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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (December 2021)
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Please state the location and include REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when that sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: try https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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Hi all, just wanted to let you know I'll be aggregating all jobs from this thread on a dedicated job board at: https://hackernews.niceboard.co

All employers welcome to post opportunities directly as well!

Startup Dev | Ruby devs, NodeJS | Remote (US) | Full time

Startup Dev offers expert development help to startups.

We're hiring Ruby devs from 1) architect level, through 2) mid-level to 3) junior. We also have roles for senior and mid level NodeJS devs. We are hiring for full time with benefits, fully remote. (Several of our clients are located in SF)

Who we are: We love the "get things done" attitude, we collaborate and pair often, we prefer to have customers instead of bosses, we build cool stuff fast. Startup Dev has half a dozen clients and 16 employees, we're growing rapidly and building up a solid crew! Come join us, it's awesome here!

Again, these are Full time, remote opportunities (US only please!) joe at startup dot dev (note that's dot dev no dot com)

Pave.dev | DevOps | Product Manager | Software Engineer, Data | Engineering | Remote

Pave.dev is a fintech API based in the Bay Area and founded in 2020. We’re commodifying the massive data engineering & data science effort necessary to build financial services. There’s an explosion of digital first banks, automated budgeting & savings apps, robo advisors, and financial products geared towards a new market of consumers who have traditionally been underserved.

Our first product is a Cashflow API that helps data scientists & developers access clean and unified insights into an individual’s financial health and behavior.

Some roles we’re hiring for:

DevOps: As our first DevOps Engineer you will have the opportunity to help engineer the foundational systems, tools, and processes the next generation of fintech startups are being built upon. [https://bit.ly/31ojnfM]

Product Manager: As our first PM you will be responsible for managing the flow from idea to implementation. Write PRDs, serve as scrum master for our Engineering team, coordinate sprints, etc. while working directly with our founders. [https://bit.ly/3xQXhyr]

*Software Engineer, Data: We process millions (and soon billions!) of financial records in order to reliably return clean, actionable insights to fintech applications within seconds and we need someone to help us scale our backend, pipelines, and analytics engines! [https://bit.ly/3DgK6YJ]

We’re also hiring for several other engineering roles including machine learning, fullstack, and data science. A comprehensive list of the roles we’re hiring for can be found at https://pave.dev/careers.

If you’re excited about joining a 13-person team and helping people gain access to financial services, give us a shout!

7shifts | Canada | Remote | Full-time | https://www.7shifts.com/careers At 7shifts, we're building a team and product that will help change the restaurant industry for the better, one shift at a time.

Our product simplifies labor management and improves performance for restaurants, freeing up time for managers to focus on serving their customers. 7shifts focuses 100% on the restaurant industry and works with best-in-class technology partners to seamlessly integrate all of the stages in the employee lifecycle - from hiring, training, scheduling, paying and engaging/retaining.

Our stack is primarily ReactJS -> PHP -> MySQL.

* Senior Developer (Integrations) https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=167&source=hn

* Senior Developer (Platform / Public API) https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=169&source=hn

* PHP/ReactJS Web Developer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=43&source=hn

* DevOps Engineer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=197&source=hn

* Senior DevOps Engineer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=225&source=hn

* Engineering Manager https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=48&source=hn

Framer | (AWS) Cloud Engineer, Backend Engineer | Amsterdam | Onsite/Remote (NL,UK,IE,DE,PT)| Full-time

About us: at Framer we build an all-in-one tool that helps teams design every part of the product experience, with and without touching code.

(AWS) Cloud Engineer: Work closely with our engineering and product teams to build out our infrastructure—supporting our applications in a secure, scalable, and reliable way. Tech stack: familiarity or experience with modern programming languages and environments, such as JavaScript/TypeScript/Node.js, Go, Python, Shell scripting

Backend Engineer: work on many aspects of the product, like Framer Web, cloud infrastructure, data pipelines, and more. Tech stack: Node.js, Go, Typescript

Dashdoc | Software engineers | REMOTE (France preferred, Europe considered) | Full-time | Part-time We're building a next generation software platform for the freight trucking industry.

Lots of interesting challenges, great team! We're launching in 2 new countries next year.

We're looking for a lead mobile engineer (React-Native) and full-stack engineers. Please check us out if you like being autonomous and want to have an impact on the product. We work with the shape up method (no scrum!).

Also hiring product managers and designers, and a country manager for Germany.


Just applied for a product design position! Cheers!

Soundlines | Senior front-end developer |FTE or Contract | Seattle, WA | Remote

SoundLines is saving healthcare providers from burnout by building the first truly ambient documentation assistant on the market. No trigger words or interaction with our assistant is necessary. Our customers love the product and we're growing quickly:

• "This is stupid easy"

• “The notes are way better than the ones I do on my own”

• “10,000 times better than transcription”

Current openings:

• Senior Front End Developer: https://angel.co/l/2vR5SW

Apply via links above or contact me here https://www.linkedin.com/in/fridriklarusson/

Wander | Full-time | Remote | https://wander.com | Multiple positions

Wander is a network of smart homes that empowers remote professionals with the freedom to work from and live wherever they want. Whether it’s a week on the coast in Monterey relaxing with family or a month in the desert in Joshua Tree finishing your next book, a Wander Home is the perfect spot for your next workcation, vacation or anything in between.

We are hiring for:

- React Native Engineers

- NodeJS / Typescript Backend Engineers

- Smart Contract Engineers / Solidity Engineers

Tech stack: Typescript, React Native, React / NextJS, Tailwind, GraphQL, Apollo Server, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud Functions, Google Cloud PubSub

Contact: If interested, please email me at nathan@ the domain above!

Vanilla | Full Stack Software/Product Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | Fully Remote | Full-Time - ReactJS/Typescript / Familiarity and interest in modern React ecosystem - GraphQL / Apollo

- Design / UI Focused

- Familiarity with Figma/Storybook/modern design tools

- Rails/Full Stack is a major Plus

- Experience in Product or Agency Setting Preferred

Job is fully remote but HQ'd in Los Angeles - This is in the Legal/Financial Tech World - https://www.justvanilla.com/full-stack-engineer

Other open positions here: https://www.justvanilla.com/careers

Email kei.yasui@justvanilla.com if interested.

Zee Prime Labs | Senior Backend Developer, Blockchain, DeFi, Algo Trading | EU | Contract, REMOTE | Fulltime

We are small team of developers and traders backed by private investment company. We are building automated trading systems for crypto markets. If you are senior Go / Rust backend developer with passion for concurrent data processing, low latency systems, AI, automated systems - you would be great fit ;)

Knowledge of blockchains is advantage, not requirement. If you are an active trader, you would probably love this job. For others, trading knowledge is advantage, not requirement.

Your working hours have to be at least partially compatible with working hours in UTC+1 TZ.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions / want to know more: careers.zp.labs@gmail.com

Heritage Type | Frontend & Full-Stack | BERLIN, Germany | Onsite/Remote | Full time | home.heritagedesigner.com

We're building a tool that automates complex design processes to create beautiful graphics. Preparing for a mass launch at the moment we are looking for two more engineers. More info here: https://hrtgtype.com/jobs

- Short interview process - either technical call or assignment (your choice)

- We can propose a contract within 10 days

- Competitive compensation and equity package

- You’ll work on an exciting new product with a 100% HN team

- Very structured but hackathon work environment

Get in touch directly: https://hrtgtype.com/jobs

Lively | NYC & REMOTE (preferably EST or CST) | Full-time with very competitive compensation and benefits

Lively is revolutionizing hearing care. We’re on a mission to empower tens of millions of people to hear better through affordable, convenient, hearing care — at a fraction of the cost thanks to telemedicine.

We are hiring: - Director of Mobile Engineering (React Native) - Senior & Mid-level Backend Software Engineers (node.js) - Senior & Mid-level Manual QA Engineers

Check out more about Lively at listenlively.com and https://www.builtinnyc.com/company/lively-0

Please apply to Sarah sarah.proefke@listenlively.com or on our website. TY!

Drawbackwards | Remote-First (Phoenix, AZ) | Front-End/UI Developer (React) | Part-Time/Full-Time Contractor

Drawbackwards is a UX design & development agency in Tempe, AZ.

We're looking for a React/Typescript & UI developer to join our 5-person development team building a new large-scale, greenfield product. Our design team provides thoughtful, comprehensive and high-fidelity mockups in Figma for pixel-perfect implementation. The team follows async-first communication/development practices, is highly supportive and egoless, focusing on the work and results first.

Please feel free to email seanc@drawbackwards.com with a little background on yourself.

Vector Informatik, GmbH | Software Engineers and Research Engineers | London, UK and Rhode Island, US || http://www.vector.com

Vector Informatik is a leading provider of innovative software testing solutions for safety and mission critical embedded applications. At Vector, we have many tools that aid development teams in building high quality software, and have active research initiatives to extend this portfolio. We are looking for research engineers and software engineers to join our research group to help build the next generation of software verification tools.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have an interest in any of these roles: andrew.jones@vector.com.

Pluribus Digital | Multiple Roles | Remote/Onsite Arlington, VA (USA only) | Full-time

We're supporting multiple federal contracts, bringing DevOps practices, and Cloud experience to help modernize existing applications, and develop new ones.

Development wise we support multiple stacks including but not limited to: - Java - Ruby - React - Angular

We support clients in AWS and Azure. Kubernetes is wanted or partially in place for most environments.

Location: Most roles are fully remote, some roles depending on the contract do require an on-site presence. Need to be able to obtain a Public Trust, but do not need to have an active one.

Apply here: https://pluribusdigital.com/join

Quatico.com | Lead Frontend Frontend Engineer (German C1+) | Zurich, Switzerland | SALARY: ~130k CHF | 3 days/week in the office | Swiss or EU member-states passport-holders only

We are a 20-person team building tailored web apps with heavy custom business logic on the server. Our products are analyzing the weather data in Switzerland, hold governmental portals online, keep trading dashboards humming, and do much more.

Clean code is our passion. Yours too?

Our interview process:

1) Phone screen with our CTO

2) Two sessions of remote pair-programming with our engineers (no algorithmic questions but reasonable pair-programming tasks).

3) Onsite half a day with us.

Interested? We'd like to hear from you:

iwan.gulenko atsign quatico.com - Please use "HN" in the subject line to help us filter out spam

Canny | Full-Stack Engineer, Product Designer, Security Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://canny.io

Canny helps software companies keep track of feature requests to build better products.

* Early-stage startup, 9 person team, $2m+ annual recurring revenue

* Over 1,000 customers, including industry-leading companies like Ahrefs, Bench, CircleCI, and Compass

* 100% remote, distributed across US, Canada, Italy, Turkey, and Estonia

* Bootstrapped and profitable


Why work at Canny: https://canny.io/blog/work-at-canny/

Wallaroo.ai | Senior Frontend, Backend Engineers, Platform Architect | Perma-REMOTE / EST core hours

Want to help define what painless MLOps at scale looks like? Want in on the ground floor of a paradigm-defining company in the artificial intelligence / machine learning space? Wallaroo is hiring!

We're looking for:

* Senior Frontend Engineer - Fluent in React.js, you'll work with product designer to build out our system dashboard.

* Senior Backend Engineer - Build out our ultrafast Rust-based ML model execution engine and support environment.

* Platform Architect - Provide architectural guidance and product direction.

Full job descriptions are at https://wallaroo.breezy.hr/.

Feel free to reach out: andy@wallaroo.ai

Toughbyte | Full-time | REMOTE | https://www.toughbyte.com

At Toughbyte, we're building a tech recruitment platform that helps developers find their ideal job. We're bootstrapped, profitable and growing with the biggest startups in Europe such as Wise as our clients.

We're now looking for multiple Russian speaking Ruby developers to join our team of over sixty people. No prior work experience required. For more info and to apply go to http://tbyte.co/hn

PS. even if you aren't into Ruby or don't know Russian, we may have some other positions for you, so check out our site above

Grafbase (https://grafbase.com) | Rust, WebAssembly, DynamoDB, Serverless, GraphQL | Remote | Full-time

Our mission is to enable developers to deploy globally fast backend apps in seconds.

If you're passionate about Rust, GraphQL, Serverless, DynamoDB and Edge Computing you will feel right at home. Come join the founding team!

Backend Engineer: https://grafbase.com/careers/backend-engineer

You can see our open positions here: https://grafbase.com/careers

Apply using the link above or email us at join@grafbase.com

Mobile Jazz | Senior Web Engineer | Remote Only | Worldwide | https://mobilejazz.com/careers/

We’re looking for a senior web engineer (frontend, backend, or full-stack) to join our growing team! You will join the engineering team in Mobile Jazz and will work closely together with UX experts, graphic designers, other developers, and product owners on delivering excellent consulting work for our international clients.

Apply using our unique "Jobs API". More details on the link above.


Alley | Software Developers | UX (Front-end) Developers | Full-time, Remote

We’re hiring at Alley (alley.co) and Lede (joinlede.com)! We’re looking for software developers and user experience (front-end) developers to join our team. We’re a people first, equity-minded company and we hope you’ll join us! Apply using the links below:

User Experience (Front-end) Developer: https://bit.ly/3uG3cDd Software Developer: https://bit.ly/3patr3z Software Developer for Lede: https://bit.ly/3lmGQF6

Overleaf (https://www.overleaf.com) | REMOTE (UK/EU/US/Canada) | Full-time | Software Engineering Manager

Overleaf builds modern collaborative authoring tools for scientists — like Google Docs for Science. We have over eight million registered users from around the world. Our primary product is an online, real-time collaborative editor for papers, theses, technical reports and other documents written in the LaTeX markup language. It’s used by around 400,000 people each day.

We are looking to hire an enthusiastic Software Engineering Manager with strong engineering experience to join our team. You’ll be coaching and supporting engineers and helping them with their career development, as well as having input into our high-level planning processes. Alongside that you’ll be doing code review (in JavaScript) and acting as tech-lead on individual projects.

Some reasons you'd enjoy working with us:

- Most of our code is open-source and we're big fans of Free Software.

- We use the “Shape Up” development process, using an 8-week cycle to ensure regular delivery of improvements to the product.

- You’ll be working alongside a cross-functional team, including designers, product managers and developers, to help our users create their best work on Overleaf.

- Working hours can be flexible to your needs. Our core hours are 2pm–5pm UK time. Applicants must be based in the UK, EU, US or Canada.

- Remote is a first class citizen; even before the pandemic, all founders and employees worked remotely and this is part of our values: https://www.overleaf.com/about/values. When we can do so again, we'll get everyone together in London a few times a year for valuable face to face time.

Please apply here: https://apply.workable.com/overleaf/j/DF75EA4A1B/


ContentLab.io is a technical content marketing agency that creates content developers actually want to read. We're trusted by leading tech firms such as Microsoft, Adobe, HubSpot, GrapeCity, and more.

We're looking for part content strategist, part developer advocate. This role takes a hands-on approach to working alongside our clients on achieving their content marketing goals, while also being involved in industry communities. We’re excited to collaborate with companies that are as excited about tech as we are!

Learn more and apply: https://ca.indeed.com/job/content-strategist-8bbcf7b131af371...

Thank you!

Getaround | Senior Backend Software Engineer (Python) [Multiple Openings] | Full-Time | Remote-first with San Francisco, CA HQ Collaborative Space (US, near Pacific Time) | https://getaround.com

Getaround connects safe, convenient, and affordable cars with people who need them to live and work. Our community includes guests who rely on our cars for on-demand mobility and hosts who share cars on our platform including those who operate their own car sharing businesses. Our connected car technology allows guests to book and unlock a wide variety of vehicles directly from our app without ever having to meet anyone in person, carry an access card, wait in line, or coordinate picking up keys.

Cars are parked 22 hours a day on average. When we share cars, we don’t need as many on the road, which means fewer accidents, reduced traffic, and less space required for parking. Car sharing modernizes mobility by allowing people to connect multiple forms of efficient transportation for any type of use case.

Studies show that when car sharing is available, people drive less and drive vehicles more appropriate for their use case, which can reduce household carbon emissions by up to 40%. Also, shared cars are used more frequently and retired more quickly, accelerating the adoption of newer, more energy-efficient vehicles.

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. To learn more, take in this short video featuring Getaround as part of the Vision 2045 campaign: https://youtu.be/VPKsANLTawI

We're hiring a Senior Backend Software Engineer with Python experience to join our growing engineering team.

Apply online (https://jobs.lever.co/getaround/d0d01536-80ac-4f3b-95b9-dfe1...) or email me (Sr Director of Engineering) at tareq dot ahmed at getaround dot com to learn more.

Shopify | Staff Software Developer (Apache Beam / Google Dataflow) | REMOTE (EST / CEST Timezones) | Full-time

We are the the world’s fastest growing commerce platform, helping over 1.7 million independent business owners around the world start and grow their businesses.

We’re looking for a Staff Developer, with an interest in building highly scalable streaming systems and data pipelines, to lead the technical direction and help build a new discovery service from scratch. The service will power our information retrieval system and will help our merchants and their buyers navigate the ever-increasing complexity of their business.

Tech stack: Java/Kotlin, Apache Beam, Google Dataflow, Apache Kafka

Email us: rahbirul.rubayeet@shopify.com

Web3Platforms | Fullstack Engineer | Taipei / San Francisco (Remote/WFH okay) | Full-Time

We are a a silicon valley based stealth startup founded by ex-Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon and Yahoo tech executives are hiring software engineers to join us in our mission to build the world’s first exclusively verified community. This community connects you with an exclusive group of people you share something in common with. Our product enables high quality, private and safe discussion with people that share the same employer, investment positions, qualifications, and work in the same industry, or have a similar net worth with.

Hiring software engineers, more details below.


- 5+ years work experience building high quality software products.

- Advanced JavaScript (>ES6) skills.

- Experience with React / Redux & React Native.

- Thorough knowledge of build and deploy systems.

- Version control (git) and continuous integration / deployment tools.

- You can take complicated projects and boil them down to the most critical components.

- Familiar with modern web design patterns, including REST and microservices.

- Fluent written and spoken English.

We Offer:

- Challenging work opportunities that create meaningful consumer experiences through innovative solutions.

- Work from home and remote friendly.

Competitive compensation.

- Multicultural, experienced founding team. Our employees have worked for some of the top tech companies in the world (Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon etc) and come from Europe, North America and Asia.

- A culture of authenticity, transparency and empowerment. You’re given the freedom to contribute and make a difference.

How to Apply:

Email your resume/cv to david@web3platforms.com, or message me on LinkedIn: http://tinyurl.com/2jrd3x3m

HaleyTek | Gothenburg, Sweden | Full-time | ONSITE | https://www.haleytek.com/

HaleyTek is a joint venture between Volvo Cars and ecarx. We’re on a mission to develop software for Android-based Infotainment systems, for current and future Volvo and Polestar models. We will also make this software available for other brands, mainly within the Geely group.

Our focus is on the platform software that enables navigation, media, voice assistants and other services to run on cutting-edge hardware.

Looking for developers of various breed: BSP, Embedded Linux, Networking, Android, Apps, Devops, Cloud, Web, Databases, Security.

Apply through our web site.

Platform.sh | REMOTE | Full-Time | https://platform.sh

Platform.sh is the end-to-end PaaS that enables you to build, run, and scale websites and web apps.

We serve thousands of customers worldwide including The Financial Times, Gap, Magento Commerce, Orange, Hachette, Ikea, Stanford University, Harvard University and The British Council.

We are the #1 momentum leader in Cloud PaaS according to G2 https://www.g2.com/categories/cloud-platform-as-a-service-pa...

Recently, we bought Blackfire.io!

Here's how it works (get a free trial and go crazy):

Pick a template from https://github.com/platformsh-templates and customize it (add your assets, specify infra) as per https://docs.platform.sh/overview/structure.html

Then push to your Platform.sh repo, BOOM! magic happens and you have a working site that you can branch, test, customize, go-live. Dead simple, you don't need Kubernetes, just basic git knowledge.

Tech stack is LXC with some Python awesomeness, Ceph and GlusterFS. Tooling is in Python and Go. We are multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, ...).

What I love:

• Lots of smart people from around the world

• Work on interesting stuff

• Great work-life balance (remote only company, you work on a contract, but get 20+ days paid vacation incl. your national holidays)

• Good comp package, pick your HW (Apple or Lenovo), get reimbursed for trainings and other stuff

Join us https://platform.sh/company/careers/

Olo | Remote (US) (HQ in NYC) | Full-Time | https://www.olo.com/

We’re hiring at Olo (had our IPO this year! OLO on the NYSE), where we power the digital platform for many of your favorite restaurants like Shake Shack, The Cheesecake Factory, and Wingstop. Tons of permanently remote (US-based) positions available. Come join us! All positions: https://jobs.lever.co/olo?lever-via=WSee4m3bRz

Looking for product managers, software engineers (C#, F#, full-stack), QA engineers, DevOps and AWS experts, and lots of other roles.

Switcher Labs SA | Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland | fully or partially REMOTE

We are a tech company developing a multi-camera video production platform on iOS (switcherstudio.com).

We are looking for the following software engineers:

- GPU Graphics Expert (Metal, WebGPU, OpenGL, …)

- Audio Expert (audio pipelines, encoding, audio over IP, resampling, …)

- WebRTC Expert (C++ and JavaScript API, WebRTC implementation)

- Network R&D Engineer (TCP, UDP, BSD Sockets, WebSockets, …)

- Swift Engineer

- Emscripten/WebAssembly Engineer

- Software Research Engineer (Swift on Windows and Andoird, React Native on Windows and MacOS)

For working on site as employee, you must be legally authorized to work in Switzerland or be EU citizen. For working remotely as an employee or as a contractor you must be located in CH, EU or US.

Apply by email: jobs-ch@switcherstudio.com

McLaren College | Online Teacher | Full-time | REMOTE

McLaren College is an online school designed to identify and train people in poor countries for software engineering careers who otherwise would not have such an opportunity. We do not charge any up-front fees for our course; our fees are generally charged as a percentage of a student's income after they graduate. For more info check out https://mclarencollege.com

If you have a passion for programming and helping others, please consider applying for our teaching assistant role: Send your CV to jobs@mclarencollege.in and let us know how you heard about the role (ie. on HN).

Your description sounds good for the students but probably bad for the teachers w/r/t pay. Is that accurate?

No our pay rates are competitive - we have long-term funding in place to cover any shortfall between student fees and operating costs

Thanks for the reply!

Shortform | REMOTE | Full-stack Engineer | Full-time / Part-time | $100-200k


Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to learn? Do you have hundreds of books in your to-read list and articles saved in Pocket, but wish you could extract the main ideas faster?

The goal of Shortform is to make the world's best ideas more accessible. Right now we create the world's best book guides, with in-depth chapter-by-chapter summaries, original insights building on the book's ideas, and distillation of the book into actionables. They're like superpowered book summaries.

Eventually, we want to summarize and contextualize every meaningful idea published each day, in every form of media (books, articles, podcasts, videos). Imagine you had a magical Chrome extension that takes any page you're viewing (like a top HN article) and gives you a high-quality summary, along with summaries of alternative viewpoints. That's a vision of what we're building.


Company status: We launched 2.5 years ago. Shortform was funded by the founder (who has built multiple bootstrapped profitable companies in the past) and has taken on no outside investment. Our financials allow us to be profitable, but currently we're reinvesting in growth. Engineering team consists of 5 full-stack engineers.

Technology: Vue.js on frontend, Flask / Python on backend. (Keywords for searchers with tech flexibility: Angular, React, Django)

About the role: Ideally you're fullstack on the web, and comfortable on both front-end and back-end. Position is remote (current team is worldwide). Fulltime / parttime roles available. We're able to pay competitive market salaries (i.e. not decreased by equity).

Email jobs+engineerhn@shortform.com to get more details about the company, what we're building, and the application process. In your email, please discuss your experience for our stack, and also your favorite non-fiction book (to help us screen out spam emails).

Columbia University - Data Science Institute | Research Software Engineer | In-person + Remote

We're looking for someone eager to work at the cutting edge of research, helping to develop the next generation of causal and probabilistic programming languages.

Get in touch if you're passionate about any of:

- Compilation / program transformations

- Probabilistic programming

- Probabilistic ML

- Bayesian / Causal inference

- Program synthesis & analysis

You’ll work with me (http://www.zenna.org/) and the DSI, doing:

- Language design & implementation

- Optimizing / scaling research code

- Algorithm development

Ideal attributes:

- Strong programmer. esp. Julia, Python, C++, ML-family

- Comfortable digesting research e.g. from PLDI, POPL, NeurIPS or ICML

To apply, please write to zt2297@columbia.edu

Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers | Boston, MA, Munich, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary | Full time | Onsite & Remote

Do you want to help transform manufacturing? We are building the best team in the industry to bring consumer-grade user experiences to a space dominated by ancient enterprise technology. Our platform enables our customers to create apps without code and to connect their apps to machines, sensors and smart tools. These augmented production lines would otherwise rely on paper to share information.

We have offices in Somerville, MA, Munich, Germany and Budapest, Hungary. We just closed a $100m series C (https://www.forbes.com/sites/amyfeldman/2021/08/10/manufactu...) and are using that capital to grow dramatically. Our customers include some of the largest manufacturers in the world across numerous verticals of the manufacturing industry.

We'd love to talk to anyone interested, but in particular we are looking to bring folks on in:

- SRE/DevOps: Kubernetes-admin, scalable monitoring across the firewall, hybrid cloud/on-prem deployment

- SRE/DevOps: Azure cloud architect, ideally with container service/AKS experience

- QA Engineer: build out a robust testing pipeline across all areas of the stack, from Hardware up to UI.

- Web Development: React+Redux frontend, NodeJS+Mongo+Postgres+Redis backend, syncing data with Meteor, delivering useful, real-time experiences in the browser and on Electron

- Data & Pipeline Engineering: planning, implementing, and finding insights with our next generation of process & sensor analytics

- IoT/Embedded Software: delivering a reliable, extensible HW platform across arm and x86, all manner of bus/IO tech

Apply at https://tulip.co/careers or email us at jobs@tulip.co

OctoML | Multiple Positions | Remote, Seattle, or Bay Area | Full-time | https://www.octoml.ai/

OctoML is changing how developers optimize and deploy machine learning models. We are the creators of Apache TVM, a popular open-source compiler that transforms ML models into highly-efficient binary code optimized for the specific hardware and model architecture. We are also building the Octomizer, a cloud service that enables developers to optimize and package their ML models through a modern web app as well as a rich API surface.

Series C, over $130M of funding, company is 100 people and growing to 200-250 next year.

ML Systems Engineer - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/OctoML/c4728daa-c818-44e2-b56f-95af...

ML Training Systems Engineer - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/OctoML/3fa67134-96f3-4bbe-9bc6-9e30...

Cloud Backend Engineer - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/OctoML/4a84f36b-6c19-423a-98bf-e509...

Apache TVM Open Source Engineer - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/OctoML/3137c2d9-af6d-4948-8111-362c...

Embedded Software Engineer - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/OctoML/c263e74a-d74c-4940-8bbf-a65c...

Infrastructure Engineer - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/OctoML/aa619a7e-fe22-427a-9b0f-67f0...

Associate Product Manager - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/OctoML/02930712-15b5-42b4-b90b-539a...

Field Engineer - https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/OctoML/16ab7270-913b-4af2-bedc-3683...

Plexi | Senior Backend Engineer & more | Remote | Full-time | £75k-£100k | Great Benefits! | https://plexi.vet

At Plexi, we’re revolutionizing the way that veterinary practices work. Although they have software to book appointments and generate invoices, they currently use internal phones, paper, and whiteboards to communicate with one another and to share the plan for each patient’s treatment.

Switching to Plexi gives adopting practices a whole range of benefits, through the use of intuitive, digital tools designed to deliver the highest levels of patient care. You’ll be helping us transform the veterinary industry and bring it into the 21st century!

Our product team is mostly from the startup world. Our backend stack is Python 3, Django, Django REST framework, graphene, requests, celery, Redis, and PostgreSQL, while our frontenders use React, TypeScript and Apollo GraphQL with CSS in JS. We openly embrace new technologies, as long as they seem like the right tool for the job in the long term.

We use lots of static analysis tools (pyright, isort, flake8, bandit and black) to eliminate dry, manual checks around code quality and consistency, and keep reviews focused on logic and user needs. As a team providing healthcare software, we’re dedicated to extensive testing of our codebase to make sure animals get the best treatment when their vet uses Plexi.

We’re a fully distributed team but would ideally like 4 hours overlap with London.

Senior Backend Engineer - Integrations - Experience with Python, Django, requests https://jobs.wrk.xyz/plexi/23353

Head of Sales - Experience building and leading SaaS sales teams https://jobs.wrk.xyz/plexi/23354

Head of Customer Success - Experience building and leading SaaS CS teams https://jobs.wrk.xyz/plexi/23352

Drifti. OSLO, NORWAY ONSITE/HYBRID - Norwegian knowledge required.

We are looking for developers to join our team in Oslo, Norway. We are looking for Full-Stack devs, and IOS/Android-devs

Drifti is a full-purpose administrative tool to be used in the construction industry. It is a Saas that aims to modernise the way craftspeople work by focusing on flow and simplicity in the user experience.

In Norwegian to be driftig means to be a dedicated and a hard worker, which by using Drifti, most construction workers, project managers, and guilds become.

Link to job: https://drifti-as1.homerun.co/utvikler/no

Neuralink | Engineers | Full-Time | Onsite | Fremont, CA

Neuralink is developing a fully-implanted, wireless, high-channel count, brain-machine interface (BMI) with the goal of enabling people with paralysis to directly use their neural activity to operate computers and mobile devices with speed and ease.

We are looking to hire a wide range of people with diverse engineering backgrounds and interested in making an impact:

-Project Director

-Mechanical Engineer

-Electrical Engineer

-Software Engineer

Apply at https://neuralink.com/careers/

Is it open for fully remote?

Confluent (ksqlDB) | Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE (Berlin or London) | Full-time

We are building the cloud-native event streaming platform of the future around Apache Kafka, including real-time querying and transformation of large scale event streams. We're looking for full stack engineers that excel at understanding the bigger picture, building features from start to finish to deliver value to our customers. We use React, Java, and Go, and deploy on Kubernetes.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/confluent/51c017c6-db1a-4adc-9618-e9d7...

SimplePay | Ruby on Rails Developers | UTC+0 to UTC+8 | REMOTE

SimplePay is a profitable, developer-owned online payroll software company, with solid annual growth. Our software lets 23,000 small business owners (and their accountants) run their South African, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong payrolls without headaches, so they can focus on the challenge of building their businesses. We're also developing new product lines.

Our development team was already mostly remote pre-pandemic. We have a very supportive culture, and are putting a lot of thought into ensuring remote work is happy work.

To find out more about us, check our developer blog (https://tech.simplepay.cloud) or about page (https://www.simplepay.co.za/about)

Do you believe SPAs are overkill for most apps, but wouldn't mind digging into Vue.js for pages that will benefit from the increased interactivity? Do you laugh when people give up the power of SQL DBs in favour of data stores that don't offer any benefits for their use case? If so, you may fit in well with our mindset.

Experience: Ruby on Rails. If you've used other web frameworks and are keen to get into Rails we'd definitely consider you! Just be sure to mention that in your application. The work is mostly on the back-end, but some front-end skills are welcome - we're doing more and more interactive things with Vue.js.

Location: UTC+0 to UTC+8

Please apply at https://teamsimplepay.applytojob.com/apply/52BYVkQodf/Senior... and attach your resume / CV in PDF format. In the "Cover Letter" section of the application, please include 1) the time zone in which you reside, and 2) a link to a PR created or an issue logged for an open source project (no matter how small or long ago) as the first two lines. Also tell us why you would like to join SimplePay.

Saildrone | Multiple Roles | Onsite/Remote | SF Bay Area (Alameda) | Full-Time | https://www.saildrone.com/

Saildrone is the world's leading collector of ocean related in situ data via uncrewed vehicle, above and below the sea surface. Government, scientific, and commercial organizations around the globe rely on Saildrone to deliver the critical information they need—when they need it.

Maybe you saw that we hucked a drone into a category 4 hurricane[1]. Or maybe that we recently raised a $100M series C[2]. Or maybe you didn't see any of that, but you're still intrigued by the idea of autonomous, long endurance sailboats that help us understand our planet better.

Whatever the case, we're hiring for a breadth of different positions across our organization. In software, we're hiring for DevOps, Backend, Full-Stack, Data Pipeline, ML, and Vehicle engineers. Stacks vary from team to team, but we're looking primarily for folks with backgrounds in C++, Python, and/or JavaScript (Node, TypeScript, React). We're remote-friendly for certain positions, though require folks to be onsite for others.

In addition to software engineers, we're also hiring for a bunch of other positions across the company in production/manufacturing, hardware engineering, product management, and more!

You can see a list of open positions on our career page: https://www.saildrone.com/careers

Please apply through our career page; be sure to select "Other" and specify this HN post when asked how you heard about us!

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28715110

[2]: https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/18/saildrone-catches-a-100m-c...

Flymachine | Frontend & Backend Engineers and Engineering Manager | Bay Area, NYC, or Remote in US (preferred) or Europe | Full-Time | https://flymachine.com Flymachine is a livestreaming startup (~50 employees, ~15 engineers), pioneering the digital future of live events. A virtual venue for live entertainment, Flymachine creates a new, customizable experience in a digital world offering the thrill fans enjoy at live events. For the first time, fans have the agency to choose how they experience live entertainment socially - from the comfort of home, with friends and fellow fans from around the world.

Flymachine was conceived by the founders of Ticketfly, Superfly, [namethemachine], and ATC Management. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are seeking an Engineering Manager as well as Frontend & Backend Engineers to work with our small but expert team to architect, develop, and oversee a robust platform for virtual event ticketing and streaming. As a fast-paced, early-stage startup, we require a skilled technical engineer and leader to develop various complex features around the platform, limit technical debt, and scale our services layer to hundreds of thousands of concurrent streaming users.

Links to open roles:

- https://www.flymachine.com/careers/senior-backend-engineer

- https://www.flymachine.com/careers/senior-frontend-engineer

- https://www.flymachine.com/careers/engineering-manager

Tech stack includes: C# .NET 5 microservices, Kubernetes, GraphQL, GRPC, Kafka, Typescript, React, WebRTC

Keywords: distributed systems, microservices, streaming, webrtc, graphql, .net

If interested, send an email to jobs [at] flymachine [dot] com.

Maximus | Software Engineer | LA (Santa Monica) or Remote | Full Time | https://angel.co/company/maximustribe/jobs/1579118-software-...

Maximus (maximustribe.com) is a mission-driven consumer health company that provides men with content, community, and clinical support to optimize them in mind and body. Maximus has raised $5M from top Silicon Valley VCs such as Founders Fund and 8VC as well as leading angel investors/operators from companies like Bulletproof, Tinder, Coinbase, Daily Stoic, & Shopify.

STRIIM | Software Engineers | Head of UX | Community Data Engineer | Full-Time | Palo Alto CA HQ and Remote Roles

STRIIM is a massively scalable distributed SQL-based stream processing platform used by companies to infuse real-time data into all decision and operations.

Our customers include Google, Microsoft, Albertsons, Macy's, Atlas Air, Gartner, to collect and analyze massive streams of data in a modern, cloud architecture.

STRIIM's customers are building next-generation enterprise applications – imagine consumer banking, retail/shopping, healthcare all being modernized with personalized data-driven experiences.

We recently raised $50m from Goldman Sachs Growth to continue our fast-paced growth.

Our stack includes java (platform), kubernetes, Go, multi-cloud deployments, javascript/react (front-end) and tight integration with popular platforms like BigQuery, ELK stack, Kafka, and Snowflake.

Striim has a distributed-first work culture and are more than happy to consider fully remote candidates. If you wish to work onsite, headquarters is based in Palo Alto (formerly Facebook's Palo Alto office) with additional offices in Seattle, WA, Dallas TX, and Chennai India.

If you want to build a next-gen user experience for the world's largest companies to analyze data in real-time, Striim is hiring a Director/Head of UX: https://apply.workable.com/striim/j/89345272D2/

If you love writing data engineering applications and building communities around your thought leadership, we're hiring a Data Engineer who also leads our developer advocacy: https://apply.workable.com/striim/j/1DCFA5DD3B/

Our other job listings can be discovered here: https://apply.workable.com/striim/?p=job%2Foixz9fw7

Equilibrium | Multiple roles, see below | Globally distributed, REMOTE | Full-time

https://equilibrium.co is a venture studio and services company that develops Web3 infrastructure for the likes of The Ethereum Foundation, Dapper Labs, Zcash, Forte, and Protocol Labs.

We are currently hiring for a whole bunch of positions:

- Backend systems engineer (web3)

- QA Specialist

- DevOps Practitioner

- Elixir/Erlang Developers (or Ruby devs who want to move to Elixir)

- Mid-level and Senior Go Developers

- TypeScript Developer

- C++ Developer

- Senior Rust Developer

- Smart Contract Developer (Solidity but also other SC languages)

See https://equilibrium.jobilla.com for information about all the positions listed above

StartFi | Full Time | 100% REMOTE (worldwide) | Frontend Developer

StartFi is an NFT Platform to help content creators raise funds for their digital content, engaging the community to share rewards & revenues. We’re actively building a marketplace and a launchpad platform that support EVM compatible blockchain networks.

We're looking for talented frontend developers (senior and mid-level) to join us in one of the most fast-growing technologies in the world.

You are someone who is experienced in JavaScript/TypeScript with excellent knowledge in React and CSS. Experience with web3 technologies is a huge plus.

To apply please send your resume hiring[at]startfi[dot]io. Mention HN in the subject.

Percona | Senior Golang Software Engineer | REMOTE ONLY | Worldwide

The Senior Golang Software Engineer will help us bring Open Source databases to Kubernetes. Our team is small, so you and your work will significantly impact the Kubernetes ecosystem. This is a rare opportunity to work from home with a great team, on a 100% open source project!



Ambassador Labs | Software Engineer | Remote (US and Canada)

Built for Kubernetes managed environments, the Ambassador Edge Stack, goes beyond traditional API Gateways and Ingress Controllers with the advanced edge features needed to support DevOps for Kubernetes. Built on the industry-leading Envoy Proxy, the Ambassador Edge Stack is available in both open-source and commercial editions. Ambassador Edge Stack is the most popular Kubernetes-native API Gateway.

Learn more about all our open roles and our team here: https://www.getambassador.io/about-us/careers/

MeetKai | Full-Time / Intern | REMOTE | Los Angeles / US / Singapore / APAC + 50 others | 60-200K + Equity for qualified candidates | https://meetkai.com/careers

We are a startup in the conversational AI space, co-founded by a founder of a >50bn cap tech company. We are hiring Engineers and (general talents) of all levels, If you are excited about any of these bullet points email jobs@meetkai.com to learn more.

* Mobile Dev (Flutter) - Engineers and UX Designers

* Search and Personalization

* Language understanding and Question Answering

* VR (Unity Devs with an eye for 3d design)

(Being multilingual is a HUGE plus / no recruiters)

Stride | Staff Software Engineer, Web Frontend + many other positions | REMOTE (non-US OK), San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Miami

At Stride we're working on a benefits suite for what we believe is an underserved community – freelance and gig economy workers. We want to create economic security for anyone who works for themselves. We offer an easy way for 1099 workers to apply for health/dental/vision coverage. We're also expanding to other spaces like tax and financial management, so as to make it financially accessible for anybody who juggles multiple gigs, or is just pursuing a dream on their own.

As a business, we sit on a unique position and have partnerships with a ton of giant companies (think Doordash, Postmates, Instacart, and many more) who want to better serve their workforce. It's rare that a startup has a good mission and a good business, but here we are. We're currently in hyper-growth mode, and have expanded our Engineering team from 12 to 30 people in the last several months. This year we're planning for our revenue to multiply significantly. We are backed with plenty of capital by world-class VCs like NEA, Venrock, F-Prime, and others, and just closed a $47M Series C with strategic investments by Mastercard and others.

On the engineering side we use React, Node, Typescript, Serverless, Terraform, GraphQL, Postgres, AWS Fargate/SQS/Lambda, Python, Scala/Akka and some cool machine learning models you're going to love hearing about. You'll have a leading voice on the future of our web app architecture and infrastructure.

Originally headquartered in San Francisco, we now are a remote-first company and nurture remote workers from all over the world (Americas preferred due to timezone reasons). We offer fantastic benefits (after all, it's our product!) and you'll be surrounded by the most driven, smartest people I know. We have a supportive, productive culture that's respectful of your own personal time and well-being.

https://www.stridehealth.com/careers but hit me up at pedro.tabio at stridehealth.com and let's talk :)

Even Financial | Senior SWE (Typescript/React) | Full-time | Remote OK (US)

Even Financial is working on being the best search for financial services, and we are looking to add a Senior Typescript/React engineer to our team. This is a great position for someone who's interested in functional programming, building securely, and pushing the limits of automated testing.

You can email me directly (see profile) with questions or apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/evenfinancial/5e7aea15-d7ce-43ce-8f32-...

Senior Systems Engineer, iOS - Atlanta or REMOTE (USA & Canada) - https://grnh.se/6b829b222us

FullStory is looking for someone with deep systems programing experience. This role is about taking things apart and seeing what makes them tick, not building new apps. iOS-specific experience is a plus, but not a strict requirement.

We use Rust for the core codebase that is shared between Android and iOS, and Objective-C with a small amount of Swift for the iOS-specific parts.

I'm one of the engineers on the mobile team, primarily working on iOS recording and playback - if you have any question, feel free to comment here or email me directly: nathan@[company site] (https://www.fullstory.com/).


FullStory provides "Digital Experience Intelligence" - privacy-focused session replay and analytics for web and mobile apps. Basically, we help you find where your end-users are getting stuck. We can even rank the issues based on ROI.

Mobile replays look like a cross between a video and a wireframe because we record and replay the draw calls (using a tiny fraction of the bandwidth and CPU an actual video would require), but we redact privacy-sensitive information on the device.

We also have other openings in Engineering, Finance, HR, Sales, Support, etc. See https://boards.greenhouse.io/fullstory?t=cf0d4d232us for the complete list and https://www.fullstory.com/careers/ for some general info.

The rest of our system is primary written in Go (Golang) and TypeScript, but there are a lot of other interesting bits.

All the usual benefits: equity, healthcare, 401k matching, self-directed PTO, option to work from home even if you're near an office.

FullStory is a great place to work. Seriously, the best job yet in my 15-year career!

Sectigo | US, Canada, Europe, Ukraine, Azerbaijan | Full-Time | Remote

Join our portal teams as we help customers secure their websites.

Looking for:

* Engineering Manager - 2-3 years experience running an agile team. You'll be helping to manage a team (4 developers) transitioning a live Ruby on Rails project to a Golang one.

* UX Designer - 2-3 years experience. Work with a team to prototype, test, and develop mockups. You'll be conducting small scale usability tests, synthesize results into insights and iterate on designs.

Looking for full time employees. Competitive pay and benefits. You must be legally authorized to work in your region (e.g. US, Canada, EU, etc). Shoot me an email at daniel.tse@sectigo.com

Plasmic | Founding Developer Advocate | Remote | Full Time

View full posting on our site (HN limits comment length): https://www.plasmic.app/careers/founding-developer-advocate

Plasmic is a visual builder that plugs into React and other codebases. We aim to lower the barriers for anyone to create software, but our initial wedge is the headless content management market.

We are an early-stage startup with a tiny but wonderful distributed team of 10 from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox, MIT, Berkeley, including 3 ex-founders with exits and 4 ICPC world finalists. We are well-funded by NEA and investors in Figma/Framer.

We are looking for a Founding Developer Advocate to help us grow a community of developers, especially in the React, headless commerce, and Jamstack spheres.

This is a critically important leadership role for our company, as the majority of the team is now shifting focus onto growth.

Responsibilities include:

∙ Authoring and launching high-quality content and educational resources that are truly interesting or valuable to our communities (not about Plasmic).

∙ Participating in existing React/web development communities and open-source projects, and building relationships there.

∙ Creating example projects, documentation, and screencasts to showcase what you can create with Plasmic and its tools/API.

∙ Owning our general online presence and driving engagement on venues like Twitter and GitHub.

∙ Potentially creating and launching our own open-source projects.

∙ Speaking at conferences.

∙ Work closely with the founding team to define the overarching growth strategy. You'll be telling us what the above list should look like!

We are prepared to invest heavily in this role. Compensation includes competitive cash salary and generous equity.

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch at hiring+hn@plasmic.app. We would love to meet you!

Inmar Intelligence | REMOTE | Full-Time

Inmar develops technology and uses advanced data analytics to make commerce work smarter. We deliver results through platforms that analyze, engage and enable commerce. We believe teamwork and positive energy produce the best results.

We are looking for: Data Analysts • Data Engineers • Senior Software Engineers • Python Software Engineers & many more.

Apply to open roles at https://www.inmar.com/about/careers

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the positions in greater detail feel free to reach out to me at kimberly.bucaccio@inmar.com

Zencastr | Remote | Sr iOS mobile dev | We are taking podcasting into the future using cutting edge technology (webrtc, webaudio, ml/dsp).

We are looking for passionate and ambitious Mobile developers with 5+ years of experience in: iOS development, deep understanding of threading, and memory management. You are comfortable working with native iOS languages and technologies.

Bonus points if you have interest in functional programming and unidirectional data flow (e.g. Composable Architecture)

You can expect:

- Working with world class engineers, Phd's, and designers in a fully distributed team.

- Equity

- Health Insurance

- Unique challenges and the support and talent to solve them

- 3 weeks PTO

- Freedom to work from where you please

Please send your cv/resume to jameel@zencastr.com

PlusDental | Head of Data | Berlin PlusDental is one of the fastest-growing MedTech Start-ups in Europe and the company's mission is to digitalize and democratize aesthetic dentistry.

We are now looking for a Head of Data to lead and grow our data department https://bit.ly/3w6sRr7

Feel free to check out other openings here https://plusdental.de/career-job

Rentable | Senior Frontend Engineer | https://rentable.com | Boston, MA

Rentable is a fintech platform focused on improving the lives of renters across the country. We have raised a seed round of funding and are looking for an ambitious frontend engineer to join our team and bring us to the next level.

Check out a more detailed job description here: https://angel.co/l/2vSAjk

Send resume to conor@rentable.com

Notarize | Remote | Full-time | https://www.notarize.com Available roles: Sr. Back-End Engineer, Sr. Full Stack Engineer, Sr. iOS Engineer

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, Heroku, AWS, and GraphQL

Notarize is the first company to offer legal online notarization. As an engineer at Notarize, you’ll be essential in helping us scale our notary platform to meet the exponential growth and expansion of our business.

For more information and to apply: https://www.notarize.com/careers

Email: courtney.winter@notarize.com

Yard Stick, PBC | Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Data Engineer & More | Full-Time | Remote (US & Canada) | https://www.useyardstick.com/

At Yard Stick, we help farmers get paid to fight climate change. We do so with a category-creating tool for measuring the amount of carbon that is sequestered in soil.

You may have heard of “regenerative agriculture.” This is a collection of farming and ranching practices (such as no-till or crop rotation) with enormous potential to improve soil health, while pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. However, it is difficult to measure the impact of these practices. Current methods are slow, expensive, and cumbersome. (Think slide-hammer + mailing soil across the country.)

We believe that accurate, affordable, and fast carbon measurements will fundamentally change both the economics and the legitimacy of agriculture-backed carbon credits. Done right, this will put an entire industry to work in the service of the environment.

Yard Stick is a remote-first, seed-phase company, with founders based in Boston, Oakland, and Chicago. We have several open roles:

Senior Software Engineer: https://useyardstick.notion.site/Senior-Software-Engineer-Re...

Senior Data Engineer: https://useyardstick.notion.site/Senior-Data-Engineer-4806cf...

Lead Mechanical Engineer: https://useyardstick.notion.site/Lead-Mechanical-Engineer-5c...

Device Software Engineer (IoT / Sensors): https://useyardstick.notion.site/Device-Software-Engineer-Io...

Elements | iOS developer, React Native developer, Python/Django developer | Almere, The Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain | Hybrid (Onsite and WFH) | Full-time | Visa | https://www.elements.nl/en/careers#openings

Shape the future of digital with us.

Working at Elements means keeping up with the latest developments while having a healthy balance between work and personal life. You will become part of an international team of fun and dedicated people who get things done.

Do you want to build digital products, join us now!

Full Stack Web Developer (m/f/x) willing to move to Germany. No German required!

- Design and development of websites with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript (frontend, backend, HTML newsletter, landing pages, microsites, CMS) - Technical second-level support for customer inquiries - Usability testing and quality management

Email your CV, availability, and desired salary to antonio@found.dev or https://found.dev/jobs/b-p-beratung-und-personal-full-stack-...

Macrometa | Multiple Positions | Remote | www.macrometa.com/careers

The Macrometa Global Data Network is based on cutting edge computer science incorporating new ideas and research in the areas of messaging, event processing, data consistency and replication. We're a team of passionate technologists dedicated to building the next cloud titan. We treat people with kindness, celebrate together, and lead with empathy. We are passionate about what we do and are hungry to make a difference.

Check out our current openings on www.macrometa.com/careers and apply by sending your resume/CV to hiring@macrometa.com.

Fella Health (YC W20/S21) = telehealth clinic for men with obesity

location = fully REMOTE

role = founding engineer

you'll take over work from our technical co-founder, executing in both growth & product teams. This role is a critical part of the broader founding team because you'll build the technical foundations of the company for the coming years.

feel free to drop me a line on richie @ joinfella . com

link here: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/Fella?utm_source=NzppYKZdY5

Whist | Systems Engineer, Performance Engineer | NYC/Remote Full-time/Fixed-Term (i.e. 6mo) |

https://www.whist.com/ Whist is building the world's fastest browser by streaming it from the cloud. Load pages instantly. Use 10x less memory. Enjoy complete privacy. Whist is a supercharged version of Chrome that runs in the cloud.

Jobs page: https://whisthq.notion.site/Whist-Job-Board-a39b64712f094c77...

Epic! | DevOps Engineer | REMOTE (US only) | Full-Time | https://www.getepic.com/

Help kids learn to read! Epic! is an American kids subscription-based reading and learning platform. It offers access to books and videos for children ages 12 and under. The service can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

Tech stack: php, GCP, k8s, mysql


- Own monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure.

- Willingness to be on-call.

- Design and implement CI/CD pipelines


- Experience operating applications in GCP and on Kubernetes

- Maintenance and creation of CI/CD pipelines

- Advanced knowledge of databases (MySQL)

- Our stack is on PHP

Reach out to michelle { at } getepic { dot } com if interested!

Octane | Core Infrastructure Engineer | REMOTE (US) / ONSITE (New York City) | Full-time

Octane is building a drop-in metered billing system that gives companies of all shapes and sizes the flexibility to bill how they want. We're looking for a talented backend engineer to help us continue to grow. For all the details, check out our job listing here: https://www.getoctane.io/careers-software-engineer-core-infr...

If you're interested, drop us a line at careers@getoctane.io.

Maven Clinic | New York, Chicago, Remote USA | Full-Time | mavenclinic.com Maven Clinic is the leading women’s and family healthcare telemedicine company, named #1 Most Innovative Company in Health by Fast Company in 2020, with a brand new Series D fundraiser, putting us at over a $1 billion valuation. We're growing at an incredible speed-- join us!

Hiring at multiple levels:

* Data Engineers

* Frontend Engineers

* Backend Engineers

* Android Engineers

* iOS Engineers

* Security Engineers

* Site Reliability Engineers


* Engineering Managers

> Also hiring Product, IT, Tech Recruiters, VP/Director levels and more!

See https://www.mavenclinic.com/careers for details.

Keywords include: Python, React, Kotlin, Swift

Pabio | REMOTE | Senior Full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript Engineer

Pabio (YC S21) offers personalized interior design and rent-to-own furniture in Europe. At Pabio, we want to disrupt the furniture industry and change how people live by offering a better, more sustainable, and more affordable alternative to traditional furniture retail. We've raised $3M+ and are looking for an experienced JavaScript engineer who is comfortable across the stack to help build our product.

More info + apply here: https://careers.pabio.com

Happy to answer questions: anand@pabio.com

QuestDB | Backend engineer (python) | Remote| https://github.com/questdb/questdb

We help developers handle explosive amounts of data while getting them started in just a few minutes with the fastest and most accessible open source time series database.

We're hiring a python backend developer to build a SaaS solution from the ground up.

Link: https://questdb.io/careers/senior-backend-engineer-python/

Airteam is an independent software product company with a strong focus on people, process and outcomes.

We’re well known for our work in Healthcare, Financial Services, and Government. We have specific expertise in secure customer experiences in member-facing apps and web applications. We are an AWS service delivery partner with a focus on serverless application development.

Currently we are hiring 2 x Remote (Australia only) Full Stack Developers. To apply and for full job descriptions please go to: https://bit.ly/3I8l2qq

Welcome.tech | Sr Rails/Full Stack Engineer | Principal Rails/Full Stack Engineer | Full-Time | REMOTE (all TZs) -or- Santa Monica, California

We are https://welcome.tech, a group of Gen -/+1 immigrants creating a suite of products to help the newly immigrated backbone of America succeed. Our bread and butter is our POPDERcard banking Fintech Product (occasionally, we have hit the top 15 rankings in the iOS App Store under Finance), enabling the unempowered masses to access banking. But we have way more products we have been working on that create exciting network effects. We have a small, intimate, and highly accomplished four-person engineering team. We are looking to scale this team with other skilled, humble, and quirky engineers.

==Our Tech Stack==


-Ruby on Rails


-iOS/Android (Swift/Kotlin) apps using simple native wrappers

-Lots of Fintech integrations. Right now, we are building a bank from scratch.

==Please apply here==

Senior Role: https://jobs.lever.co/urwelcome/b8e39212-8686-42a5-a2ea-bfa8...

Principal Eng: https://jobs.lever.co/urwelcome/654789ee-bb7b-4ea1-b0a6-63f8...

==Additional Info== We are a B-corp that serves the community. Something that you won't find anywhere else. We also pay well.



Docker | front end, backend, full stack, security and other roles | REMOTE US, CA, MX, AR, BR, FR, DE, NL, ES, PT, RO, BG, PL, UK + | https://www.docker.com/career-openings

Docker builds tools developers love. We are growing fast. We have a wide variety of roles, from our backend SaaS platforms (Docker Hub) to Docker Desktop, low level container work, security, supply chain and more. We mostly work in Go plus a selection of other languages. We are fully remote.

Happy to talk about roles, culture, tech justin@docker.com

0x Labs | Remote-first, with SF office | Full-time | https://0x.org/

At 0x Labs, our mission is to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. We're a highly technical, globally distributed group of teams working together toward actualizing that mission. In doing so, we're excited and proud to be pushing the envelope across the DeFi and Ethereum stacks.

We recently raised a $15M Series A (Pantera, Jump, Coinbase, Nima, Blockchain, Nascent, DeFi Alliance, and others). Read about it here: https://blog.0xproject.com/0x-labs-has-raised-15m-to-bring-d...

And we’re actively expanding our reach across the DeFi ecosystem: https://blog.0xproject.com/exploring-the-0x-defi-ecosystem-3...

Join 0x in laying the foundation for the crypto token economy in DeFi:

* Matcha -- our consumer facing trading app to onboard the next million users to DeFi https://matcha.xyz/

* API -- our two-sided infrastructure connecting market makers and crypto projects https://0x.org/api

* Blockchain -- Ethereum smart contracts + security + networking cross-chain to other blockchains (Binance and Polygon so far!)

* Periscope -- our in-house trading desk

Open roles here: https://0x.org/about/jobs

* Software Engineering: full-stack, front-end, and back-end engineering

* Blockchain engineering: solidity development, cross-chain development, and security engineering

* Director roles: Director of Ops & Director of Engineering

* Growth and community development: Product Manager, Product Marketing

* DevOps: infrastructure development and data platform development

AE Studio | LA Office | Multiple Roles | Full-Time | https://ae.studio

We are a development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions. We are hiring top notch professionals passionate about software development, data science, design or product management to work with our amazing team creating human agency increasing software!

Full descriptions: https://ae.studio/join-us

MedSec | Miami, FL | Remote (US) | Consulting | medsec.com MedSec is exclusively dedicated to the unique challenge of medical device and healthcare cybersecurity. MedSec partners with medical device manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations to help address cybersecurity in medical devices throughout all stage of the device lifecycle. With medical device manufacturers MedSec leverages its cybersecurity expertise, coupled with its intimate knowledge of the healthcare regulatory and operating environments to offer support in design, architecture, verification, penetration testing, risk assessments, regulatory filings, and execution of security best practices in the development of new medical devices as well legacy systems. With Healthcare Delivery Organizations MedSec leverages its intimate knowledge of medical devices to offer software solutions for cybersecurity and asset management of connected medical devices in hospitals. MedSec is an active participant in helping move the cybersecurity healthcare community forward, and participates in a number of standards and best practice committees involved in furthering cybersecurity for medical products.


Pentester/Security Researcher


The security consultant will work on security assessment projects, including custom embedded devices, desktop software applications, web applications, and mobile apps of customer products. Projects will involve both onsite (at customer premises) and office based work, so the ability to travel is a must.


Embedded systems architecture, systems-level concepts, cryptographic primitives, reverse engineering skills, risk/security assessment, code auditing, hardware/system debugging, secure code review, threat modeling, cloud/mobile security.

Nice to have:

Public record of discovered vulnerabilities and/or public technical writing/presentations on relevant subjects.

Everything else:

We are a distributed team, primarily operating on East Coast hours and are fully remote.

Please reach out if you are interested in further details in this role, please reach out to me directly - henrybeaudin at medsec D0t com or apply directly by visiting https://medsec.breezy.hr/

Inc-Query | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Remote (anywhere) | Full-time | https://inc-query.com

Want to see how formal verification techniques help businesses get more accurate answers?

We are a low-code/no-code survey solution that reduces the time and complexity to create high-quality surveys. We are profitable and growing fast!

You are a Full-Stack developer with strongly typed programming language experience. You will lead our tech stack (TS/React/PGSQL/AWS) and platform architecture to the next level.

We want you!

Please email me (the founder) at hn[at]domain_name

Astera | Berkeley, CA | Fulltime & Onsite | Sr Backend Engineer

Obelisk is an Artificial General Intelligence laboratory that draws on neuroscience and brain architecture to create new models of adaptive intelligence. We are seeking a talented and experienced developer to help build our new AGI lab. This is an opportunity to create safe, socially aligned AGI through diverse solutions.

Sr Backend Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/astera/b923ebee-6db2-43cf-9631-72c4351...

Company: BetterYou https://betteryou.ai/ Location: St. Paul, Minnesota (ONSITE) Role: Backend Developer Description: We're hiring for both mid-level and senior backend developer roles. Looking for folks fluent in node.js, javascript, and GCP (google cloud platform). Email rachael [at] betteryou.ai to learn more

VMware | Europe - Remote/Hybrid | Software Engineer | Full Time

You will be helping customer product teams to design and deliver modern, mission-critical, cloud-native applications serving a variety of missions and user needs. You will pair daily with client software engineers, coaching them in Extreme Programming (XP) methodologies and approaches (TDD,CI/CD, etc.) while helping them to define, validate, communicate, and execute product vision and strategy.

[Software Engineer] - https://rolp.co/9BjtA

Hiring full-stack engineers | REMOTE | recess.tv

Technologies: SvelteKit, GraphQL with Hasura and video (HLS, MPEG dash, WebRTC)

We are actively looking for senior full-stack engineers to join our remote-only team. There are lots of opportunity for growth. Projects are challenging and have a direct impact on people's health.

Job description: https://angel.co/company/we_recess/jobs/1250058-senior-full-...

Please contact me at thomas@recess.tv if interested

Sherlock | Frontend Engineer | Fully remote | Full-time

Sherlock is a decentralized protocol built by crypto missionaries.

The goal is simple: protect end users from smart contract exploits.

We are live on Ethereum mainnet with a $30M TVL guarded launch. We have raised from top Silicon Valley and crypto investors.

We're looking for a frontend developer who is passionate about crypto and user experiences. You have full autonomy on the frontend and you choose your stack. Experience with Web3 is preferred but not a deal-breaker; just be ready to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

Email me directly here: jack [at] sherlock [dot] xyz

Basis | Research Scientist / Engineer | In-person (NYC/Boston) + Remote

Basis is a new organization founded by leaders in causal probabilistic programming and probabilistic machine learning.

Our mission is to automate reasoning and learning to accelerate scientific and societal progress.

We're looking for exceptional people with expertise in:

- Inference methods e.g. variational / MCMC methods

- Programming language & compiler design and analysis

- program synthesis

- (probabilistic) machine learning

Positions open:

- Full-time / Part-time / Contract / Internships (Spring/Fall/Winter)

- Span the spectrum from research scientist to software engineer

Please get in touch at hiring@basis.ai

GoExpedi | Full-Time | US (Houston/Remote), Mexico (Guadalajara/Remote), Sri Lanka

GoExpedi is revolutionizing the heavy industrial (oil & gas, construction, more) with an e-commerce and digitized supply chain strategy.

We are looking for multiple roles, from a Staff-level Engineer down to a junior Full Stack / Backend or Front-End. Python and ReactJS is go-to. Also looking for a Director of Product Management also along with some Data/Analytics roles.


Hey there, very interested in a junior role but I don't see any in the current openings. All of my experience is React/Python, if you give me an email address I can send over my resume!

AE Studio | LA Office | Multiple Roles | Full-Time ae.studio We are a development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions. We are hiring top notch professionals passionate about software development, data science, design or product management to work with our amazing team creating human agency increasing software! Full descriptions: https://ae.studio/join-us

Upstate Interactive is hiring for the following roles (remote, US only):

- Smart Contract Engineer (Mid & Sr. roles) - FT employment

- FE Web3 Engineer Contractor (web3 exp. is a requirement)

- Design Technologist Contractor

To learn more & apply, please visit our website: https://upstateinteractive.io/careers/

Mendaera | San Carlos, CA & remote | Full-time | www.mendaera.com

Mendaera is an early-stage company focused on developing technology to enable all healthcare providers to perform precise and consistent point-of-care intervention. We aim to eliminate barriers in the patient journey, accelerate recovery, delight customers, and reduce cost of care.

We are looking for Firmware, Electrical, Software, ML engineers and more!

You can apply https://boards.greenhouse.io/mendaerainc

Gigs (YC W21) | Multiple Roles | Full-time | Remote or Berlin (Visa sponsored) | Senior Frontend Engineer | Senior Backend Engineer | Senior API Engineer | Senior UI Designer | Senior BizDev Manager US | BizDev US | Senior Product Marketer. Gigs is building Stripe for SIM cards. Providing phone and data plans though an API, globally. A+ team. incl. ex SoundCloud, Amazon, Travis CI, Apple. Raised from A-List VCs and founders. Our Stack: RoR, JS, Next, React. Open to: Golang, Elixir, Feel free to reach out to founders@gigs.tel

Hi HN! I am VP of Engineering @ strongDM (https://www.strongdm.com/careers) We make accessing infrastructure (databases, servers, clusters, clouds, websites..etc) a breeze and fully auditable. We're 100% remote, our business is growing incredibly fast, yet still are a very small engineering team (~10 ppl strong)

I am hiring engineers for both front-end (React) and back-end (Go) positions. Feel free to reach out to me at karim@strongdm.com if interested

Bold Penguin | Cloud & SRE Engineer, Senior Product Designer | Senior Angular Engineer, Senior/Staff Ruby on Rails Engineer, Senior Technical Analyst, others | Full-time | Remote | www.boldpenguin.com

Bold Penguin is a leading insurtech company HQ'd in Columbus, Ohio but hiring remotely. We have created a marketplace for small businesses, independent insurance agents, and carriers to connect and get coverage fast.


Pex | Multiple positions | REMOTE (United States, Canada, and EMEA), FULL-TIME | https://pex.com/careers/

Pex is on a mission to democratize digital rights for everyone. We are the team behind the Attribution Engine, a licensing infrastructure for the Internet enabling fair compensation and increased access to content. With its advanced identification technology, Attribution Engine ensures compliance and safety for platforms, gives rightsholders total control of their content, increases access and confidence for creators, helps law enforcement prevent toxic content, and provides brand safety for advertisers.

After raising a $57M round [0], we are hiring for numerous positions [1] to help us bring our services to the masses:

  - Backend Engineers (Go preferred)
  - Engineering Managers
  - VP of Engineering
  - Director of Data Analytics
  - Product Designer
  - Communications Manager
  - QA Automation Engineers   
  - Senior Site Reliability Engineers    
  - Senior Cyber Security Engineer   
For all employees, we offer:

  - equal salaries within each region
  - equity, with a 10-year exercise window
  - 401(k) with a considerable match for all US-based employees
  - 30 days of paid time off + 9 local holidays + the day off on your birthday
  - 99% covered health benefits for US-based employees, 70% for dependents
  - generous paid parental leave
  - a fully remote work environment, supportive culture, and excellent work-life balance
To learn more, reach out to us at hire@pex.com and read about our hiring process and culture in our blog posts titled:

  - Interviewing at Pex? Here's what you can expect during our hiring process [2]
  - Pex culture: Focusing on what really matters [3]

  [0] https://pex.com/blog/pex-announces-57m-in-new-funding/
  [1] https://jobs.lever.co/pex
  [2] https://pex.com/blog/interviewing-at-pex-heres-what-you-can-expect-hiring-process/
  [3] https://pex.com/blog/pex-culture-focusing-on-what-really-matters/

Fern Creek Software | Software Developers | US Remote

Fern Creek Software is hiring experienced software engineers to join our fully remote team. Experience with specific tech stacks isn't a requirement, we're looking for individuals with a track record of solving difficult technical problems.

Our interviewing process is straight forward. Get to know some of our current senior engineers, then a small take home project you'll be compensated for. No LeetCode. No whiteboarding.

If you're interested email me at anthony.minor@ferncreeksoftware.com

Recogizer GmbH | Data Engineer | Full-time | Remote (Germany only) | https://recogizer.com/en/career/data-engineer-m/w/d

We are a pioneer for smart, green buildings. As a green tech company, we utilize AI to reduce the carbon footprint of real estate. With our innovative solution energyControl we make buildings smart and and reduce energy consumption fully automated.

Sphere Technology Solutions | junior/mid/senior software engineers | C# Vue.js | NY/NJ Remote/Onsite | https://www.sphereco.com

We build software to help companies automate the process of collecting, identifying and remediating security risks.

We raised our first round last year and doubled our team, and are looking to do the same in the coming year.

We work 3 days remote and 2 onsite.

I am the hiring manager for the dev team. You can email me directly @sphereco.com - nathaniel.horton

meshcloud GmbH | Various Engineering Positions | Frankfurt, Germany | Remote work within Germany, after the Onboarding World Office | Fulltime and Permanent

Our multi-cloud platform provides control and visibility to enable an efficient and secure cloud strategy for our customers such as Volkswagen or Commerzbank. To get a tiny insight about our work: We recently launched a new open-source CLI tool that provides an easy overview of cloud landscapes: https://github.com/meshcloud/collie-cli

We are looking for:

- Fullstack Engineer (Kotlin, Spring Boot, MariaDB)

- Cloud Engineer (Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform)

- Frontend Engineer (Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap)

- Cloud Solution Engineer (IAM, AWS, Azure, GCP)

Feel free to take a look at our website to learn more about our benefits: https://jobs.meshcloud.io Among other things, we offer World Office (mobile working all over the world), but most importantly a working atmosphere that allows you to do your job with passion.

If you are interested in hearing more please choose a free slot in the calendar of our HR-Assistant: https://app.harmonizely.com/jbauer our reach out via mail to jobs@meshcloud.io

Fullscript is hiring full-time developers remotely in Canada

JavaScript Engineers | Ruby Engineers | Technical Leads

We recently announced a $240M strategic investment. This partnership is a testament to the immense growth of integrative medicine and the dedication of our amazing team. We’re still small enough that a single motivated engineer can have a substantial impact on the trajectory of our platform.

Visit https://fullscript.com/careers#jobs to learn more

Learning Equality| Site Reliability Engineer |Remote | Full time

Learning Equality is the not-for-profit organization that created Kolibri, a free to use Learning Platform that can be used with or without internet access. Kolibri has been translated into 23 languages and is being used in over 210 countries and territories.

We're looking for a systems engineer to design and maintain servers to ensure stable global access to our products.


Barley | Full Stack Engineers | Full-Time | Remote (US & Canada) | https://barley.io/careers

Barley's mission is to empower organizations to attract, retain, and grow the best talent through simplified, rational, and fair compensation decisions.

Our stack is primarily React, TypeScript, GraphQL/Hasura, Postgres. We're fully remote!

Apply: https://barley.io/careers

simplesurance GmbH | Berlin or Remote in Germany | Full Time https://www.simplesurance.com/

We are building one of the world’s leading platforms to make insurance accessible.

Since 2012, we are proudly “Made in Berlin”: we are very international with 150+ people from over 30+ countries working daily in our central Berlin office. Our internationalism is reflected also in our business since we are active in over 28 countries.

We are looking for:

- Golang Software Engineers (f/m/d) https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/#golang-software-engin...

- Frontend Engineer (f/m/d) https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/#frontend-engineer-fmd...

- Technical Product Manager (f/m/d) https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/#technical-product-man...

Email: jobs@simplesurance.com | https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/


Website: https://rugpullindex.com

We're a async & remote only project. No offices, interview or incorporation.

No reoccurring salaries. We only pay USDC.

To get started follow our handbook [1] or write me an email.

- 1: https://github.com/rugpullindex/documents/blob/master/handbo...

DuckDuckGo - We are looking for candidates that are excited to join us on a mission to raise the standard of trust online. All of our roles are fully-remote, except where specific locations are noted.


Worldwide Remote Open Roles at DuckDuckGo:

- VP, Finance

- Director, Partner Marketing (US)

- Product Designer (Senior, Lead, Principal or Director)

- Director, Marketing

- Business Development Manager

- Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

- Senior Business Development Manager, Mobile Partnerships

- Associate General Counsel

- Senior macOS Engineer

- Director, Product

- Director, User Research

- Senior User Experience Researcher

Product Manager / Hazy / Full time / London

Hazy is a synthetic data company experiencing rapid growth. We’re backed by Microsoft and work with tier 1 financial service customers across the UK, Europe and the US.

We help our customers access and use their data safely without risking their customers real personal information. We use the latest ML techniques to build generative models that can generate high quality synthetic data.

We’re looking for our first PM to define and prioritise the next phase of our product roadmap.

Contact: harry@hazy.com

Paperspace (YCW15)| Brooklyn, NY | Full-Time | ONSITE or REMOTE Paperspace builds tools and infrastructure to make accelerated computing simple and accessible. We're hiring for a variety of roles, and we'd love to connect if you're interested!

• Growth ML Engineer

• Senior Software Engineers

• Senior Site Reliability Engineer

• Head of Growth

• Revenue Operations Manager

Want to learn more? Email recruiting@paperspace.com or view and apply to open roles at https://jobs.lever.co/paperspace.


We are a strong growing very skilled and ambitious consulting and product development company currently in the area of software defined storage and it infrastructure solutions. Our goal is to simplify the usage of complex technologies to address a broader market. The beauty of that: We get to play around with complex technologies the whole day. To grow our Team and Company, we want to start a new Team in the US timezones with and grow existing others with 100% work from home (remote).

Here are some example job offers:

* Senior Technical Sales Engineer: https://croit.io/career/senior-technical-sales-engineer

* Pre-sales Engineer: https://croit.io/career/pre-sales-engineer

* Storage Consultant: https://croit.io/career/storage-consultant

As well as:

* Ambitious Linux system administrators

* Ceph Storage Administrators

* Support Engineers

If you are interested, reach out to us at jobs@croit.io.

stakefish | Software Engineers and DevOps Engineers | Fully remote or in Palo Alto, California, US| Full-time | https://stake.fish/en/

Stakefish is at the forefront of the crypto ecosystem as maintainers of the infrastructure layer of blockchain networks! We are looking for engineers and devops to join our team to work on exciting products in the ecosystem.

US: Software Engineer - Backend / Full Stack, https://apply.workable.com/f2pool-stakefish/j/4384F99C8C/

Remote: Software Engineer, https://apply.workable.com/f2pool-stakefish/j/5218ED958E/

US + Remote: DevOps Engineer, https://apply.workable.com/f2pool-stakefish/j/3069391660/

You can check out all our openings at https://stake.fish/en/jobs/

Mercury Media Technology | Hamburg, Germany | mostly REMOTE with occasional MANDATORY ONSITE | Full-time

Elixir, Phoenix, Elm, (RubyOnRails)

Hiring - Full-stack engineers - Data engineers - Kubernetes engineer - Data scientist

We specialize in - SaaS solutions for the advertising industry - data intelligence solutions

International team, English is a requirement, German is not.


August Health | Frontend Engineer | Distributed team (USA-based) | Full-time


August Health is an early-stage company that builds technology to enhance quality of care for vulnerable older adults. Our product is guiding the transition from complex, paper-based practices in the long-term care industry to a digital platform solution that unlocks the power of personalized care, predictive analytics, and value-based contracting.


We're looking for an experienced frontend developer to join us, especially someone with several years of experience building and shipping complex, consumer-facing applications.

- Technologies we use & expect you to have significant experience in: React, TypeScript. - Technologies we use, but don't expect you to have experience in: Scala, Play Framework, Protobuf, Postgres

Our development team is a small group of capable engineers and we like to balance building thoughtfully with getting things shipped. The position offers the opportunity to deeply understand our problem space and channel compassion for the experiences of older adults into building a mission-driven, elegant, and intuitive product.


- 3+ years professional experience as a software engineer familiar with building customer facing frontends - Ability and desire to mentor other engineers - Ability to thrive in a startup environment that’s full of ambiguity - experience balancing tradeoffs to make complex decisions where there is no ‘right’ answer - Good communication and personal skills; ability to interact and work well with the team - Interest in development of company culture and its reflection in our engineering practices


Our team of seven has technical, healthcare and company-building backgrounds. We have prior experience at companies like Apple, Google, Landmark Health, and Adobe. Together, we’ve co-founded and exited multiple companies, managed large engineering and product teams, shipped features used by hundreds of millions of users, and led clinical teams supporting thousands of patients. We are funded by a group of top tier Silicon Valley investors and are working with some of the largest senior care organizations in the Bay Area.

Contact: erez@augusthealth.com

fortrabbit | Multiple roles | Berlin | REMOTE or Berlin (Visa) | full-time | €55k - €75k | https://www.fortrabbit.com

fortrabbit is PHP as a Service — cloud hosting dedicated for a modern PHP. More dev, less ops for web designers, startups and digital agencies. fortrabbit is a small bootstrapped company located in Berlin Kreuzberg. If you've ever wondered what it’s like to build and grow services for yourself, this is the place. We use our own services every day to be more productive in our work. We take work seriously and expect each person to be self motivated.

AWS, LXC, GoLang, Linux (Ubuntu), Apache, HAproxy, NGNIX, FPM, PHP, Laravel, Moden JS

Cloud Platform Engineer: https://fortrabbit1.recruitee.com/o/cloud-platform-engineer

Full Stack Developer: https://fortrabbit1.recruitee.com/o/full-stack-developer

Developer Relations: https://fortrabbit1.recruitee.com/o/developer-relations

blindnet | Java Engineer / Scala Engineer / Security Engineer / Front-End Developer| New York or US / Paris or France - Remote | Full Time/Perm

blindnet is a VC-backed tech startup operating from Paris and New York on a journey to transform the internet software industry and make data privacy protection a reality in every software application in the world.

We believe that data privacy must be the number one priority without exceptions. We are on a mission to build developer tools that will enable seamless integration of data encryption workflows and anonymity into any software application. We want that next generation software systems bring the highest level of data privacy protection for their users, by default.

We are a multicultural startup and our first value is the respect of diversity between us, which is one of our most valuable assets. Our culture is therefore characterized by the appreciation of the other in all its forms.

Blindnet has a culture of sharing which is particularly suitable for learning. Onboarding with us now you’ll see all the phases of a startup’s exponential growth having the opportunity to learn tremendously.

We’re searching for Java Engineer, Scala Engineer and Security Engineer to complete our dream-team!

Up to €78k + equipment of your choice + equity + plus a lot of other benefits

Full job descriptions here: https://angel.co/company/blindnet/jobs

We'd love to hear from you - recruitment@blindnet.io

Amazon Privacy greenfield project seeks REMOTE developers

(Also maybe mention me since I want credit)

SDE I: https://lnkd.in/d4mh3nMN

SDE II: https://lnkd.in/d2czJAS5

SDE III: https://lnkd.in/daCzGjbp

TPM: https://lnkd.in/dgmJSQUF

Chemspeed Technologies AG | Junior Full Stack Developer | Full-time | 50% WFH, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland | EU/EFTA/residence permit holders | https://chemspeed.com

Chemspeed Technologies is a developer of best-in-class lab automation technology. Our solutions enable our clients to get their work done faster, with broader scale and greater accuracy. Our clients include several large, blue-chip multinationals, and likely products that you use daily have been developed with the help of Chemspeed's technology.

Our mission is to enable the innovation and sustainability of tomorrow through gamification, augmented reality, digitization, automation and robotics. In short, we want to revolutionize the way people do labwork.

We have over 20 years of experience. We are a market leader with a global footprint. We are growing. And we want you to be part of our story.

What is this position about?

You will be a junior contributor to our software development team, working on the next generation of high-tech, fully automated systems, and developing revolutionary innovations for tomorrow's challenges.

This is an exciting opportunity to grow and learn software development in a supportive and experienced environment. We don't expect that you already know everything, but we do expect that you have the desire and ability to learn. At Chemspeed, you will gain exposure to a number of exciting, modern web technologies, including Angular 12, .NET 6, Cloud (Microsoft Azure and AWS), as well as hybrid-web development across embedded, mobile and desktop. Other active development efforts in Chemspeed span everything from low-level systems development in C++ to augmented reality and VR. One thing we can say for certain is that you won't be bored!

For questions or comments, email me direct: jof <at> chemspeed <dot> ch

To apply for this role, please visit https://chemspeed.jobs.personio.com/job/517338?display=en

For other open positions, please visit https://chemspeed.jobs.personio.com/

Investec | Software Engineer | UK | ONSITE and REMOTE (in the UK, South Africa or India) | VISA Sponsorship | Full Time

We would love you to join us at Investec to help build a broad range of FinTech solutions across core banking, lending, treasury and trading.

We're looking for awesome and curious engineers.

Here's our tech stack but think of it as things we'd help you learn about rather than a list of requirements:

* Azure, Bicep, Terraform

* C#

* TypeScript, Angular / React

* Docker and Kubernetes

Send me an email at jamie.mccrindle@investec.co.uk to have a chat!

Principal Software Engineer | Fully Remote | United States | Salary - $59-400K /Year.

10+ Years of experience is required. Must-Have Skills - Python - 5 years, Test Automation - 5 years.

Interested can mail your resumes at sowmya2611@gmail.com or apply directly at https://bit.ly/3pLmxT6

Parity Technologies | Berlin, Germany or London, U.K. or Lisbon, Portugal or Remote (relocation available) | Full-Time or Contract | https://www.parity.io/jobs

Parity is a core blockchain infrastructure company. We're creating an open-source creative commons that will enable people to create better institutions through technology.

We are hiring across our entire company for both technical and non-technical roles. Positions which we are looking to fill ASAP include:

- Core Engineers (Rust, Go, C, or C++) (https://boards.greenhouse.io/parity/jobs/4030037003)

- DevOps and CI/CD Engineers (https://boards.greenhouse.io/parity/jobs/4544227003)

- Internal Tools Developer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/parity/jobs/4030025003)

- Full-Stack Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/parity/jobs/4328483003)

- IT Support Analyst (https://boards.greenhouse.io/parity/jobs/4439154003)

- Security Analysts (https://boards.greenhouse.io/parity/jobs/4766044003)

Please apply directly to a position you are interested in on our website (https://www.parity.io/jobs). If the position you're interested in is not listed or you'd like to reach us personally, you can email recruiting@parity.io.

If you email, please include the position you're interested in and some profiles to check out your work such as LinkedIn, GitHub, a personal website/blog, etc.

mabl | Boston, MA | Software Engineer | ONSITE/REMOTE | https://mabl.com/careers

We need your help to put our Nov $40MM series C raise [0] to work and keep scaling up. We’re bring AI and cloud scale to software testing at mabl. We provide automatic, self healing testing of web applications using advanced ML and AI techniques to replace the tedious and fragile UI testing of yore.

We’re a 100% serverless operation built on Google Cloud Platform that rapidly develops and deploys features on a CI/CD model. Four years in, we’re a recognized industry player and growing our engineering ranks to keep building out our platform.

Our open positions:

- Software Engineer

- Software Quality Engineer

- Product Manager

- Inside Sales Engineer

Our stack is built with modern Java 11, TypeScript, and some Bash glue

Drop me (an engineer), any questions joe at-symbol mabl.com, and checkout our careers site [1]. We can’t wait to work with you.

[0] https://venturebeat.com/2021/11/18/mabl-aims-to-automate-sof...

[1] https://www.mabl.com/join-the-team#jobs

TechChange | Software Engineering and Design | Remote | Full-time | https://www.techchange.org

Founded in 2010, we are a social enterprise that works with the leading nonprofits and government agencies around the world to build intentional virtual learning and convening experiences with participants from every corner of the world.

From delivery of an online series of courses on COVID-19 response for front line healthcare workers to powering the largest human rights and tech conference in the world (RightsCon), TechChange contributes to some of the most innovative and important (virtual) conversations of our era.

We are hiring for multiple positions. Our stack is full stack JavaScript with React on the front-end and NodeJS (Koa/Express) and PostgreSQL on the back-end. We have a small but mighty team that appreciates the durability of tried and true technologies, but aren't afraid to explore new approaches when necessary.

Instead of algorithmic challenges for interviews, we focus on testing skills you’ll use in your day-to-day such as database, API, and UX design. We are looking for people who want to be part of a mission-driven organization pushing the boundaries of what's possible in online convening.

Current open technical roles

- Staff Engineer: https://techchange.breezy.hr/p/18bf22a05132-staff-engineer

- Full Stack Engineer: https://techchange.breezy.hr/p/a665093c4ea8-full-stack-engin...

- Support Engineer: https://techchange.breezy.hr/p/d302789daa36-support-engineer

- UI/UX Designer: https://techchange.breezy.hr/p/0fa248b8bb88-ui-ux-designer

See all open positions at: https://techchange.breezy.hr/

byrd (https://getbyrd.com) | Berlin, Germany / Barcelona, Spain / Remote | Multiple Roles | Full-time | Visa Support | Logistics / Supply Chain

1) Lead/Senior Front-End Engineer 2) Senior Python Engineer

Backend: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL (SQL Alchemy), Heroku / AWS Frontend: Angular 10, Ngrx, Material, Karma / Jasmine, AWS S3 / CloudFront

Apply now: https://getbyrd.com/en/jobs/

About byrd:

byrd is a logistics start-up which aims to make shipping a simple and effortless experience.

Fulfillment warehouses and online sellers suffer from old and outdated software that is un-intuitive and hard to use. We want to change that by using state of the art technology to disrupt the European logistics industry!

We built a platform that connects multiple partner warehouses with e-commerce online shops. This logistic network helps our customers to ship more efficiently than ever before and enables them to provide the same high quality service such as online giants like Amazon or Zalando.

byrd was founded in 2016, is a successful series B startup with real customers, and we’re looking for your help to support us in growing further!

bit.io, inc | Multiple Positions | Remote | https://bit.io

bit.io’s mission is to make data scientists and software engineers immediately productive with data, to remove obstacles to using data, and to make data more accessible. Join us in building a shareable cloud database where users can share their data with anyone in seconds just like a Google doc, query their data without worrying about compute or memory, and combine their data with a growing collection of immediately use-able open data. bit.io is transforming data in the same way GitHub transformed software and open source.

We're a seed-stage, well funded startup, 8 people right now and have just entered beta. We've solving hard problems in the database space and in the UX space, and we've got some really interesting engineering, data science, and special projects positions open.

Find out more about our open positions https://bit.io/jobs?hn

Feel free to reach me on here or adam at bit.io - I'm the CEO & Co-Founder.

OM1 | Engineering Manager, Platform & Text Extraction | Senior Software Engineer, Data Platform | Full Time | Boston / Raleigh / Remote

OM1 is on a mission to improve health outcomes by unlocking the power of data. We are a healthcare data and technology company focused on real world clinical data and outcomes, accelerating medical research and personalizing healthcare. Our interdisciplinary team uses expertise in medicine, software, Big Data, machine learning, public health and mathematics to transform records from a diverse set of sources into enriched, research grade data which allows us to generate unique insights in a variety of disease areas.

We're growing our Engineering team and have openings at all career levels. Two of our exciting roles include:

Engineering Manager to lead our efforts to automatically understand and process unstructured medical data at large scale. Our product-focused team embraces creative, rigorous, innovative approaches and experimentation, while emphasizing high quality code, user-friendly data (data is a first-class product here), and rapid iteration. We enjoy solving problems collaboratively, working with clinicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and other data engineers/scientists. Estimates show that as much as 90% of medical data is unstructured. Come join us in systematically shining light on this data to build the leading edge of modern medicine. https://jobs.lever.co/om1/e7f512c7-1a28-4dc4-a11c-0e2281b48e...

Senior Software Engineer that will help build and operate the core of OM1’s Big Data Pipeline that integrates very large volumes of healthcare data to generate deep insight about diseases, providers and treatments. https://jobs.lever.co/om1/7c6f2384-cad9-44af-842f-bb3e1b005d...

Some of the technologies we currently work with include snowflake/spark/dbt/python/scala/databricks

Please apply through the links included or by sending me an email to dfleming@om1.com.


Dylan Fleming Director of Talent Acquisition @ OM1


Bolt | Software Engineering | https://www.bolt.com | Onsite or Remote

Commerce is moving online faster than ever, and our Engineering team (ex FB/Google/Twitter/Uber) cannot build fast enough to meet demand. We need Mobile, Senior Engineers, and Engineering Managers for our 2022 goals.

If up for it, connect with us over a 15min zoom coffee next week to share more: sam@bolt.com

Nosto | Engineering, Design | Helsinki, Sydney | Full-time | https://www.nosto.com

Utilizing behavioral data, integrations, machine learning and automation, Nosto makes it easy for brands and retailers to quickly deploy fully personalized commerce experiences at scale.

Nosto is the fastest growing Commerce Experience Platform in the world. We’re expanding at an amazing rate and looking for more people to join our journey.

Open positions:


* Senior Product Manager https://ats.talentadore.com/apply/senior-product-manager/8VL...

* Data Engineer https://ats.talentadore.com/apply/data-engineer/D4M9pm

* Software Engineer (Product Engineering) https://ats.talentadore.com/apply/software-engineer/m2jLym

* Software Engineer (Platforms & Integrations) https://ats.talentadore.com/apply/software-engineer-integrat...


* Software Engineer https://ats.talentadore.com/apply/software-engineer/Zv53W8

* Senior Front-End Developer https://ats.talentadore.com/apply/senior-front-end-developer...

* Product Designer https://ats.talentadore.com/apply/product-designer/81ERq8

More information on our career page: https://www.nosto.com/careers/

Orion Browser | macOS and iOS developers | Remote | Full-time

Orion Browser by Kagi is the new WebKit-based browser for Mac with raving user reviews, currently in closed beta.

We are an early stage startup and have a small but dedicated team. We are looking to expand to deliver the best browser for Apple devices. We are very open to giving a chance to talented developers with little or no prior corporate work experience.

To apply email vlad@kagi.com with your CV.

CommerceHub | https://www.commercehub.com/careers/#open-positions | Based in the US | REMOTE

Millions of products from 15,000+ retailers, brands, and distributors are being listed, sold, & delivered through CommerceHub to earn $30+ billion GMV annually. A message house, we sit in between people on all sides of E-commerce helping them do what they do better and simpler.

Why CommerceHub?

The world is seeing explosive growth in e-commerce. Virtually all retailers and brands are investing heavily in e-commerce digital services which bodes well for us. Last year COVID-19 was a catalyst that prompted a lot of retailers to increase the urgency with which they looked to improve their end to end processes from orders, inventory, delivery, etc. That translated into an amazing year for CommerceHub. Our company is strong and stable and positioned for amazing growth for the next few years.

Engineering Department Excellence

- Our department has over a hundred software engineers, but we’re organized into small teams. - This role will be focused on new development projects helping drive the future of the company built on a modern tech stack (Angular, Typescript/Node on AWS (Lambda, Kinesis, DynamoDB, etc.). - Teams “own” their products. You’re responsible for helping drive the direction and value of the product to the customer, partnering with your Product Manager and other stakeholders of course. You design, build, maintain, and support.


- We conduct weekly sprints. Why? It gives us 52 opportunities per year to adjust course quickly to ensure we’re working on the right things. - Teams deploy to prod as soon as the team is ready (we are almost fully there) - We try to balance product and feature development with Engineering needs (we plan for 50% capacity in each sprint to allow for unknown complexities and time for engineers to pull their own wish-list items if the team finishes the sprint-committed work).

Who are we hiring?

- Frontend Software Engineer (Angular/TypeScript) - Fullstack Software Engineer (Angular/TypeScript/AWS) - .Net Software Engineer - Software Engineering Managers - DevOps folks

Apply online at the link above or feel free to reach out to the work email in my profile!

Erias Ventures | Maryland | Software, System, Data Scientists, Data Engineers | Fulltime | Fully Cleared

Doing cleared work with a company who enjoys Hacker News just as much as you! Erias Ventures is a startup focused on providing engineering solutions ranging from enterprise development to data science. We provide a top-notch compensation package and are looking for entrepreneurial-minded folks to join our team.

BackNine Insurance (quoteandapply.io) | Remote | Rails Developer

We automate life insurance from submission to commission so companies can easily sell online. Thousands of companies from brick and mortar insurance agencies to publicly traded banks use BackNine's software to quote, apply, and manage their life insurance business online.

We need a Rails developer with 2+ years of professional experience. Please email reid@back9ins.com


aThingz|Boston, MA|Detroit,MI|Hybrid(Flexible)|

Our Website: https://www.athingz.com/

We are a supply chain and logistics company. aThingz works to increase the accuracy of supply chain business decisions with faster and timely integrated business insights across the value chain ranging from utilizing tools like data cleaning and integration methods, to valueable data insights, and machine learning.

Our open roles are: - SR. Software Systems Engineer - Computer Systems Analyst - Python/Django Developer - Database Developer - JR. Python Developer - Blockchain Developer

learn more about our roles and how to apply: https://www.athingz.com/job.html if you have any questions feel free to reach out to - me: Amal@athingz.com - or the recruitment team: recruiter@athingz.com

Tiny Mile | Software Engineer | Remote | Full-Time | https://tiny-mile.breezy.hr/p/ed934cfad0ee

Tiny Mile is putting the first delivery robots on the streets of Toronto! We're looking for experienced full-stack software engineers to help us build the systems required to support this kind of operations.

Qualli Inc | Full-Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Chicago, IL | Remote OK | Equity | H1B OK

Economic Infrastructure for Logistics.

We are a seed-stage company focused on fintech in logistics. We want to make the billing and payment process as smooth as consumers paying for online goods. Qualli can help trillions of dollars move more efficiently and improve millions of people’s livelihood.

We have a team of 13, primarily engineers and data scientists from Google, Uber Freight, Flexport, Rakuten, Keeptruckin, and Intuit. We're hiring across the board. Ideal candidates are experienced in building complex, data-heavy enterprise applications. Experience in fintech or logistics is a plus but not required. Qualli’s tech stack today is mostly typescript with node on the backend and react/redux on the frontend, running on AWS.

We offer company-covered health care, including medical, vision, and dental insurances. We offer unlimited vacation and reimburse mental/physical fitness (i.e. gym membership, ski pass, or mediation retreat)

We got multiple customers and a paying contract (six-figure annual, multi-year). We are backed by top VCs like Susa Ventures and 8VC, and other investors such as Lineage Logistics, Stord, project44, and Mark Pincus.

Open Roles - https://boards.greenhouse.io/qualli

Customer Success - https://boards.greenhouse.io/qualli/jobs/4138181004

Senior Backend Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/qualli/jobs/4102341004

Senior Frontend Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/qualli/jobs/4102342004

Product Designer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/qualli/jobs/4126037004

If you do not see your role list here but are excited about what Qualli is building, send a note to founders@qualli.com.

www.flinkit.de B2B e-commerce/chat platform | Python/GraphQL/SQL Engineer (Mid/Senior level) | 100% Remote (anywhere), On-Site in Berlin possible | Full-time

Our B2B SaaS e-commerce/messaging platform empowers merchants and wholesalers to have a fantastic asynchronous chat communication experience with their customers. No more waiting on the phone to order construction material or to manage service requests. Use your favorite messaging app instead to talk to your personal sales contact!

Join our early stage startup currently run by 4 engineers (Python, Hasura/GraphQL/Postgres, React, GitLab, Digital Ocean, Kubernetes/Helm) and 3 operators (customer care, design, sales).

We have a high code quality, best practices and learning culture: mentorship, pairing, code reviews, personal learning goals.

Fast hiring process: 1. Intro call with CTO, 2. Technical Q+A session, 3. Meet the team, 4. We send an offer to you!

Germany/Berlin timezone +/-3 hours required!

Interested? Great! Please shoot me an email with your CV and availability to lars@flinkit.de

nilenso | Senior Engineer | India, Canada | REMOTE | https://nilenso.com

We are an 8 year old boutique technology consulting firm. We care about the impact that we make in the world. As an employee-owned cooperative, we all are stakeholders in how nilenso is run and can prioritise employee happiness: we don’t need to justify how happy employees impact the bottom line. We’re currently a fully remote team of friendly people across India with one member in Canada, and are hiring folks based in either of these geographies.

We have designed, built, and delivered complex, distributed, scalable backend systems for the web that have stood the test of time. We have written production code in Clojure/ClojureScript, Haskell, Elixir, Ruby/Rails, Python, Go, and Javascript, and are partial to a functional approach to programming. You can read about some of our projects[1], their technical details[2], and check out the talks[3] we’ve given to know more.

We’re looking for senior engineers to work with us. View our full job description at https://nilenso.com/senior-developer.html, or email us at careers@nilenso.com to apply!

[1] https://github.com/nilenso/media/blob/master/presentations/g...

[2] https://nilenso.com/recent-tech.html

[3] https://nilenso.com/talks.html

Tackle.io | Multiple positions | Full-time direct | Remote anywhere in the United States

Tackle enables enterprise software companies to accelerate the use of Cloud Marketplaces like AWS, Azure and Google. Our vision is to transform the way software is bought and sold with a laser focus on helping customers build and drive significant channels of revenue through the Cloud Marketplaces. Tackle is a growing company currently hiring mid-level (2+ years of experience) and senior (4+ years of experience) software engineers. We are built on the foundation that a 100% remote workforce can be the healthiest, happiest and most productive and we put in the effort to make sure that everyone feels connected no matter where we’re working from.

Wellness is a top priority for all Tacklers, we express this in a variety of ways; empathetic servant leadership at every level, highly flexible working hours, generous paid time off and a $100/month wellness stipend. There are many opportunities for advancement and we prioritize growth plans and structured career coaching to help everyone reach their full potential.

Great engineers can do great things, and that is far more important to us than technical specialties or degrees. Do you bring something special to the table that others don’t? Even if you aren’t a perfect match to our job description: apply anyway, we’d love to hear from you! We are always looking for people with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives because they make us better, stronger and healthier as a company and a community.

Our developer experience is a rewarding one, we use modern toolchains, have minimal meetings and get to see our code go live as soon as it’s merged to main. We are valued and trusted by the entire company and we continue to earn this trust by producing amazing software at a sustainable pace! We build software thoughtfully, while innovating and exploring, using the following stack: Python / Flask / Zappa / AWS lambda / DynamoDB / PostgreSQL / Go

If you’re interested, check out our openings at https://tackle.io/careers/ and mention that you saw my post in your cover letter. You can also reach out to me at mw@tackle.io if you have any questions!

Note: at this time we are not working with recruiters and are only hiring candidates that reside permanently in the US; we are not equipped to provide sponsorship.

Sericin Limited | Senior Software Engineer | Hong Kong & +/-3hours | Full Time | https://sericin.net/

Apply to: careers@sericin.net

We are looking for full time Junior and Senior Developers to help us architect, engineer, integrate, deploy and improve a state-of-the-art leasing and asset management platform for landlords that own office buildings and shopping malls on ‘High Street’ in the world’s biggest metropoles.

Responsibilities: You are going to help us build a world-class SaaS-platform from the ground up, that allows landlords to navigate from their computer screen legal risks and valuation implications buried inside contract language, in a way the market never thought possible.

Requirements: The most important characteristic we're after is that you are a technologist – or however you self-identify your passion for developing and building technology that provides real commercial results – and are keen on participating in a pleasant and high functioning team. You don't have to know everything, but you do have to have the potential to learn anything quickly and you should know a lot about of the following disciplines: ● Cloud native development and deployment ● Full-stack development with excellent knowledge of backend technologies ● Knowledge of databases (noSQL and SQL) ● Modern Programming Languages like Java, Python, Javascript/nodeJS and a frontend framework (Vue.JS or React.JS)

Ultimately, you'll be excited about being at the inception of a high-performance environment, and you'll enjoy being pushed technically and organizationally to do things 'the right way' as part of the core team that is building a world-class product.

So, if you are someone who… ● enjoys UX / user-centric design and product delivery, ● is pragmatic and commercial, but never settles for mediocrity, ● values flexibility, but wants to have ownership of your tasks, ● gains satisfaction from solving puzzles and logic problems, ● likes communicating what you've discovered to your colleagues and customers in plain English, rather than encrypted acronyms, ● would enjoy a paid 2-week bonus Christmas break upon successful product launch and client acquisition, and ● is excited about building a product that marries ease of use with expert features to re-invent an ancient market, … we think you should get in touch, because you would be a great addition to our team!

Code Siren | Full-time | US Remote | https://codesiren.com

Code Siren is an early-stage funded startup that is reinventing communication with security and privacy in mind. We're hiring experienced developers, project managers, and QA engineers.

Our tech stack: C++17, Qt / QML, Boost, Java, Android, iOS

Interested? jobs [at] codesiren [dot] com

ProcedureFlow | Frontend Developer (React), Full Stack .NET Developer | REMOTE in Eastern Canada | Full-Time | https://procedureflow.com

ProcedureFlow is a platform for your company's procedures inspired by the way you work. We're like GitHub but for visual procedures. We have change requests, everyone can have a "draft" branch, a side-by-side diff view of the flows, etc.

ProcedureFlow has great customers that consider us vital to their business. We have ambitious goals and need your help. We've grown 600% in the last 4 years, we've more than doubled our revenue and staff in the last year, and we recently raised $2.9 million in Series A funding.

Top 3 complex problems we're working on solving:

  1. GitHub for visual procedures; versioning a knowledge graph.
  2. Adding a public API for flows, event data, and critical features like SCIM.
  3. Bridging the gap between documentation, execution, maintenance, and insight of a process.
Our technology stack includes: React, C#, Postgres, Redis, Node, Terraform and AWS.

We're looking for someone who has:

  • Experience building cloud-based web apps in C# or React.
  • Experience as a generalist working on both the frontend, backend, and anything it takes to solve problems and delight users.
  • Pride in working on projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems.
  • The ability to stitch together many different services and processes together even if they have not worked with them before.
  • Empathy with their users and are stewards of crafting great experiences.
  • Skills for upholding best practices in engineering, security, and design.
We try to make our technical interview process very practical and fair. We want to understand your skills and get a sense of what it's like to work together. For example, we don't use LeetCode, whiteboarding, ask you to recite an algorithms, etc.

Interested? Send us your resume, GitHub profile, or anything you'd like to showcase: https://jobs.procedureflow.com/o/senior-developer-full-stack...

I'm a co-founder and the VP of Engineering. Happy to answer any questions!

Here's some extra info about us:

ProcedureFlow is not your typical flowchart tool. We took the good parts, like the visual map, and fixed all the bad things:

  • The "editing" experience is secondary. Viewing and navigating the flows is the priority.
  • We democratize your company's procedures. The flows are meant to be used and improved by everyone at your company.
  • We only have so many shapes that can be added. You don't just drag/drop a "rectangle" and make it purple. You add an "action" shape that has semantics.
  • We recommend making smaller flows and linking them together rather than one big flowchart understood by a few people.
We offer:

  • Autonomous remote work and working with a great team.
  • Stock options signing bonus. Topped off based on individual/company performance and each funding round.
  • Vacation: 3 weeks to start. We're very flexible with additional time off (errands, family time, appointments, etc).
  • RRSP matching up to 4%.
  • Good health coverage.
  • Good work life balance. We don’t crunch or work regular overtime – deadlines are owned by us. Rare overtime like after hours maintenance means compensated time off.
  • An opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fast growing Canadian startup. You’ll be very key to our success -- helping us grow the team into a well-oiled machine. Being an early employee means you have the possibility to grow into larger roles as the company grows (engineering IC, management, specialization, etc).

doxo.com Remote or Onsite in Seattle We are hiring for Front-End, Back-End, Full Stack and Site Reliability Engineers.

doxo is disrupting the $4 Trillion bill pay industry. Our company was founded on the simple idea that it should be easy and more secure to pay all your bills through a single account. Over 6 million users are paying bills at 65,000+ businesses on our platform and we are just getting started.

Here is some information on engineering: - We welcome web application experience in any object oriented language. - We are using Ruby on Rails application with AWS deployment. - Evolving to leverage Docker and Kubernetes. - Microservice based approach to development - Modern front-end development using Vuetify and MDL. - We are a small team with a strong sense of ownership - Opportunities for innovation and experimentation. - Strong executive support for engineering investment.

We hope to hear from you: https://doxo.hire.trakstar.com/

sento.io | Backend Engineer/Fullstack | Munich, Germany | ONSITE / REMOTE | Full-time | https://sento.io/karriere#about

sento builds a platform for automated exchange of structured B2B data such as orders, delivery notes and invoices to replace EDI connections. Almost all products we consume on a daily basis are digitally processed via such connections. We are a small funded team with a solid customer basis and our goal is to process 1bn supply chain messages by 2026. We're looking to build a WhatsApp (small core team working on infra products) rather than a Pinterest.

If that sounds interesting to you, please reach out to me (CTO) at: nimar@sento.io and mention HN.

Finding smart, driven and nice(!!!) people is a priority to us which is why we move fast in the recruiting process.

Tech stack: Python, Typescript, FastAPI, GraphQL, React, RabbitMQ, Celery, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, GitHub Actions CI/CD, k8s

BNP Paribas Fortis | Python ML Engineer / Devops | Brussels, Belgium

Looking for freelancers with a couple of years of experience in software deployment, especially python. Responsibility include coaching data scientists on code quality, setting up continuous testing and deployment pipelines, troubleshooting applications and managing virtual environments.

illumis | Data Engineer | Full Time | Remote | https://apply.workable.com/illumis/j/21B06D85F2/ As a data engineer on our team, you’ll help build our data acquisition and ingestion system, efficiently aggregating billions of data points across thousands of diverse sources. Our underlying data platform is the foundation for our customer-facing research and risk products, making public records from thousands of different sources easily and readily available.

Some of the technologies you’ll work with: Python, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Redis, Linux, Celery, Docker, GCP

For more information, or to apply: https://apply.workable.com/illumis/j/21B06D85F2/

Mojeek | Search Engine | REMOTE, UK Preferred

International Web Search Engine with No-Tracking. Independent crawler/indexer with our own servers and full tech stack for search and search advertising.

- Senior Developer https://www.mojeek.com/about/careers/

Threefold | Senior Rust/Go/Blockchain engineers | Full time

Threefold is building The world's most advanced and fully decentralized peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure, which is now ready to host the world's data and workloads.

Interested? https://threefold.io/careers

customice | startup | Munich, Germany | Java + Angular dev / future CTO | Fulltime | Onsite/Remote (50/50) | https://customice.de

Customice GmbH is a self-financed startup from Munich. Our “customice” cloud solution enables direct online configuration and booking of meetings & events as an integration solution directly on the websites of our hospitality customers.

We are looking for an ambitious developer to bring our platform to the next level. Whether you are a backend specialist, full stack professional, interface king or an architect - we have the challenges you are looking for!

More info: https://bit.ly/2V0g23b Contact us: moser@customice.de | About: https://customice.de

Source (https://angel.co/company/sourcenetwork)| Toronto: Onsite, Canada: Remote | Full-Time | https://careers.source.network Decentralized applications are a fast-growing market expected to reach $368B+ by 2027 and Source is pioneering the foundational technologies to help it get there and go beyond. We are building the future of data management and are the first database provider to receive backing from Dwight Merriman the founder of MongoDB, the predominant cloud database and a global roster of Web3 investors. Join our team and be at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

Our database, DefraDB, empowers developers to build edge and decentralized projects to scale fast, survive anything, and thrive everywhere while ensuring their users’ data privacy. Built using Peer to Peer infrastructure, Markle DAGs, CRDTs, and an array of new cryptographic primitives. Working closely with our CTO and co-founders, you will be part of a collaborative culture striving to make user-centric data interoperable across Web3.

We’re growing fast and are looking to fill the below positions:


-Software Engineer, Backend (Database) - https://bit.ly/3mMTnmO

-Rust Engineer, Backend (Database) - https://bit.ly/2WHKy2s

-Go Engineer, Backend (Database) - https://bit.ly/38sNvXw

-Full-Stack Engineer, Developer Experience - https://bit.ly/3BwCtgl

-Technical Writer (Developer Documentation) - https://bit.ly/3xMXQt1


-Full-Stack Engineer - https://bit.ly/3CKV5u6

-Product Designer - https://bit.ly/3xJmNpk

-Product Manager - https://bit.ly/3rrHJzX

Automattic | Remote Global | Remote Only | https://automattic.com

We’re the people behind WordPress.com, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and more. We’re passionate about democratizing publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world. As CEO Matt Mullenweg says, “We’re building the operating system for a more open, integrated, and user centric web. With more than 1,000 people distributed over 75 countries, we’re constantly iterating.”

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/automattic

Here are some of our open roles:

- Software Engineer (Code Wrangler): https://automattic.com/work-with-us/job/senior-backend-softw...

- Front-end JavaScript Engineer: https://automattic.com/work-with-us/job/senior-software-engi...

- Head of Web Engineering: https://automattic.com/work-with-us/job/head-of-web-engineer...

- Systems Wrangler: https://automattic.com/work-with-us/job/systems-wrangler/

Full list of roles here: https://automattic.com/work-with-us/

Tech Stack: Web: PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, React/Redux, MySQL, Docker, and Elixir.

Mobile: Kotlin, Swift, Java, Objective-C, React Native, and Electron.

Systems: Docker, Nginx, PHP, C, Lua, MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js, Statsd, Graphite, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Hadoop, MogileFS, HDFS, and BGP.

Data: Hive, Impala, HBase, Spark, HDFS, Python, Java, Scala, Kafka, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Solr, and Lucene.

Houzz | Sr Data Infra & Lead Infrastructure SWE, Full-Stack 3D, Front End, Back End Quality Ads Eng | 100% REMOTE (post covid) | US Based | Full Time | www.houzz.com/jobs Houzz is late-stage start up that is the leading platform in the remodeling and design space for both home owners and professionals. We have the largest community of homeowners and professionals on the web and mobile and are on a mission to bring the home renovation space to the 21st century.

Houzz’s development team uses modern tech stack like such as React, GraphQL, Kafka/Java and Elasticsearch and run on AWS using Terraform Infrastructure as Code, Docker / Kubernetes etc.

Houzz is hiring for

* Infrastructure Lead / Sr Data Infra - https://houzz.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/External/job/Palo-...

* Sr FS/BE Quality Ads (Ads Targeting Ads Personalization) - https://houzz.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/External/job/Palo-...

* PHP / Java Back-End - https://houzz.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/External/job/Palo-...

* Senior Full-Stack (Marketplace) - https://houzz.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/External/job/Santa...

* Senior Front End (Consumer Experience) - https://houzz.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/External/job/Palo-...

We are building the future!! Come join us at Houzz where we make things happen! We offer amazing benefits that start DAY 1 on the job and competitive comp packages with RSUs! (Stocks) www.houzz.com/jobs

trivago | Full-time | Remote/Onsite (Hybrid)| Dusseldorf, Germany | Backend Engineer – Go & PHP | Visa Sponsorship included | Years of Experience: 5+

trivago Express Booking allows users to pay for their hotel or apartment on trivago directly. It is a free, fully responsive booking funnel designed to optimize the payment experience for trivago users across all devices, and therefore increase booking conversion.

To unleash this powerful product we are looking for a talented Software Engineer who will join a team of passionate individuals with the objective to drive the product forward.

Can we count you in? Apply here if your answer is yes https://grnh.se/d12c6ac02us

Luma | lu.ma | REMOTE | Full-time | Software engineer, designer

We're hiring software engineers who want to build a delightful events and community platform. We've had over 5M guests register for events in the last year :)

Tech Stack: React, Typescript, Node, Postgres

We're also building a crypto community layer with Solana.

Email victor@lu.ma — I'm a co-founder :)

Nylas | San Francisco, New York, Denver, Toronto, Amsterdam, London| U.S. Remote-OK | https://www.nylas.com

Our mission is to power the productivity layer of the modern technology stack. Nylas is a pioneer and leading provider of universal communications APIs that allow developers to quickly connect their applications to every email, calendar, or contacts provider in the world. More than 40,000 developers around the globe use the Nylas communications platform to process over 1.2 billion API requests and 20TB of data per day from providers such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo!, and more.

To learn more about who we are and whether this is the right place for you, check us out on Comparably: https://www.comparably.com/companies/nylas

Here are some of our open roles. To view all open roles, click the first link below:

* All open roles: https://jobs.lever.co/nylas

* Backend Engineer - Connectivity: https://bit.ly/3G4oT5Z

* Senior Backend Engineer - Workflows Platform: https://bit.ly/2ZYFKUU

* Senior ML Engineer- NLP: https://bit.ly/3ufmH60

* Product Manager - Intelligence: https://bit.ly/3lMvA5h

* Senior Product Designer: https://bit.ly/33dEQFL

* Senior Data Engineer: https://bit.ly/3G62i9m

* Senior Technical Program Manager: https://bit.ly/3rp9HfR

* Manager, Technical Support Engineering: https://bit.ly/32SovcH

Tech Stack: Python, MySQL, Redis, Kinesis, HAProxy, Linux, Javascript, React, Redux, Flux, Flow, Elasticsearch, AWS, Jenkins, MyPy, nginx

The "Product Manager- Intelligence" link is dead FYI.

Thanks for looking out. Editing now!

Logseq -- remote -- Full Time -- Designer who can code!

https://logseq.com/ | https://github.com/logseq/logseq | https://twitter.com/logseq

* Logseq exists to increase the knowledge output of humanity.

We're building a better environment for learning and collaboration. We're currently building a neuron inspired knowledge base/personal knowledge assistant that captures, synthesizes, searches, and creates knowledge as fast as you think–a digital extension of your brain. We don't think in pages and folders, but today's tools do. It's slowing us down. Logseq gets you to answers and smarter decisions faster.

* A Leader in the Tools for Thought space

We're a leader in the Tools for Thought space (with a unique focus on privacy and data ownership)––delivering on the pioneering work of Douglas Englebart, Alan Kay, Bret Victor, Vannevar Bush, and more. We're continuing the mission of augmenting human intellect and collective intelligence with computers, discovering novel UI + HCI and superpowers to do so :) More on our mission here: https://adventurous-ragdoll-1e0.notion.site/Who-is-Logseq-2c...

* Ownership and Autonomy

As Logseq's first designer, you will immediately have substantial ownership of the feel and functionality of the product. We're building a new way to think, which requires considerable tradeoff consideration and thoughtful user driven design. You will own our first design systems, early design processes, foundational product decisions and more. We're aiming to build a new knowledge tool for billions of people to change the world: empathy, systems thinking, intense level of polish are prerequisite.

If you're passionate about Tools for Thought or making humanity smarter, would love to hear from you!

Check out our posting here: https://adventurous-ragdoll-1e0.notion.site/Senior-Product-D... Or reach out to me at an@logseq.com

SEEKING FREELANCER | Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo | Remote & onsite

Dozens of projects open currently with varying tech stacks, see the project list at https://talented.fi/en/projects/

National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) | Software, Computer Vision, ML, Simulation, IT | Pittsburgh, PA, USA | Full Time | ONSITE | H1-B VISA https://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/careers/index.html The National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), a robotics research and development powerhouse, is looking for experienced developers, especially in embedded systems, robotics, perception, deep learning, data science, and AI. For more than 21 years NREC has brought together a critical mass of software and hardware engineers in order to take technology from the laboratory to the real world. NREC maintains a diverse portfolio of projects, from Augmented Reality driver assistance to full off-road autonomy and from advanced teleoperation to full autonomous manipulation. NREC is part of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, focused on commercialization of robotic technologies, and employs over 150 people in their off-campus facility.

Featured Openings:

Robotics Engineer (Autonomous Software) - https://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/careers/robotics-engineer-mobile...

Senior User Interface Software Engineer - https://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/careers/senior-ui-engineer.html

Data Engineer - https://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/careers/data-engineer.html

Software Python / C++ Engineer - https://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/careers/software-engineer.html

Robotics Simulation Engineer - https://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/careers/robotics-simulation-engi...

Technical Recruiter - https://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/careers/technical-recruiter.html

If you have questions about NREC or are interested in any positions in robotics, please contact Christine DeCarolis ( cdecarolis@nrec.ri.cmu.edu ). In your communication, please mention Hacker News.

TerraPower | Full Stack Developer | Seattle, WA or Remote (US) | Full-time | https://terrapower.com

We’re currently hiring an experienced and strong Full Stack Developer to maintain and expand our novel nuclear design information system.

The role is basically to become the primary developer of the system, with plenty of good support and direction from the rest of the small team. Users are nuclear plant design engineers and manager. We particularly need someone who's really strong in Python and Django, and can also cobble together a workable UI and respond to the (sometimes strange) feature requests of the engineering team.

You will need to be able to access export-controlled nuclear data.


Our stack:

- Frontend: Quasar 2/Vue.js 3, Vuex, Axios

- Backend: Django, Celery, PostgreSQL, RHEL w/ SELinux & FIPS

TerraPower is a nuclear technology innovation company focused on two advanced reactor projects (a sodium-cooled fast reactor and a molten chloride fast reactor) to fight climate change, and on building a new supply of radiation therapy nuclides to help fight cancer.

Driven by the sodium-cooled project, a very small team (1-2 people + others for helping with requirements, and QA) within TerraPower are building a web application designed to revolutionize the efficiency and ease of performing configuration management, design control, and regulatory compliance of the nuclear plant itself. These activities are (believe it or not) a large part of cost increases at nuclear plants, and so improving on the defacto standard is of high interest.

Effectively we need you to help us make it easier to fight climate change with our low-carbon power plants.

The system is inspired by the details you can read in IAEA-TECDOC-1651 (pdf: https://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/Publications/PDF/te_1651_web.p...). If this interests you and you are up for a challenge, hit us up!

If you have specific questions, ask here or feel free to reach out directly to ntouran (at) terrapower [.dot.] com

Nova Credit (YC W12) | San Francisco, CA or New York City, NY | Onsite or Remote (North America only) | https://www.novacredit.com

Despite having built substantial credit in their home countries, millions of immigrants have difficulty accessing credit cards, loans, mortgages, and leases without domestic credit. Nova Credit enables newcomers to share their credit history from their home country with financial service providers and others, unlocking new consumers for lenders, and new futures for immigrants. The team is 30 people and has raised $20m+ in funding from Index, General Catalyst, First Round Capital, Nyca, and Y Combinator.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/nova-credit

Here are our open roles:

* Data Platform Engineer (SF): https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/e831babd-01d1-4442-849d-b0203...

* Engineering Manager - Credit Passport Coverage (SF or NY): https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/da9b7eef-0fd8-4c53-ba11-a7e19...

* Senior Software Engineer (Backend) (SF or NY): https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/1d10f732-c59a-45a2-89f6-43fa3...

* Software Engineer (Infrastructure) (SF): https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/0dd2948a-507e-4cf4-88c0-3bd6c...

* Senior Product Designer (SF): https://jobs.lever.co/neednova/e5165268-3763-4cf1-9ca2-8a517... Tech Stack: Node.js, Postgres, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, React

tiney.co | Full Stack Product Engineer (Typescript + React) | Remote (EU/UK timezone preferred) | Full-time

tiney is a marketplace platform that enables people to open their own home nurseries. We're an experienced founding team, with backing from top European investors including Local Globe and Index Ventures.

We're looking for an engineer to join our Payments Team to help us scale our payment infrastructure to cope with £millions of childcare payments moving through our platform each month.

If you're interested, please email edd@tiney.co or apply via our website - https://boards.greenhouse.io/tiney/jobs/4819177003

Sonder | https://www.sonder.com | Montreal, SF, Toronto, Vancouver, Remote | Full-Time

Sonder is transforming hospitality. We are building the operating system for the future of the hospitality industry. Technology is at the core of powering the platform for the world's first deconstructed hotel and we are the first to do it. We recently announced that we are going public via a SPAC. We are growing rapidly and looking for talented engineers to join us on this journey.

Open roles:

- Software Developer | Montreal: https://grnh.se/45bc27d02us

- Software Developer | Toronto - Remote: https://grnh.se/631d2fd32us

- Software Developer, Platform | Toronto - Remote: https://grnh.se/4ae2084f2us

- Software Developer, Platform | Montreal - Remote: https://grnh.se/beb885552us

- DevOps Engineer | Montreal: https://grnh.se/be9ef0142us

- DevOps Engineer | Toronto: https://grnh.se/85f1e3d22us

- Site Reliability Engineer | Montreal: https://grnh.se/9ec4ecc02us

- Site Reliability Engineer | Toronto - Remote: https://grnh.se/1c08ce362us

- Senior Software Developer | Montreal: https://grnh.se/b5d00cd42us

- Senior Software Developer | Toronto - Remote: https://grnh.se/3b5ae1b92us

- Senior Software Developer | Vancouver - Remote: https://grnh.se/9325687d2us

- Senior Software Developer (Mobile) | Montreal - Remote: https://grnh.se/1f0ef5db2us

SBX Robotics | Technical Artist | REMOTE / Toronto

We're at the intersection of Art and Science, help bots learn with synthetic data.

Our technical art team builds synthetic twins of real world computer vision problems.

If interested, please send an email to josh at sbxrobotics dot com

Aledade | Software Engineer (many roles, see link below) | Remote USA | https://www.aledade.com

Note: We are hiring for multiple positions for Software Engineers, Senior Software Engineers, Technical Leads, etc, due to a massive expansion in our business.

While we are looking for "T-shaped" engineers, heavy front-end experience is not required. I personally only work on the back-end writing Python and SQL and never touch the front-end. Thanks for listening, now for the canned stuff...

"Aledade is a leader in population health that is using innovative, value based solutions to transform the way physicians interact with their patients. We are on a mission to change healthcare for the better and solve complex problems within the healthcare system.

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help develop our web application, which helps deliver the right care to the right people at the right time. A Senior Software Engineer on the Aledade App team is primarily responsible for expanding, improving, and maintaining our existing web application. We’re looking for our engineers to be self-starting, and proactive; they are expected to serve as a trusted resource on the business logic in place as well as our system architecture. They are expected to work collaboratively, with minimal supervision, to ensure our application meets our users’ needs, as well as project requirements and scalability characteristics. This is a remote telecommuting role and can be based anywhere in US."

On a personal note, my time at Aledade has been wonderful. The people I've worked with, both on the tech side of the house and the "in the field" employees have all been very knowledgeable and genuinely care about our mission. Our CEO and other leadership are VERY knowledgeable and genuinely care about the people in the company and our mission, and the transparency is like no other company I've ever worked for.

Our tech stack consists of Python 3, Postgres, Snowflake, DBT, Flask, and Vue for you lovers of pixels, and many other technologies as well.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and/or a resume if you're interested, and I can submit your resume as a referral. Unfortunately due to the nature of the data and our work, we are only hiring people located within the U.S.

pmiller@aledade.com https://www.aledade.com/current-opportunities

Fueled | Remote Locations | Full-Time | https://fueled.com/jobs

-- Who We Are -- An award winning mobile app dev agency.

-- Where You Fit In -- You know how to create jaw-dropping websites and web/mobile applications.

-- Open Roles --

Frontend Marketing Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/57cd6a511us

Senior Backend Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/b59a80711us

Senior Frontend Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/0709464b1us

Frontend Engineering Manager | Remote | https://grnh.se/12074eb01us

Backend Engineering Manager | Remote |https://grnh.se/928f298c1us

Lead Technical Recruiter | Remote | https://grnh.se/5bfabf8c1us

Lead Mobile Engineer, iOS | Remote | https://grnh.se/401ecbed1us

Mobile Engineering Manager, iOS | Remote | https://grnh.se/a2b6b2dd1us

Mobile Engineering Manager, Android | Remote |https://grnh.se/3f48f50b1us

iOS Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/ae7ab1cc1us

Android Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/fde0ce591us

Product Growth Strategist | Remote | https://grnh.se/0115b4bb1us

New Projects Coordinator | Remote | https://grnh.se/3a913ddc1us

Please apply directly to the links but feel free to contact Christine Chung, Principal Talent Manager (christine@fueled.com) with any questions.

aceArt GmbH | Stuttgart, Germany ONSITE | Full-time | Typo3, PHP, WordPress, Angular

Du liebst das Coden, trägst lieber T-Shirt anstatt Hemd und die Tastatur ist oftmals deine Picknick-Decke? Gratulation du bist ein echter Tekkie und bei uns bei aceArt herzlich Willkommen!

Als kontinuierlich wachsende Digitalagentur für Web & App Entwicklung bieten wir dir eine familiäre Arbeitsatmosphäre bei vielseitigen Kundenprojekten. Dabei verwenden wir unterschiedliche Technologien wie z.B: PHP, Angular, TYPO3, WordPress, Laravel, Java, ionic & flutter Für den nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt suchen wir einen fähigen PHP Entwickler


eSparkLearning | Engineering Manager | Remote

The Role

As an Engineering Manager, you’ll join our quickly growing Technology organization, spanning engineering and data science, reporting to the Director of Technology, and be responsible for attracting great people, helping your software engineers grow and develop, your teams continuously improve and ship great code, and the company identify and prioritize the right work, all coming together to make the lives of real teachers, students, and principals better.

Apply through here: https://grnh.se/84433d781us

flair.hr | Munich, Germany | REMOTE Full-time | https://flair.hr

We are looking for experienced software engineers to join our product development team on building the HR platform that enables companies to automate every process possible in their HR department.

Our back-end is written primarily in Apex (Salesforce), node.js, and our front-end is react (Typescript).

Selected open roles at the time of this writing:

- Full-stack Remote Developer

- UX Designer

More info here: https://jobs.flair.hr/flair

MergeYourData.com | Onsite (US Only) | Orlando, FL | Full-time https://www.mergeyourdata.com/careers

Roles: Data Engineer, Senior Tableau Developer, Junior Automation Developer

MergeYourData.com are small business consultants specializing in automation and analytics. We look to help everyday businesses build or optimize their daily tasks, while extracting valuable insights they can use to run their business.

For all the listed positions, you'll be:

- Gathering requirements, planning, and building solutions with clients

- Working on a variety of problems using a variety of tools

- Delivering solutions utilizing cloud platforms

- Communicating and documenting your work both internally and with clients

Check out our careers page to see what we offer full-time employees and to apply for positions.

RudderStack / Full time / US Remote / https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack

RudderStack is a warehouse first customer data platform (CDP) built for developers. We make it extremely easy to collect/transform customer data and send it to over 100 different marketing, product, analytic applications all with one snippet of code.

We’re backed by Kleiner Perkins and S28 and have raised $26m in funding and working with companies such as Stripe, Crate + Barrel, Acorns, Hinge, and Wynn Casino.

We are completely remote, looking to hire talent across the US, and internationally.

-Product Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack/jobs/4189024004

-Product Designer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack/jobs/4114763004

-Customer Success Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack/jobs/4108604004

-Lead Developer Advocate: https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack/jobs/4114739004

-Senior Technical Writer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack/jobs/4144626004

-Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist: https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack/jobs/4176514004

-SEO Specialist https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack/jobs/4176525004

ALL OPEN JOBS: https://boards.greenhouse.io/rudderstack

We're a fast growing team, and our roles are constantly changing, so if you're interested and don't see a role open please email us: roshni@rudderstack.com

Land Life Company | Amsterdam, Netherlands | we normally work 2 days ONSITE 3 days REMOTE | Software Engineer | No visa sponsorship


Our mission is to help restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land with sustainable approaches and disruptive technologies. We plant trees at scale across the globe to kickstart ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. We are an international, technology-driven reforestation company based in the Netherlands with local teams in Spain, the US and Australia. We work with corporations, governments and large-scale NGO’s to rebuild nature, create carbon sinks and reconnect people and the planet. We are a fast growing company and are constantly bringing new business models and climate solutions to our customers and partners.

In the 2021 planting season, we are restoring more than 4,000 hectares of land globally, planting over 4 million trees in Spain, the US, Australia and other countries. Growing at a fast rate each year, Land Life Company is becoming a global leader in ecosystem restoration.


We are a small team of 3 pragmatic software engineers. We work on all kinds of cool stuff, from internal tools that assists our ecologists and biologists in makings decisions about future plantings, to a client facing application that helps our clients keep track of the planting projects they are involved in. We also maintain a handy internal tree monitoring app written in React Native that helps us monitor the state of the trees we plant.

We are looking to add an extra software engineer to the team to help us tackle a new challenge. Our company is growing fast. To be able to sustain that growth we need to improve some of our key internal business processes and operations. This includes things like keeping track of our targets (how many hectares of land do we want to reforest), customer demand, inventory management, and the progress of a planting over time.

The main responsibility of this position (at least the first year or so) is to help us develop software that supports these internal business processes. This includes porting a handful of spreadsheets and business requirements into a unified software tool. We are still not sure how such a tool would look like (should we build something ourselves, should we us an ERP like solution, should we help the team create better spreadsheets?). Your role will be to take full ownership of this project from a software perspective.

Tech Stack: Python, Django, React/React Native (for some projects), Postgres, GCP.

You can apply by sending us an email at: recruitment@landlifecompany.com

Upwave | Senior Data Engineer || Engineering Manager || Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco | Full-time | Bay Area-based or REMOTE (USA or Australia only)

About Upwave:

Upwave is a YC/venture-funded startup that helps large enterprises plan, measure, and optimize brand advertising campaigns. We offer a comprehensive set of tools that help our Fortune 500 clients understand and improve how they’re perceived in the marketplace, how aware consumers are of the value they provide, and how much consumers trust them to provide the value they promise. Our team emphasizes high-quality, high-velocity, sustainable software development in a collaborative and inclusive team environment.

About the Role:

At Upwave, data analysis is our product, so data and data engineering are key to everything we do. We've been rapidly expanding our list of enterprise customers and deepening our integrations with "household name" partners like Amazon and Verizon. As we grow, we're building more unique, differentiated, valuable types of analytical products and we need full stack engineers to build robust user experiences and data engineers to feed those products with data.

On the data engineering side in particular, we need an experienced technical leader to help us rationalize our cloud costs, architect a new high-efficiency set of pipelines, and help guide us towards a highly scalable, highly maintainable overall data architecture.

We also need an Engineering Manager (or Senior Engineering Manager) to support one (or possibly two) of our cross-functional development squads. We are continuing to build out our suite of interactive, visually compelling, self-serve analytical tools to help marketers ask and answer sophisticated strategic questions and we need an enthusiastic, empathetic manager to help our engineers do their best work and to make sure that our development processes continue to help us do great, sustainable software development across our whole engineering organization.

See and apply for the roles at http://www.upwave.com/careers and/or email me: george@upwave.com

I don't see an open role for a full stack engineer, is there no JD for it yet?

char.gy | Ruby Engineer | electric vehicle charging | Full-time | Remote in the UK and London

char.gy manufactures, installs, and runs electric vehicle chargers, and specialises in fitting them to lampposts.

Our service is very much in demand at the moment and we're growing!

We're hiring full stack Ruby Engineers.


Borrowell | DevOps Developers, Full Stack Developers (all levels), and Data Analytics (ICs + Manager) | Remote across Canada with offices in Toronto/Kelowna/Montreal | Full Time, Permanent, Benefits from Day 1

Contact: recruiting@borrowell.com

Borrowell pioneered free credit scores for all Canadians in 2017 and now we’re scaling to build net new products for our Marketplace, including a brand new greenfield project. With 2 million members and $102 million in funding since 2017, Borrowell is one of the largest fintech companies in Canada. Borrowell has won numerous awards, including being named one of the top 100 fintech companies in the world by KPMG, ranking 4th on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ list of fastest-growing companies in Canada, LinkedIn Top 15 Startups 2021, Fintech of the Year, Most Impactful Companies in Canada 2021, CB Insights’ Top 250 Fintechs in the world, and more.

Borrowell places a high value on building a diverse and inclusive workplace and is proud to have a gender-balanced team. Borrowell was named one of the Top 50 Best Workplaces in Canada, as well as one of the Best Workplaces for Women, and Mental Wellness.

After we acquired our partner, Refresh Financial, in February 2021, we doubled growth/revenues/people to ~150 people with tons of opportunities for your own personal growth.


Full Stack Developers (all levels, New Product Development teams, C# .NET on Azure): https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/63090CFF87

DevOps Developer (Azure DevOps, Terraform): https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/7F0F580931

Data Analyst (Python and SQL): https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/AC6A27FB71/

Data Analytics Manager (Snowflake and Looker): https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/3B0FF2A452/

Mobile Developer (intermediate-senior, React Native): TBD starting January, email me at recruiting@borrowell.com

Less technical roles: Email Marketing Specialist, Accountant → Found here: https://borrowell.com/careers

Whitebox | Engineering Manager | Freiburg, Germany | Onsite or Remote | Full Time | EUR 80k p.a. | https://www.whitebox.eu/en/karriere/engineering-manager Whitebox is one of the leading digital wealth managers in Germany. We are a fast-growing company at the forefront of revolutionizing the investment industry.

Our engineering managers' focus is on our people. We believe in discovering, establishing, and embodying strong principles. We have full faith and trust in our team members to decide and take action based on our principles.

Your main tools for this job are empathy and a desire to see people grow.

We need your help to challenge us, strengthen what works, change what doesn't, and make decisions light and enjoyable.

We are also looking for multiple Developer Roles. Find out more here:


Whitebox | Backend Engineer | Freiburg, Germany | Onsite or Remote | Full Time | EUR 75k p.a. | https://www.whitebox.eu/en/karriere/backend-engineer

Whitebox | Senior Frontend Engineer | Freiburg, Germany | Onsite or Remote | Full Time | EUR 75k p.a. | https://www.whitebox.eu/en/karriere/backend-engineer

Our senior engineers are experts in the field of software engineering. Through their experience they accumulated a wealth of knowledge. They are consistently able to explain the reasoning behind their decisions to their team members and a wider audience inside our organization. They can provide guidance and show us a path of continuous growth.

But most importantly, our senior engineers understand that context matters most. It is about knowing the context under which ideas, paradigms, best practices, and solutions were discovered and created. It is about recognizing what our specific context requires. It is about taking deliberate decisions, well aware of the tradeoffs involved.

Our senior engineers understand that software engineering is about empowering people. So they set, manage, and guide expectations. They provide our team members in different roles and business functions with the power to gain new insights and quickly translate them to the next iteration of our services.

Even Responsible Finance | Remote, USA or Canada | Data and Software Engineers | Full Time

We're working to end the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle [0] that more than half of Americans live in. To tackle this problem, we’ve created an affordable, on-demand pay platform that allows employees early access to their paychecks, while also building financial resilience.

We're looking to significantly grow our engineering team and have both exciting technical challenges and meaningful opportunities for business & product impact.

More specifically, we're hiring for the following positions:

- Data Engineer: https://grnh.se/a45989324us

- Software Engineer, Product: https://grnh.se/069ca6974us

- Senior+ Software Engineer, Product: https://grnh.se/ee6533d74us

- Senior+ Software Engineer, Systems: https://grnh.se/dea63b064us

- Engineering Manager, Employer Platform: https://grnh.se/d4135de34us

Tools We Use: You absolutely do not need experience with all of these, but we thought you might be curious. Tools can be learned, so we care much more about your general engineering skill than knowledge of a particular language/tool/technology.

- Server: Go, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS (S3, SQS, etc.)

- Client: React Native (JavaScript, iOS, Android), GraphQL, Relay

- Infra: Bazel, Docker, Redshift

If you're interested, please apply in directly to the links above. We're also hiring in a number of other departments, which you can find here: https://www.even.com/about/careers.

[0]: https://www.even.com/blog/the-new-normal

IPinfo.io | Various Roles | Remote (Anywhere) | Fulltime / Contract | https://ipinfo.io & https://host.io IPinfo is a leading provider of IP address data. Our API handles over 40 billion requests a month, and we also license our data for use in many products and services you might have used. We started as a side project back in 2013, offering a free geolocation API, and we've since bootstrapped ourselves to a profitable business with a global team of 17, and grown our data offerings to include geolocation, IP to company, carrier detection, and VPN detection. Our customers include T-Mobile, Nike, DataDog, DemandBase, Clearbit and many more. We're looking for exceptional and ambitious people to join our team - we've got various senior roles we're looking to hire for:

- Senior engineers - generalist engineer to help improve our data pipelines, ship new APIs and data sets, work on our SDKs and product integrations and more (ideally strong golang, bash, sql and node.js experience) https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=21&source=hn

- Senionr data engineer / lead - help build and maintain our data pipelines, including IP geolocation, VPN detection, build out new data sets and insights etc. Help roadmap and plan the data team activities. https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=21&source=aWQ9M...

- Operations lead - first operations hire, help us build and improve processes, scale and grow the company and business - apply via https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=25&source=hn

- Success / support lead - our fist fulltime success & support hire. Help improve and grow our support team, and give our customers world class support interactions - apply via https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=23&source=hn

If you like what we're doing and think you could be a great addition to our team in a different role then let us know at https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=25.

Curai | Senior Machine Learning Engineer | https://curaihealth.com/ | Remote within US | Full-time | Committed to being a remote-first company | We sponsor visas

Looking for ML engineers with end-to-end experience building, improving, and deploying machine learning models in production environments

= Key requirements =

1. Experience building ML production systems: being able to go from data processing, modeling, building pipelines, deployment in production and improving the model over time using data from the product or doctors' feedback

2. "Product sense" / intuition of what to build: Maturity of knowing what are "shiny objects" vs what would actually have an impact on the product and end users (patients and doctors). Healthy buy vs build tradeoff

3. Experience mentoring juniors would be a plus

4. Ability to collaborate with cross functional teams: This role involves collaboration with the clinical team, product and engineering as well as ML research. So being able to communicate ideas crisply to this diverse set of stakeholders will be a key part of the role.

= Job posting =


= What we do =

Curai Health is on a mission to expand healthcare access and deliver the best in class care to everyone. We run a virtual primary care clinic, and leverage AI and machine learning to help our doctors work more quickly and effectively with patients. At Curai Health we are building a diverse, world-class, multi-disciplinary team across engineering, AI research, product, design, operations, and medicine. Our Curaians come from a variety of backgrounds, are mission-oriented, embody our core values, and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of millions of people. AI/ML engineers at Curai come from strong technical backgrounds, and share a passion to make a positive impact in the lives of millions of people. We have research partnerships with leading universities in the country, and access to medical data that facilitates [research](https://medium.com/curai-tech/2020-ml-research-internships-a...) in this space. Also see our [Key Values blog post](https://www.keyvalues.com/curai).

Forbes Marketplace | Full-Stack Developer | Remote (UK based only)

We are looking for a full-stack developer to extend our development team.

What we offer:

- Salary up to £55k - Full Remote (UK Based); - Budget to choose your own equipment; - Flexible Hours; - Extensive medical, dental, and vision insurance;

If you want to know more, take a look at https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2818464328/

Meta | Local and Remote options | Multiple Roles | Full-time

Come work at Meta! (Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/etc.) Lots of roles including data engineering, data science, SWEs, etc. I'd be happy to refer you! See https://planspace.org/20211109-come_work_at_meta/

Evee | Founding Software Developer | $100k - $220k + Equity | Full-time | Los Angeles / Remote | https://www.evee.com

Evee aims to make stronger teams and foster inclusiveness at the workplace with software that allows corporate planners to seamlessly book and customize experiences.

Our customers say that they come for our marketplace of event providers, everything from virtual escape rooms to coffee cupping classes, but they stay for all of the tooling around them! Dynamic recommendations, budget optimization, registration templates, enterprise integrations, you name it — we like to say we’re building the “Shopify for experiences” as we build the underlying API’s to enable a diverse set of creators and SMB’s to gain access to corporate demand to continue following their dreams.

Our current stack is Typescript, NodeJS, React, NextJS, GraphQL/Apollo, Postgres, Redis, Docker, AWS with hints of go, python, dare I say perl, and the freedom for you to make architectural decisions with other backend flavors where appropriate.

Ideally you are a full stack generalist, but assuming you have some technical aptitude with web applications in mind, the drive to build and hunger to learn are much more important at this stage in Evee’s journey.

Evee believes we all live in a digital world and group experiences are the only way to retain the human connection and drive culture in the workplace. Come join a recently funded startup at the most exciting time!

Contact nick+hn@evee.com

mimica.ai | Engineering, Sales | Full-Time | Hybrid - Remote | UK, USA

Every year billions of hours of human creativity are wasted on repetitive work. At Mimica, we believe drudgery should be left to machines; humans deserve better. That's why we are developing a new paradigm for automation: our AI learns to perform tasks through observation. Our software records users' clicks and keystrokes as they perform a task and uses ML to generate a “blueprint” for RPA bots. Imagine being able to train your computer to do your work in the same way you train a human being. That's the future we're building.

We have just raised a $6M Series A from Khosla Ventures and are also backed by two of Europe's most successful accelerators and seed investors, Entrepreneur First and Episode 1.

Engineering - Hybrid UK (London):

* Senior Full Stack Engineer (React, Node): https://apply.workable.com/mimica-automation/j/E9EBF1A047/

* Lead Full Stack Engineer (React, Node): https://apply.workable.com/mimica-automation/j/0F71858F47/

* Senior Python Engineer (Data & ML): https://apply.workable.com/mimica-automation/j/7CB7AB12C3/

* Lead Machine Learning Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/mimica-automation/j/544DE9A660/

* Senior Machine Learning Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/mimica-automation/j/ADBC314A7E/

Sales - US Remote:

* Enterprise Sales Lead: https://apply.workable.com/mimica-automation/j/2D4D4B746A/

If none of the above positions fit, but you want to join us on our mission to shape the future of Intelligent Automation, email us at careers@mimica.ai to start a conversation.

Flexibits | Backend & Windows Software Engineers | Remote | Full-time https://flexibits.com/jobs

We make Fantastical and Cardhop, award-winning calendar and contacts apps for Mac and iOS. We are 17 person, fully-remote company spread across the US and Europe, and welcome anyone from around the world. We prefer candidates that are in time zones between US Pacific Time and Central European Time.

We're a small company, so there are always many things going on at once. This means there will be the opportunity to wear multiple hats and there will always be something new and interesting to work on!


Software Engineer (Web Backend)

You'll be helping us build backend services in Django, Python, and occasionally Go. You'll be creating new features, making improvements, occasionally troubleshooting customer issues when they come in.

A short summary of our tech stack: We use Django, Python, Go, React, and TypeScript, with some PHP and WordPress thrown in. Our databases are MySQL and Redis, and everything is running on Google Cloud and Google Kubernetes Engine.


Software Engineer (Windows)

We're looking for an enthusiastic and experienced Windows developer to help bring the joy of Flexibits apps to Windows. This will include learning the ins and outs of Fantastical and Cardhop on macOS and iOS and bringing their magic to Windows, all the way from the natural language parser to the beautiful user interface.

Tech stack: C#, Objective-C, C++

Our World In Data | Data Engineer & Full-stack Engineer | Fully remote | Full time

Our World In Data is a non-profit whose mission is to make data on the world's biggest problems accessible and understandable, so that people are motivated to put their efforts behind solving them.

During the Covid-19 pandemic that continues, we provide essential data on testing, cases, deaths, vaccinations and variants that helps us all understand what's going on and helps governments make good decisions. When events like the COP26 summit occur, we're there providing context and evidence around emissions sources and reasonable angles for reducing emissions. Day by day we also highlight neglected issues like air pollution, which causes 10% of all global deaths in a normal year.

We're looking for a Data Engineer to help build the new foundation for all our data work, and make it easier to share that work with the public.

We're looking for a Full-Stack Engineer to help bring our site and our visualisations to the next level.

Both roles are high impact, and you'll be working for an organisation deeply dedicated to the public good.

Read more here: https://ourworldindata.org/jobs

Applications close Dec 5th (this Sunday).

BrightHire | Fully Remote | Full-time | https://brighthire.ai/careers/

There is nothing more important to a company than building the right team.

At BrightHire, we’re transforming the quality of hiring—by helping people run better interviews, and helping teams hire faster with less bias. We’re humbled by the impact we’re having on our customers and their candidates.

We’ve recently closed a $20.5M Series B led by 01 Advisors with participation from Index Ventures and Zoom Apps Fund.

We couldn’t be more excited about what’s next.

- Lead Platform Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/f9f27f11-ca04-4d34-99e5-7ce...

- Engineering Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/0fa8e451-5c8b-4c0e-800d-dc6...

- Lead Security Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/83a2f5ec-3d2e-4575-b51f-637...

- Head of Data Science: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/c3ad3bfc-e3b4-4aca-a3ad-be1...

- Senior Machine Learning Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/5ef51206-0105-4788-af98-9d4...

- Staff/Principal Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/7fbb7fb9-ae91-4841-a55d-b5b...

- Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/43eee1e7-42a8-4cbd-9aa6-814...

Temporal Technologies | Multiple positions in United States - WORK FROM HOME | FULL-TIME |

Temporal offers an entirely new way to build scalable and reliable applications. Temporal enables developers to focus on writing important business logic, and not on managing state or worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Sequoia Capital led our recent round of funding and our team has experience from start-ups and larger companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, and more.

Video: Our CEO interviewed on TechStrong TV- https://digitalanarchist.com/videos/charlene-ohanlon-techstr...

Video: Temporal explained in 2 minutes - https://temporal.io/

We're looking for senior level engineers for multiple roles - see here - https://www.temporal.io/careers


Principal/Director of Product - Cloud - Read more and apply here —https://jobs.lever.co/temporal/19d191e0-69bb-4d06-933d-deecb...

Chaos Engineer - System performance & reliability. Go, Python. Apply here → https://jobs.lever.co/temporal/c958fdd1-bdbd-4d31-a703-4b60c...

Infrastructure Observability Engineer - Read more and apply here — https://jobs.lever.co/temporal/602a9ad3-e5e9-496f-81fd-98bbd...

Director of Software Engineering, Open Source - Read more and apply here — https://jobs.lever.co/temporal/578f8aa8-c2c0-4b9a-ada5-de187...

For all employees, we offer: Competitive salary Stock options Fully covered premiums for medical, dental (and ortho), vision, and life insurance benefits including HSA 401K Unlimited time-off Work from home perks Monthly food $ allowance An access pass to a WeWork location if you so choose Send resume to careers AT temporal.io or apply here https://www.temporal.io/careers/

Tanooki Labs | Experienced Full-Stack Rails and React Developer | Remote | Freelance TL;DR – All you can eat, flexible full-time or contract dev work and amazing products to work on.

Interested? Here’s the full story:

We are Tanooki Labs, a product and development studio based in New York City that works with entrepreneurs on early stage products.

We provide product-minded developers with fun projects to work on, as well as the flexibility and freedom to continue working on their own goals (be it recording an album, crafting your next app, or raising the newest member of your family).

We choose our clients and projects carefully, and every product we build requires us to tackle new and exciting challenges. We also reject the idea that software development has to feel like a grind. We work 35 hours per week, support flexible schedules, are family friendly, and work with both local and remote developers.

We’re looking for pragmatic developers who build with empathy for the users a deep understanding of the product we’re building and our client’s businesses an eye towards writing well architected code

You should have:

- a strong background in full-stack Ruby on Rails - experience working in Javascript, especially React - experience developing applications from the ground up - experience with behavior-driven development and unit testing - a product-minded focus when creating applications - good communication skills in English and a location in North America

If that sounds like you, please apply here: https://tanooki-labs.workable.com/jobs/190522

Trust Lab | Staff Software Engineer, ML Engineer, DevOps Engineer| Palo Alto, CA | ONSITE or REMOTE | https://www.trustlab.com/

We're building software to make the internet a safer and healthier place for everyone - protecting platforms and users from misinformation, hate and violence, child endangerment, and other bad content.

Our founding team is ex-Google/YouTube/Reddit/TikTok execs from the Trust & Safety industry, we're working with some of the world's biggest social media platforms and marketplaces, we're and looking for engineers who like solving hard problems.

We deploy in cloud based infrastructures, use ML and large scale information retrieval, and build multidimensional social graphs and open source tools to identify bad content and accounts online.

We're hiring: https://www.trustlab.com/careers - join a fast-paced team with a significant stake in the company!

- Staff Software Engineer - Software Engineer - Machine Learning - DevOps/SecOps Engineer

onXmaps, Inc | Montana or REMOTE, USA only | https://www.onxmaps.com/careers

ABOUT – Are you an Engineer who loves the outdoors? Join onX! onX is a suite of digital navigation apps (Hunt, Offroad, and Backcountry) that empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re passionate about writing great software, love playing outside, believe in protecting access to public lands, and want to dominate the off-pavement mobile GPS market – then join our team, where we empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts to explore the unknown!

We have multiple openings! View them here: https://www.onxmaps.com/join-our- team

Here are some of the technologies we work with:

3D (OpenGL, Metal, C++)

Data Automation (Python, PostgreSQL, GIS)

Android (Kotlin)

iOS (Swift)

Backend (Go, Elixir, GraphQL, GCP, Kubernetes)

Web (Vue JS)

Quality (Cypress, XCUITest, Espresso)

Graphistry | Viz + Infra Engineers | Contract / Contract-to-hire | Remote - Global | US SF HQ

GPU-accelerated & visual graph intelligence for analysts tackling graph questions like account takeovers, payment fraud, covid misinformation, global supply chain slowdowns, and cancer genomics. Graphistry helped start the GPU data frame ecosystem, including the popular Apache Arrow and Nvidia RAPIDS projects to power our approach, so analysts come to us with some of the hairiest problems.

We are actively hiring in a few areas and welcome applicants from all backgrounds, and especially in:


JavaScript Infoviz: Help lead JS/UI on projects like -

* Graphistry GPU Visual Graph Intelligence for PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, ... <- embedding API & UI experience

* Graphistry GPU Visual Graph Intelligence for Spark, SQL, Twitter, ... <- no-code connector experience

* New core platform UI extensions

* If into GPU computing: Extensions + the next 100X of our frontend tier (WebGL tiling, WebGPU, ...) or streaming backend (RAPIDS/dask-cudf)


Infrastructure Engineer: Enable our users to turn the performance knob from 1 GPU to 100 GPUs

* Docker / K8S / AWS+Azure+GCP / Python

* Help with both on-prem + cloud/saas scenarios: Security, observability, self-serve + assisted deploys, ...

* Startup mentality


You'll be working on early stages of these projects so room for impact + learning, and collaborating with both us & our users tackling some pretty fascinating projects.

More info: https://www.graphistry.com/careers

Boomerang | Senior Software Engineers | Full-time | Remote | https://boomerangapp.com/jobs.html

Boomerang is the leader in email productivity software. Since 2010, Boomerang has helped millions of email users focus on what matters, when it matters. From making sure messages receive responses to revolutionizing how we schedule meetings, thanks to Boomerang, effective digital communication has never been easier. We work hard, but we do it for a sane number of hours every week. We use our own products obsessively, which means we both understand them in our bones and can get even more done. In addition to having millions of users, we're also profitable. So we get to do things like giving back a portion of our profits to support education in Burma. Here are some roles that we are looking for:

* Front End Engineer

* Full Stack Engineer

If interested, please reach out to i.want.to.work [at] baydin [dot] com and mention Hacker News.

Can folks include the timezone & country(s) for REMOTE jobs?

# Assetnote - Continuous Security

At Assetnote, we are building the world's best Attack Surface Management platform. Used by companies all around the world, from innovative startups to Fortune 100 companies, the platform you will be building is helping protect hundreds of thousands of assets from compromise.

Assetnote | Frontend Engineer | Remote Australia

By joining our growing engineering team at Assetnote as a Frontend Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and engineering our React based frontend for our Continuous Security Platform.

In this role, you will be required to design, implement, improve and maintain frontend interfaces in Typescript React. This role requires that you are confident with designing and engineering frontend components with user experience in mind.

The solutions we develop on the UI side are dependent on our API, Security and Discovery Engines. Day to day you will be interfacing directly with our Engine development team, API engineers, and security researchers.

Assetnote is a remote-first company. This position is remote with a preference for candidates located in Australia, however, we will consider strong applicants located outside of Australia.

More details and application form here: https://apply.workable.com/assetnote/j/A2FA4AC75A/

Assetnote | DevOps Engineer | Remote Australia

By joining our growing engineering team at Assetnote as a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for managing the infrastructure for our Continuous Security Platform.

In this role, you will be required to deploy, manage and maintain our infrastructure, alerting and metrics. This role requires that you are confident with modern infrastructure tooling and concepts such as AWS, Kubernetes and Terraform.

Occasionally, this role will require you to work outside regular work hours in case of emergencies.

The solutions we develop on the DevOps side are dependent on our API, Security and Discovery Engines. Day to day you will be interfacing directly with our Engine development team, API engineers, and security researchers.

Assetnote is a remote-first company. This position is remote with a preference for candidates located in Australia, however, we will consider strong applicants located outside of Australia.

More details and application form here: https://apply.workable.com/assetnote/j/0E09D3BEE4/

Curative | Full-Time | REMOTE [US] | https://curative.com/

Curative is refactoring healthcare. We've run >24m covid tests and >2m vaccinations in the US. We're now expanding into building a new vertically integrated healthcare platform. We're continuing to support the response to the covid epidemic.

Our open roles:

- Senior Frontend Engineer

- Senior Backend Engineer

- Engineering Manager

Competitive compensation

If you're interested you can see more about our roles and apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/curativeinc

I'm the director of engineering, feel free to reach out: colton@curative.com

Tech Stack: Python, Typescript, React, Terraform, AWS

WELL Health (https://wellapp.com/) | Full Time | Remote/Fully Remote from US, Santa Barbara or Boston offices

WELL Health is a SaaS digital health platform enabling digital conversations between patients and healthcare providers - through secure, multilingual messaging (mostly SMS/text, but also email, phone, live chat, etc.) that integrates with the hospital's EHR/EMR (electronic health records).

We are currently hiring: * Senior Backend Engineer - https://wellapp.com/careers/apply/?gh_jid=5550808002 * Senior Frontend Engineer - https://wellapp.com/careers/apply/?gh_jid=5534253002 * Backend Engineer - https://wellapp.com/careers/apply/?gh_jid=5550724002 * Senior DevOps Engineer - https://wellapp.com/careers/apply/?gh_jid=5504070002

Our technology is used by 200,000+ healthcare providers to facilitate more than 1.1 billion messages for 37 million patients annually. During COVID, healthcare providers used WELL Health technology to facilitate 8 million COVID vaccine appointments.

Our customers are larger hospitals and health systems, so we work in SaaS B2B2C.

In terms of growth, WELL Health has been named one of Inc 5000's Fastest Growing Companies for 2020 and 2021, #10 on the Forbes list of America’s Best Startup Employers and won 2021 Best in KLAS for Patient Outreach (A big deal in digital health, it means customers rate our product higher than any others in the category).

We are rapidly growing (just hit about 260 employees) and are looking for talented people to help us scale. We are obsessed with building technology that eliminates the communications barriers that keep patients from good outcomes and better relationships with their doctors.

For more info email: slee@wellapp.com

WELL Health (https://wellapp.com/) | Full Time | Remote/Fully Remote from US, Santa Barbara or Boston offices

WELL Health is a SaaS digital health platform enabling digital conversations between patients and healthcare providers - through secure, multilingual messaging (mostly SMS/text, but also email, phone, live chat, etc.) that integrates with the hospital's EHR/EMR (electronic health records).

We are currently hiring: * Senior Backend Engineer - https://wellapp.com/careers/apply/?gh_jid=5550808002 * Senior Frontend Engineer - https://wellapp.com/careers/apply/?gh_jid=5534253002 * Backend Engineer - https://wellapp.com/careers/apply/?gh_jid=5550724002 * Senior DevOps Engineer - https://wellapp.com/careers/apply/?gh_jid=5504070002

Our technology is used by 200,000+ healthcare providers to facilitate more than 1.1 billion messages for 37 million patients annually. During COVID, healthcare providers used WELL Health technology to facilitate 8 million COVID vaccine appointments.

Our customers are larger hospitals and health systems, so we work in SaaS B2B2C.

In terms of growth, WELL Health has been named one of Inc 5000's Fastest Growing Companies for 2020 and 2021, #10 on the Forbes list of America’s Best Startup Employers and won 2021 Best in KLAS for Patient Outreach (A big deal in digital health, it means customers rate our product higher than any others in the category).

We are rapidly growing (just hit about 260 employees) and are looking for talented people to help us scale. We are obsessed with building technology that eliminates the communications barriers that keep patients from good outcomes and better relationships with their doctors.

For more info email: slee@wellapp.com

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