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Happy palindrome day either way: 12-02-2021 or 2021-12-02
83 points by rrwright 53 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments
Enjoy reading today's date from either direction!

Edit: thanks to taneliv for noticing it works both ways! (original post only showed one way)

Even for people using normal date formats, since 2021-12-02 is, amazingly enough, also today, and is also a palindrome day. Enjoy!

“Normal” meaning I think the US format, the format that confuses a lot of people elsewhere. YYYY-MM—DD is the safest, but in the UK at least we would interpret xx-xx as DD-MM

Yeah Australia too. The date in the title is Feb 12th :p

If people would just know when to use dash, dot or slash as separator, all confusion would end immediately.

Next stop: world peace :P

If you wanted to celebrate, but all the restaurants are booked, tell them you are quite flexible. Tomorrow (12/3/21), or during the weekend is fine too. And all the weekdays next week. Just make sure you get that reservation before next Friday (12/9/21).

A great day to read upon my old article on building the most complete palindromic sentence: http://www.pinchofintelligence.com/worlds-longest-palindrome...

But not if you use 02-12-2021

> But not if you use 02-12-2021

This is not an ISO 8601 or RFC 3339 date.

Palindrome day is different in different countries, like Mother's Day.

It's like Labour Day. The whole world agrees, except the US, which has a different date for it.

Huh interesting. What is the US date based on? And what is the rest of the world’s date based on?

Many countries have their date based on the International Worker's Day https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Workers%27_Day. The US aren't the only one celebrating it on a different day, Japan does it too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Thanksgiving_Day.

Funny thing about that is that the the international one, on May 1, is ultimately based on a strike in Chicago.

So the entire world celebrates Labour Day based on an event in the US, while the US alone uses a different date. And somehow that doesn't even seem that unusual to me; the US often is the first with a new idea, and as soon as others join in, they back down.

> while the US alone uses a different date

As I said in my post, the US aren't alone in that, Japan also uses a different date. Canada also celebrates it on a different day, the same as the US. Ireland celebrates it on the first Monday in May.

May 1st is the standard in the rest of the world, US it's sometime in September.

Random note: Subaru China published their new BRZ today, which is distinguished by its boxer engine, with (somewhat) symmetric pistons.

It’s also easy to write today’s date as an ambigram! Just gotta symmetrize the 2 a bit. Think 7-segment LCD font.

wondered just how widespread this would be accepted and got down a rabbit hole of international standards ISO-8601 etc and surprisingly (so often are ppl at odds around the world about this) it's pretty universal this one!

So happy about this! Have fun everyone.

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