more bandwidth than Spotify. We've had problems with network congestion because so many clients on the network had Skype open and they routed so many calls through our network.)

For another anecdote, on my $70/mo cable connection, I have a total of 768k for my upload bandwidth, and Spotify saturates my connection so much that I literally cannot watch something on Netflix with my PS3 or Roku box until I have quit the Spotify client on my desktop.

And speaking as a paying customer ($20/mo so my wife and I can each have mobile access), it would be really nice if I could at least choose a limit on the P2P bandwidth so that I wouldn't be forced to close it altogether.

>This is just another blogger to piss on Spotify for some strange reason to the point where they make up stuff.

Actually he discusses his reason, right there in the post. Spotify used a lot of his bandwidth with no way to throttle (as others on this thread have discussed), in a way that he didn't feel was disclosed up-front.

It's great that you love Spotify and get value from it, but don't jump on this board calling someone a liar and questioning their integrity because they don't get the same value from it.

I agree with you, I was way out of line when I called him a lier. The fanboy-ism may be a little to strong in me.

But, to the point, he never said how much traffic he was seeing, so in his case /any/ traffic could be deemed "a lot". All services these days use your network connection to some extent, but I'm finding it hard to believe that it actually may end up congesting your networking connection, without seeing some serious proof.

I can to some extent see his point where this should've been clear from the start of, that Spotify will make use of your upstream network connection. Hopefully Spotify will make changes so that at least the US-market get notified that they might end up paying their service provider a premium, just for using Spotify.

>This is just another blogger to piss on Spotify for some strange reason, to the point where they make up stuff.

Why do you assume that, just because upstream traffic is not high for you, it isn't for anyone else?

I've been using it for years, as have my friends and colleagues, and neither have seen "a lot" network usage, at least not compared to what we're seeing downstream. Also, he didn't even bother to give us any more information on what he defines as "a lot" and how much upstream traffic he actually had.

You have made be interested to monitor mine and find out...

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