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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (December 2021)
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Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location, and whether remote work is a possibility.

Bonsai (YC W16) (https://www.hellobonsai.com) offers freelance contracts, proposals, invoices, etc.

SEEKING FREELANCE WORK | Full Stack React, Node.js & JavaScript Consultant | Software Engineer Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Remote: Yes, remote only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: I specialize in React, React Native & Node.JS development with JavaScript and TypeScript. I’ve been developing software professionally for over 10 years and have worked with both small businesses and high-growth tech startups.

I've written several blog posts that made it to the frontpage in Hacker News:

General problem solving: https://www.mikealche.com/software-development/how-to-implem...

Databases schema design: https://www.mikealche.com/software-development/a-humble-guid...

React animation: https://www.mikealche.com/software-development/learn-react-a...

Résumé/CV: https://www.mikealche.com

Email: mikealche at gmail


We are a remote 6-person full-stack design and dev team. Our portfolio: https://stratosphere.digital. Some recent projects we've worked on: https://axiosint.com/digitalsolutions, https://divvydose.com, https://emulatebio.com, https://conveyour.com, https://www.webvideocaster.com, https://konverse.com.

Some of the technologies we're most familiar with: Web and mobile design, UI, UX, iconography, illustration, design prototyping, PHP, Node.js, Meteor, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, LESS, Stylus, CoffeeScript, WebSockets, AJAX, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Cordova, PhoneGap, React Native, iOS, Android, Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), AWS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, C, C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, Swift, pharmacy systems such as QS/1, HL7, HIPAA.

We offer hourly rates and discounted monthly retainer options. Contact: via our website or you can contact me directly at eliyah@stratosphere.digital.

SEEKING WORK | The Netherlands | Remote only (anywhere)

I have about 5 years of experience with both Vue and Django and have developed many applications with it for freelance clients and for myself. I am located in the Netherlands, but I am fairly flexible with scheduling meetings etc, so timezone differences shouldn't be an issue if you are living in Europe or USA/CA regions.

This is my Github page with open source stuff on there: https://github.com/GDay

I also have a blog featuring Django/VueJS content (including a comprehensive Django/Vue course): https://djangowaves.com // https://djangowaves.com/django_vuejs_course/

Contact details: https://djangowaves.com/contact/

My rate is $90/hour.

Please note that writing tests/documentation for the things I build is pretty much non-negotiable from my end. It helps me sleep at night.

SEEKING WORK | US | Remote - Software boutique with experts in Python/Django, Javascript/React, and UI/UX design.

Hi I am Vitória, from Labcodes. We’re a software boutique based in Brazil. We’re results-driven and internationally recognized for our 7+ years of partnership with US companies.

We’re experts in Python/Django, Javascript/React, and UI/UX design. Our team is comfortable working together and has a strong engineering culture, which is hard and expensive to build on an internal team.

I know that engaging with an external company, even more if we reach you out on a cold approach, is risky, so I’ll leave some links with social proof of our knowledge and experience here.

Talks we gave in major Python/Django conferences - https://lab.codes/talks - Client reviews https://lab.codes/clutch-reviews - Design portfolio https://lab.codes/design-portifolio - React open-source libs we maintain https://github.com/labcodes/react-redux-api-tools https://github.com/labcodes/rel-events email me if you’re interested in doing business or get to know more about us: vitoria@labcodes.com.br


Portfolio: https://www.seanw.org/

Location: Edinburgh, UK and remote (time zone differences aren't a problem)

Email: sw@seanw.org


I help startups with UX/UI and web design for their products, including design work for new and existing web apps, websites and landing pages. My background as a full stack developer and startup founder helps me come up with practical design solutions that balance usability, aesthetics, development effort and performance.


The best live example of my work is Checkbot (https://www.checkbot.io/), a browser extension that tests websites for SEO, speed and performance problems. The entire project is my own work including coding the extension itself, UX/UI design, website design (the desktop homepage is optimised to load in 0.7 seconds with only 0.3MB transferred), website copy, and website articles on web best practices.

[ Rated 4.9/5, 40K+ active users, 100s of paying subscribers ]


I have 10+ years of experience, including a PhD in software verification and 5+ years working for myself for over 20 companies including Just Eat and Triumph Motorcycles. See my website for testimonials, portfolio and more:


Skills: Figma, Sketch, TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue, HTML/CSS, Tailwind, OCaml, Java, Python, C, website SEO and speed optimisation.


Email sw@seanw.org with a short description of your project and how you think I can help. I can get back to you within one working day to arrange a call to discuss a quote. I work to fixed price quotes when projects are self-contained.

I started using Checkbot a week ago after seeing it recommended here on HN. Big complements on the UX! Very clean and a great modern look.

SEEKING WORK | Central Europe | Remote web development Hi my name is Vedran and I represent a small high-grade web consultancy team with extensive experience in architecting, building, and managing large custom-made applications Recent projects: https://bytecode.hr/ Throughout the last decade we built Airbnb-like platforms, music streaming apps, healthcare/finance/construction apps, real-time GPS vehicle tracking suites, worked on core systems of big data platforms (millions of daily transactions) and more. We mostly collaborate with companies, but also have a lot of positive experiences working with non-technical founders.

We are searching for greenfield projects with a budget that we will build using Ruby On Rails and React. We are also looking to build some small wordpress sites.

We specialize in in React front-end, Custom Wordpress sites, back-end, DevOps and system administration (Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Docker, AWS, etc.).

Read more: https://bytecode.hr/

Get in touch: vmarcetic@bytecode.hr

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Morocco | Full stack Web Developer

Hi, I'm Marouane. I have extensive experience working with React, JavaScript, GraphQl, Tailwind, and some backend technologies (i.e. Django). I have over 2 years of experience shipping products to millions of users. I also contribute to open source projects whenever I have time available: https://github.com/mrassili

I write blog posts about web technologies, featured on Freecodecamp News: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/chrome-extension-with-parc...

I look forward to working with you!

Reach out: hi [at] mrassili.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Part-time

    Software Engineer
    Programming: Golang, Erlang, Python, JavaScript, C, Java, Kotlin, C++, Bash and PHP
    DevOps: Kubernetes, Docker, Mesos, LXC, Rancher, DC/OS, Ansible, Juju, *stat tools
    DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Redis, Elasticsearh and Cassandra
    Timezone: GMT+3.5 | quite flexible as I don't have/seek another occupation
    CV: https://www.reith.ir/cv/cv-priv.pdf
    GitHub: https://github.com/reith
    Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/1301970/reith
    E-mail: ameretat.reith@gmail.com
I'm a software developer with seven years of professional experience. I've worked as a front-end developer, network programmer, back-end developer, data engineer, and development lead. For the past couple of years, I've been mostly implementing cloud-native infrastructure software, and I'm aware of some Kubernetes specifications and technical issues. I'm in the process of immigration and can use the ~20 hours a week, which is not used by bureaucracy and my personal hardware project, for a remote job. I happily accept BTC or ETH payments.

SEEKING WORK | Software Engineer

Location: Haiti | Eastern Time Zone

Remote: Yes, remote only

Willing to relocate: Willing, but quite hard to do.

Experience: 5 years building mobile and web apps for startups and small businesses. While I collaborate well in a team project, my strong point is being autonomous and with broad knowledge to design MVP and helps non-technical entrepreneurs test out their idea in the real world. I'm a fast learner and can quickly pick up technologies to be productive in any project.

Website: https://hescaide.me

Email: hash [at] hescaide.me


We are a remote 6-person full-stack dev team based in Ho chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our portfolio: 1. https://jslancer.com/portfolio/iorad 2. https://jslancer.com/portfolio/nugit 3. https://jslancer.com/portfolio/fivegrid 4. https://jslancer.com/portfolio/react-bootstrap-admin-dashboa...

Our technology stacks:

- Advance UI with ReactJS, Redux, GraphQL, styled-components, SCSS

- Real-time application with Socket

-Build data visualization applications with D3JS

-Write unit test and E2E to verify the functionality of an individual part or the whole of an application

-Since 2015, we've worked with a large number of customers from the United States, England, Switzerland, and Australia. Our mainstack is React, React Native, NodeJS and MongoDB. These libraries and frameworks are built on topof Javascript. It's the reason why we call ourselves JSLancer

We offer 30-minutes of free consultant. Let's talk about your project and find out more about our company. Contact: via our website or you can contact me directly at hello@jslancer.com

SEEKING WORK - Pacific Northwest - Contract/Consulting Remote/Onsite

My name is Joe. I am the creator of https://awayto.dev which is a free open source web application platform. It uses React, Redux, Material UI, NodeJS, Typescript, Webpack, Postgres, Cognito, Lambda, CloudFormation, CloudFront, S3, API Gateway, as well as my own custom scripts. Awayto makes it fast to deploy low-cost web applications and then have a skilled developer come in and build up your application.

If you are looking for a consulting- or contract-based resource, I am interested and open to take on projects of many varieties. Over the last 10 years, my professional experience has touched on Education, Professional Consulting, IT Management, E-Commerce, and I hold my MA in English teaching. I have helmed numerous, extremely successful software development teams within the companies I have worked at, on projects of large complexity, some with millions of users and in revenue.

Java, C#, Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, Python, HITRUST, FERPA

Thank you for your time.

Inquiries: joe@keybittech.com Website: https://awayto.dev LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joe-mccormick-76224429/


  Location: India
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Résumé: gnanesh.me/resume.pdf
  Email: gnaneshkunal [at] outlook.com
  Github: https://github.com/GnaneshKunal
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gnanesh-kunal/
  Technologies: Python, Golang, Typescript, Rust, React, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Postgres, Cypher Query, Distributed Systems, Cloud computing, OpenTelemetry
I have been doing Golang, TypeScript and Python professionally, mostly targeting Backend development. I have led JavaScript to Typescript migration of frontend and took complete responsibility to add multiple enterprise backend modules with test driven approach. Furthermore, I tend to be a T-shaped person with the core in full-stack/backend and consistently learning leadership skills. I understand database internals and actively contribute to Redis ecosystem. Properly skilled with distributed technologies and cloud native patterns. Currently working for a fintech company. I have multiple independent contractor experience spanning from desktop & web application development to reverse engineering mobile applications.

  NOTE: I'm available only for contract/part-time work.


I could use a helping hand on AnonyProxies.com, see the Github repo via the link on https://anonyproxies.com -


Alexander Schliker Facebook (co-Founder), Microsoft (co-Founder)

SEEKING WORK | Ukraine | REMOTE (EU/USA/Canada/UK/Australia OK)

Mechanical Engineer with 2D/3D CAD software knowledge in solid parametric modeling complex assemblies & mechanisms.

Experienced user of open-source CAD apps (SolveSpace, LibreCAD/QCAD, FreeCAD, etc.) + contributor to SolveSpace & LibreCAD apps development (QA, showcasing, various small improvements in UX/UI).

Here are my showcases on GitHub (+ links to YouTube videos in README.md).[0]

Moderator of r/SolveSpace on Reddit.[1]

My #30DayCADChallenge intro thread.[2]

Latest showcase shorts on Twitter.[3]

My quality showcase 3D models & assembly placed on Patreon (see public posts for preview).[4]

[0] https://git.io/DailySolveSpace

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/SolveSpace

[2] https://twitter.com/app4soft/status/1334252719763230725

[3] https://twitter.com/app4soft/status/1465321187370807298

[4] https://patreon.com/app4soft

SEEKING WORK | Seattle | Remote OK

I am a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Google Style, with experience at both large and small organizations. I've been using Kubernetes since the very beginning, been actively working at scale, and worked across the stack and with diverse technologies. I'm looking to help small dev teams increase their velocity by implementing best-practices of Devops: CI/CD, Kubernetes Deployments, and effective Monitoring frameworks.

I'm available for consulting on your initial setup, for fixing your build, as well as on retainer for operational Oncall. I'm actually quite busy at the moment, but happy to have a conversation if you've got something small or forward-looking, or happy to forward it on to my network.

My resume: https://resume.gauntletwizard.net/ThomasHahnResume.pdf

My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-hahn-3344ba3/

My Github: https://github.com/GauntletWizard

SEEKING WORK - Remote Technologies: back-end is preferred but full-stack is OK too (C#, Python, Elixir/Erlang, TypeScript, Rust, Postgres)

Résumé/CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/167CU4OFb_BW4nheto83LNe9uQpR...

Email: said.dk@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/konstantin-duman/

Hello, I'm interested in full-time contract work (registered business in Russia / Georgia). I can help you with development of software at any stage (legacy is fine too) and I can help you to improve the architecture of your back-end (which typically results in a better scalability, high-availability, better observability and reduces operational costs). I also have management experience and can help you with adoption of best practices (worked in very dynamic Scrum / SAFe environments).

More about me: https://kduman.com/post/20200501/about/

SEEKING WORK | Los Angeles | Remote

My name is Tavi, and I run a solo software/data/bioinformatics consultancy focused on oncology. My clients range from small startups to immuno-oncology research labs and pharmaceutical companies. I previously managed a team of engineers at Salesforce.com and led several immuno-oncology research projects at Mount Sinai and with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

I advise on technical strategy and technical hiring, build genomic data processing pipelines, develop web apps for e.g. clinical data analysis, and so on.

I'm eager to chat with anyone in healthcare and particularly with anyone in oncology, whether or not there's an obvious fit right now.

Email: tavi at sequencesoftware.io

Website: https://sequencesoftware.io

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tavinathanson

More about me: https://sequencesoftware.io/team

GitHub: https://github.com/tavinathanson

SEEKING WORK | Malaysia | Remote (GMT+8)

I help new to existing business owners build a better looking face for their company.

Since 2008, I started with no experience to a self-taught designer to improve style and the looks of businesses around the world. I have worked with numerous startups & businesses such as Notedock, VideoReviewLabs, Synup, Captivation Software, Eksdyne, Aviation, & KPAway Skincare, and more.


· Logo Design

· Business Card Design


Portfolio: https://dribbble.com/terencethien

Instagram/Twitter: @terencethien

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terencethien/

Contact: thienforge@gmail.com or @terencethien(twitter, ig)

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Front-End JavaScript Developer | Technical Writer | (Responsive HTML & CSS, Vanilla JavaScript, Vue.js, Firebase, Node.js)

Are you looking for help building out responsive websites, back-end Node.js, or Vue.js (Nuxt.js included)? Let's get in touch.

- Helped Kidizen, eCommerce store, bring their app to the web using Vue.js in 2 weeks

- Helped with front-end web development at Hilton Hotels and their many brands

- Provided developer support to IFTTT's various customers building integrations for their platform

- Helped rewrite Text Blaze’s (YC W21) entire technical documentation to decrease email support requests.

- Wrote various technical articles / blog posts and have been privileged to be featured on publications like Digital Ocean, Hacker Noon, The Startup, and others.

· Email: derick.realwebdev+hnfreelance@gmail.com

· Résumé/CV: https://derick.work/

· Medium: https://medium.com/@dericksozo

· LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/derick-ruiz-413061128/

I look forward to your email.

SEEKING WORK | Remote only, based in Germany

I do electronics, end to end (design from idea, part selection, layout, prototyping, testing, enclosure design). Lately I've been working mainly on adapting existing designs to the new reality of part shortages. If you have a device that you can't produce at the moment due to part shortages I might be able to help you redesign it for the current availability situation. Of course I'm also more than happy to help with new devices. Contact at kliment@0xfb.com or Kliment on liberachat.

Recent example of this kind of adaptation: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arthurwolf/smoothieboar...

I won't work on weapons, advertising, cryptocurrencies or automotive (for motivation on the latter, see my analysis on the reason for the component crisis here https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26931498 ). This is non-negotiable, don't bother asking for exceptions.


Software Architect / Senior Full Stack Engineer with 12 years of commercial experience (esp. FinTech, Healthcare) in prototyping, MVP, backend and frontend development as well as maintenance and DevOps. I can work during PT/ET hours!

    * Python [Advanced], Django [Advanced], Django Rest Framework [Advanced], GraphQL
    * AngularJS, React, Vue.js
    * Airflow, Kafka, ELK, TensorFlow, NLP/NLTK
    * AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform, CloudFormation, Docker, Kubernetes

  Where I can help most:
    * Rapid Proof of Concept / Prototype implementation
    * Design of scalable software architecture (Backend + DevOps)
    * Cloud Infrastructure (Including HIPAA compliant design)
    * API design, implementation and documentation
    * Code Reviews, Python/Django mentoring
    * Team leadership

  Email:               michal [AT] michallech.info
  GitHub:              https://github.com/rootxnet
  Website/Resume:      https://michallech.info
  Skype:               ferdezz

SEEKING WORK | Remote Only, no relocation | Part-Time | Located in Eastern Time Zone

Role: Software Engineer

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, React, Golang

Github: https://github.com/bowmanmike

Email: mike at mikebowman dot dev

Website: https://mikebowman.dev

I'm a software engineer with over 5 years of experience looking to start my freelance/contract career. I've got plentiful experience with back-end development, and am working actively on improving my front-end skills. I'm a good communicator, reliable, and easy to get along with. Ideally looking for roles where I can act as a mini engineering team for a company that doesn't have one, but open to other opportunities!

Get in touch!

SEEKING FREELANCER | Boise| Remote | US Time Zone

Hello, I am looking for someone with react native and chart library expertise (such as Victory - https://formidable.com/open-source/victory/) to create a real-time polar chart with X, Y and Z axis that would represent pitch, yaw and roll.

The chart would show the current value of pitch, roll and yaw (i.e. real-time data point need to be displayed only and no historical data plot). The chart should be performant for real-time tracking (i.e., around 50-100 data points per second). Also, the range of the X, Y, Z axis should be adjusted so that it is easier to see these 3 values when there is a movement. (please message me if you have questions on the last statement).

Thank you for looking into this project.

--Nat natarajkg@yahoo.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote only, based in Slovenia (UTC+1)

Full-stack app developer with experience in data-rich apps.

Keywords: React, TypeScript, Flask, Python, PHP, Symfony, WebGL, D3, WebRTC, AWS, Docker, Git






Past projects include:

- managing full software lifecycle, including planning, coding and deployment on cloud (AWS) or on-premises (Docker, VMs, bare metal)

- video: transcoding and delivery of a video archive to web browsers and live streaming with HLS and WebRTC.

- interactive 3D visualization of technical measurements with contextual information (tech stack: WebGL, Three.js, RxJS)

- 2D charts with various twists, including data transfers and rendering with varying levels of detail

- UIs with synchronized maps, video, and charts

- performance optimization by profiling and, if required, rewriting specific parts in C++

- complex Excel reports optimized for printing (language: C#)

  Location: Chicago
  Remote: OK
  Résumé/CV: https://jameswilson.name
  Email: james@jameswilson.name
I have over 20 years of experience on many different levels of the tech stack, including extensive management experience.

I've led teams for Citibank, Wall Street Journal, Hawaiian Airlines.

I've worked with many emerging technologies such as VR, AI, self-driving cars, 3d talking avatars, AI-powered, easy-to-use breast cancer detection software, I have even created a project for the President of The United States.

I am looking for a role or freelancing with responsibilities similar to R&D or Integrations, Technical Product Manager, Technical Project Manager, VP/Director of Technology, Scrum Master, Solution Architect, etc.



SEEKING WORK | Edinburgh, UK | Remote or on-site | Graphic Designer

Are you a business looking for web or print design services? I'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer with an eco-friendly focus, specialising in lightweight websites designs and low-ink usage print design. My design process takes into account the sustainability of the final design project from conception to end of life.



· Web design: responsive mobile/desktop designs that are lightweight and fast - I can arrange web development also

· Branding: logo design, branded social media banners, posters, booklets

· Print design: posters, booklets & business cards

· Custom illustrations: digital artwork, print illustrations

To get started on your design project journey get in touch with me today via https://angeliqueboudeau.org


Portfolio: https://angeliqueboudeau.org/#portfolio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angeliqueboudeauorg/

Contact: hi@angeliqueboudeau.org


I'm available for Python and Django freelance work, if it's interesting enough. I've got 10+ years of professional experience working with that stack. You can check some of my projects at [1] and look at some of my code at [2] and [3].

I'm also a part-time CS Professor (I have a CS PhD - AI - TextMining), so I'm also available for tutoring students 1-1 (or small groups). Topics can include anything from CS curricula, but I have lots of experience introducing people to programming (I have a Python ebook with exercises - fullspeedpython [4]), and building web apps either in Python or Java (intro to programming, databases, networking, html+css, webframeworks, webservices => web apps). If you're new to CS and programming and you're self-learning, I can help you navigate what's important, what's irrelevant and provide you with some guidance.

Giving that I see thousands and thousands of lines of code every semester, I'm also available for doing code reviews or helping with best practices for individuals and teams.

My current rate is 80€-100€/hour. My email address can be found in my website.

[1] https://joaoventura.net/projects/

[2] https://github.com/joaoventura/

[3] https://github.com/flatangle/flatlib

[4] https://github.com/joaoventura/full-speed-python

SEEKING WORK | Central Europe | REMOTE

I’m an ex product manager & business developer that worked at a web & mobile development agency and decided to help freelancers connect to clients in need. Worked mostly with devs at mid/senior level, connected with a wide network of freelancers and can find the right team member for short-term and long-term collaboration. Can also help you as part time PM. Currently working with US clients.

Tech stack:

  Frontend: HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), JavaScript (Vue.js, Node.js, Nuxt.js, React.js, TypeScript, AngularJS, jQuery)
  Backend: PHP, Java, Python (Django), C++, C#, Ruby, .NET, Go (Golang)
  Mobile: React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Xamarin, Flutter
  Databases: MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server
  Cloud: AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google
  UX/UI: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator
Email: romano /at cloud9devs /com

SEEKING WORK | GMT+8 (Perth, Australia) | Remote | Software Engineer | 10+ years experience

I'm currently in a project but just wondering what else is out there. Good competent devs are hard to find. My clients pay US$100+ per hour for my services. Come see what I can do for you. I won't be on the market for long :)


* Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, GoLang, PHP, Python

* Web development, LAMP, jQuery, Mysql, Sqlite, Postgres, Symfony, Amazon AWS

* ReactJS and the usual javascript ecosystem

* React Native, native Android app development

* Good at debugging hard problems (especially those from the field)

* See resume for full list (including soft skills), work history and open source projects (ie. sample code)


Prior to my current gig, I was an Engineering Manager/Software Engineer hybrid (and occasional executive) at a 100% remote US startup for 5 years.

I also have a smattering of side projects.

I know what it's like to work for a tech startup.

I specialise in debugging hard problems which no one else wants to do.

Resume: https://bengtan.com/resume

Email: See resume

SEEKING WORK | SF Bay Area | Remote OK | Geospatial development and data science

I help companies manage and extract value from their geospatial data.

A typical project for me might involve

• Frontend development (webmaps, interactive visualization)

• Backend development (static websites, APIs)

• Satellite imagery (land-use classification, object identification)

• Routing (supply chain optimization, logistics, retail planning)

• Dataset building (DEM coregistration, web scraping)

• Data engineering (setting up a geospatial datastore, ML pipelines)

I run https://gpxz.io (SaaS) and https://opentopodata.org (Open Source). Feel free to reach out if you think I could help with something, or just to chat about your project.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajnisbet/

Website: https://ajnisbet.com

Email: andrew@ajnisbet.com

SEEKING WORK | Japan | Remote Only

I’m a full stack developer with 14 years of experience, offering software development service for fixed $20k in 8 weeks or hourly rate at $70-100. Previously I’ve built things like:

- A Slack bot for productivity app with Next and React.

- A web app integrated with a blockchain network, with Svelte and TypeScript.

- An electron app to assist operating a Twitter-based instant-win ad campaigns.

- A learning management system for a coding bootcamp, with in-site video chat capability with WebRTC, hosted on Firebase.

- A business intelligent system for a retail brand, which processes tens of thousands order/day powered by Elasticsearch, hosted on Kubernetes.

...for clients including startups and enterprises. Tech: React, Svelte, Ruby/Rails, Elasticsearch, AWS, GCP, Vercel, Firebase, Kubernetes

GitHub: https://github.com/tnzk

Publication: https://dev.to/tnzk

Email: tnzk@tnzk.org

SEEKING WORK | Los Angeles | Remote

Designer + Developer

I have 15 years of experience as a graphic designer and web developer. I create websites, brand identities and marketing material for a variety of companies including startups, agencies and non-profit organizations. In addition to my design skills, I am also a full-stack web developer.

DESIGN: websites, mobile apps, logos, banner ads, marketing material, advertising, billboards, trade show displays, packaging, 3D modeling, photo retouching

DEVELOPMENT: HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, Node, PHP, Python, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Foundation, REST APIs, Wordpress, Git, Webpack, Jekyll, Gulp, <3 Static Site Generators

PORTFOLIO: https://sunderland.studio

LINKEDIN: http://linkedin.com/in/stevesunderland

CONTACT: stevesunderland[at]gmail.com


I could use a helping hand on AnonyProxies.com, see the Github repo via the link on https://anonyproxies.com -


Alexander Schliker Facebook (co-Founder), Microsoft (co-Founder) founders@anonyproxies.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Located in Poland, EST/PST timezones OK)


We are very efficient team of Python/Django experts, NodeJS, Reach and mobile (React Native) developers who helped startups get their prototypes and products launched in a record time. We've worked as team extension and provided outsourcing for Startups, created Prototypes, MVPs, complete solutions, provided on-site training for clients, consulting and maintenance.


  * Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Flask, Airflow
  * ES6, TypeScript, React / React Native, NextJS, Redux, Angular, Expo, Node.js
  * AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CloudFormation, Heroku, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, ELK
  * TensorFlow, NLTK, OpenCV, numpy, Pandas
Email: hello [AT] rootxnet.com Ping us for some demos of our work!

WWW: https://rootxnet.com/


I could use a helping hand on AnonyProxies.com, see the Github repo via the link on https://anonyproxies.com -


Alexander Schliker Facebook (co-Founder), Microsoft (co-Founder) founders@anonyproxies.com


Forward is looking for a senior typescript engineer (preferably with 8+ years experience) to fill a 3-6 month contract. More details on this role can be found here: https://work.forward.id/typescript-engineer

We're also looking to fill a couple react + rails roles. Details on those can be found here: https://work.forward.id/engineer

Feel free to send your resume and/or any questions over to hi@forward.id if any of those sound like a good fit. Thanks!


I'm a software developer who enjoys working with my clients to help them achieve their dreams and goals using technology. So far, I have built numerous web & mobile solutions for large and small businesses as well as for individuals. My expertise is to provide the most customized web solutions for your business needs that you can use for years to come!

I will build your MVP. I will help you plan ahead in STRATEGIC DETAIL and BUSINESS UNDERSTANDING to make sure you get it right the FIRST time. UPFRONT SCOPING and PLANNING will save you thousands of dollars down the road, and eliminate multiple costly iterations.

Experienced in working with startups from SF. -------------------------------------

Technologies: Javascript, TypeScript, Python, Vue.js, React, Redux, MobX, WebPack, Babel, Gulp, Node, Express, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Meteor, Ionic, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Sql, NoSql, Java, Go Lang, Swift, Ansible, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, Kibana, Grafana, Nginx, Apache server, RabbitMQ, Redis, Gunicorn, Swagger, OpenAPI, Okta, Twilio, Flutter, Linux, Git, ElasticSearch, Logstash, SCSS. -------------------------------------

Experience: * Integrated multiple external APIs like SendBird, SendGrid, MailChimp, Mandrill, Stripe, PayPal, Rapid API and much more * Been head of Node.js on two major and very dynamic projects * DevOps - Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud/Firebase, Netlify, Zeit Now, Heroku, including the development of CI/CD with Jenkins/GitLab and custom bash scripting. Also - orchestration with Ansible, Kubernetes and Terraform. Nginx / Apache server * Full project contenerization for portability using Docker and Docker Compose * Advanced web scraping -------------------------------------

CV can send upon request


Email: hello@potanski.com

SEEKING FREELANCER | Remote | Node.js, Wordpress Software Engineer

Cradle is a recently launched music startup looking for a part-time Senior NodeJS developer to perform code-reviews, fix well-scoped bugs, and pair-program with existing team members on an as-needed basis (10 - 15 hrs/week) for the next 2-3 months. On-call support during the holidays could also be within the scope of work if the freelancer is available and willing. The Cradle application stack consists of an API and accounts service written in NodeJS, an integration with OpenID Connect for authentication and authorization, a Postgres backend, and a Wordpress instances with some custom plugins. Our core application has comprehensive test coverage, and we perform weekly releases from Heroku. To apply, please send your resume/CV to hiring@cradle.app along with a desired hourly rate.

SEEKING FREELANCER | $2,000USD bounty - Work complete, and bounty donation at users request

I'm working on an open-source library in a niche civil engineering field. I have a proprietary file format that I would like to decode and support.

I am almost certain the file is an SQLite database with the header changed, though my attempts to reconstruct the header and find any other changes have failed.

If you think you are up to the challenge, I've linked to some example files below, the first person who can share the procedure to update the file that it will open in a native SQLite reader I will pay a $2,000USD bounty or donate to a charity (your choice).

Email in profile, I'll post below if an answer has been accepted.

edit: This has been decoded and the bounty will be donated! Waiting for confirmation from the person who provided the script to decode the file and I will share results and proof of donation

Many thanks to tsholmes for finding a solution and sharing it with me.

He has requested the full amount be donated to Nine Lives Foundation, proof of donation can be seen here: https://ninelivesfoundation.networkforgood.com/

I'll be posting the script and the format documentation shortly

I would be very interested if you or tsholmes could discuss the thought process behind identifying and reverse engineering the format!

Sure thing!

The sqlite file format spec (https://www.sqlite.org/fileformat.html) is fairly short. I looked at hexdumps of where the db header should be, and a few page headers, and it seemed to line up, but not everything was filled in correctly. Trying to patch the header fields to match the sqlite spec and running it through sqlite3 didn't work, so I figured there was some more structural differences.

Since the spec is pretty short, I wrote a small parser for the sqlite files, printing out hexdumps of various sections as I went to check against the spec. The cell pointers in the btree leaf pages were missing, so I just tried reading them out in order from the cell data section and that worked (the pointers are really just an optimization to skip over cells when scanning). The table schemas are stored differently, but its a text format so its pretty easy to read (comma-separated columnName:type).

The record format was the most different part. Instead of type-tagged values like in sqlite, these records just had the column count and offsets of values. The offsets can be 1 or 2 bytes depending on the length of the record, which tripped me up for a bit. This was mostly figured out by looking at hexdumps of records. The values have to be interpreted based on the schema of the table the record is in.

The file format used little-endian for the record values, despite everything else in the file being big-endian. The schema in these files allowed array-of-vals and array-of-structs column types that I haven't decoded yet, but they don't seem to be on any of the important tables, mostly file metadata tables. There are some untyped binary columns containing an array of 64-bit floats, which was found by comparing against the csv of the same data.

Not counting some of the binary columns which I haven't decoded yet, the alternate version of the various sections were still pretty simple, so I was able to figure them out by eyeballing it. There weren't any numeric enums (outside of the ones in the sqlite spec) or flag masks that would have taken a while to decipher.

I had been working on this myself! I haven’t dug into SQLite to this level before, but found the header easy to correct. I got stumped when eyeballing the additional pages of information.

I really enjoyed learning more about b-trees and binary encoding formats taking this on. My primary exposure to those concepts has come from reading Designing Data-intensive Applications — so having something concrete to work on to test that knowledge was fun.

I’m excited to review your script. Great work!

I've had confirmation from a couple of sources now that this is indeed a SQLite file, or at least a derivative of it, with some key information missing.

If you email me how you know it is a SQLite file and what is missing, I can also send you the data that is contained within the files if that will be helpful to you.


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, Redux, MobX, GraphQL, React Native, Kubernetes, Express, Koa, Next.js, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Firebase, Terraform, CloudFormation, CircleCI, Codeship, GitLab, Jenkins

Website: http://www.jasperschulte.nl (includes my resume)

Email: You’ll find it on my site

Linkedin: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/jasperschulte

Rate: €110/hr

Availability: 8 hrs a week

More than 16 years of professional experience. Including 10 years of founding, building & running my own company. Being CTO of 2 different scale ups (GreenHome & SnappCar). Having a technical leadership position in a well established major tech company (TripAdvisor).


We are Mondd, a team of product centered designers and developers based in Budapest.

Our team has extensive experience in branding, UI/UX and fullstack development. We are working with startups who are looking for a consistent visual identity for their product and company.

We are currently working with our fellow HNer to launch his MVP. He implemented a backend API for complex event processing and looked for a team to help with branding, designing and developing its frontend. He’s launching soon, stay tuned for the case study!

Let’s schedule a call, we are always open to challenging projects!

Email: hello@mondd.io

Website: https://www.mondd.io/

SEEKING FREELANCER | Boulder, CO | Remote | US Time Zone

At Uplift, we’re on a mission to perfect our work life while learning, building, and enjoying our free time. We're looking for well rounded software engineers to join our team. Contract or contract-to-hire, open to employment too. Many more details on our website https://www.uplift.ltd/careers

1. Mid/senior experience in at least 2 of these:

* React/React Native

* Django (python)

* GraphQL (Django & React+Apollo)

Usually start part time & ramp up.

2. Scala Engineer

The position involves building backend services in Scala and a GraphQL layer in TypeScript.

Must have 1-2 years of experience with Scala. Experience with TypeScript is a big plus.

This is a 6-month opportunity,could turn into a permanent position.


* Freelance experience: delivered projects, managed budget/estimate, worked with non-technical clients (most important)

* Heroku or AWS

* Laravel/MVC framework in PHP, PHPUnit

* Thrift

* Excellent CSS skills

* Native iOS/Android

* SQL experience

* Can think critically, build from rough specs (no designs or detailed specs)

One of our core values is continuous learning: within the industry & from each other. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. If you're self-sufficient, passionate & a good communicator, apply now!

Web designers can check out our site for details.

#### To apply:

You have at least 20 hours per week available, and are located in a US timezone.

Visit https://www.uplift.ltd/careers/, select a position, and follow the instructions.

SEEKING WORK - REMOTE I help non-technical founders build and launch Million Dollar MVPs. Are you a non-technical founder struggling to find technical partners to help make your startup vision a reality? I’ve spent the last ten years obsessing about how to help founders like you get their startups off the ground and into the marketplace. Since leaving Google in 2015 and starting No Nerds No Problem, I’ve grown this company to 10+ nerds across 4 different countries, been featured in Bloomberg, and have helped more than 25 companies launch their MVPs and raise a combined $650M in fundraising.

And I can help you do the same.

Here's what my clients have to say:

“Before we started No Nerds' process, I wasn’t sure it would be worth it. Having gone through it, I can’t imagine it going any other way." - Sachin Gulaya (CEO, Alpine Vapors)

“James and his team stepped in at a critical moment in Wellness 4 Humanity's trajectory and delivered exactly what we needed to hit our deadlines." - Lian Pham (Founder, Wellness 4 Humanity)

“After three years of other agencies promising a lot but delivering little, getting to test a prototype after just a few weeks was very cool. From the first time we sat down, I really felt James got what I was trying to do.” - Andy Lin (Founder, Self Portrait Project)

Schedule a 15-minute chat with me here: https://calendly.com/nonerds/explore

Non-technical founders can download my 55-page guide to building Million Dollar MVPs at https://nonerds.com

Email: james@nonerds.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanedigital/

Keywords: app development design mvp web mobile ios android react native product cto startup

SEEKING WORK | Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Central European Time)

Remote 4-person team of senior software engineers and designers here. We all have 10+ years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and several acquired startups. Comprehensive knowledge of:

• JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Redux, React Native, CSS, Node.js

• Clojure, Elixir

• PostgreSQL, MySQL

• Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma

What we can do for you:

• Design & Build an SPA/PWA/Mobile MVP on a solid foundation so it's smooth sailing once your userbase starts to grow.

• Scale up a team that has an overflow of work or wants to add certain tech to their stack.

• Revitalize an existing app. Solve design, scalability, stability and performance issues.

• Consult on domain specific topics like banking, real-time trading, payment processing and PCI DSS.

Sectors: FinTech, MedTech, EduTech, Social

Website: https://go-stellar.com

Email: hello@go-stellar.com

SEEKING WORK Location: .PK or Remote Remote: Yes

Hi, I am an aspiring Data Engineer. I have 7+ years of Python experience and mostly used it for scraping, ETL/Automation pipelines, web development and systems integrations. Besides Python I also have worked in PHP and in Go(limited). Looking to work on some interesting projects. Do check my tech blog too to learn more about my work

Blog: http://blog.adnansiddiqi.me

Resume: http://adnansiddiqi.me/Resume2021.pdf

Email: kadnan @ gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCER | Philadelphia | Remote

Promptworks builds ingenious software products for innovative companies with big ideas.

We are looking for software engineers who care deeply about their craft to join our team and help us create amazing, intuitive web & mobile applications, APIs, products, and services for our clients. Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD aren’t just ideas we pay lip service to, but core practices of our day-to-day work.

We love polyglots. We use a lot of Python, Ruby, and Elixir on the backend and JavaScript (mostly TypeScript) with React, Vue.js, and React Native.

Open positions:

• Contract Software Engineer (remote)

• Contract Software Engineer | React, Vue.js

• Senior Software Engineer

• Software Engineer

• Project Manager

• Senior UX/UI Designer


SEEKING WORK | India | Remote OK

Expertise: Full-stack web developer, PM, interim CTO, Tech advisor.

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: React, Next.js, Typescript, Javascript, Node.js, Tailwind CSS, GCP, Firebase

Résumé/CV: https://gourav.io/cv

Portfolio & blog: https://gourav.io

Email: hey@gourav.io

Experience: 7+ yrs

Rate: $60/hr

Availability: 20-35hrs/week

About me:

Full-Stack Web Developer & Ex-Founder (built 2 startups in SaaS and healthtech space).

I've built and shipped multiple products. These products are being used by thousands of people worldwide and have generated revenue. Have worked for big tech giants as well as in high growth SaaS startup. Addition to Engineering I have experience in other areas as well like UI/UX, Product, Hiring, and Marketing.

SEEKING WORK | India | REMOTE | FULL STACK DEVELOPER I am a Full Stack web developer, specializing in React, Node and MongoDB i.e MERN Stack.

My Services:

1. Front End Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

2. Complete Web Applications with React and Node.

3. Back End Development (REST API, SQL/NoSQL Database)

4. Responsive Websites and Landing Pages

Technologies I use:

Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, MobX, React, React-Router, Reach-Router, Material-UI

Back End: Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, Bcrypt, JsonWebToken

Tools: Babel, Parcel, Webpack, Version Control/Git, Postman, Chrome Devtools

APIs: Stripe, Plaid etc.

My Portfolio: https://amit-ghosh.com My GitHub: https://github.com/maverickamit

Please feel free to reach me at my email from portfolio for any inquiries.

SEEKING WORK | America Latina EST Time | REMOTE

We're a small agency (two persons, wife and husband), we focus on web applications and integrations with mobile. We have a lot of experience with Web applications for SaaS and Mobile clients for them.

Our toolset: Django, Python, Typescript, Vue+Ts, HTML Website Templates, No-Code integration (Airtable, Zapier, Appsheet, Bubble.io), Gridsome, Ansible, Docker, AWS Fargate, AWS API Gateway

We're happy to accept introduction meetings, talk about your product and what we could do for you. Ask for an appointment: https://calendly.com/mariocesar/hn-2021-12-seeking-freelance... or email us at hello@humanzilla.com

SEEKING FREELANCER | Remote | Machine Learning Engineer

Develop and Fix, Inc. is seeking an AI/ML expert to help us train and deploy machine learning models for identifying, analyzing and segmenting scans of photographic film.

Our app FilmLab is used by film photographers and archivists for digitizing film negatives. There are a number of tasks that we believe can be automated with machine learning. We're looking for a freelancer who can help us get our first ML features built and deployed. If you have experience developing and deploying machine learning models, especially related to image recognition and segmentation, we'd love to talk to you.

To apply, please send an email to abe@developandfix.com with a brief description of your experience, rates, and availability. Thanks!

SEEKING FREELANCER | Remote | Node.js, React Native

Web3Platforms is a silicon valley based stealth startup founded by ex-Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon and Yahoo tech executives with a mission to build the world’s first exclusively verified community. This community connects you with an exclusive group of people you share something in common with to have high quality, private and safe discussions with people that share the same employer, investment positions, qualifications, or work in the same industry.

We are looking for NodeJS and React Native engineers to work ~20 hours/week for the next 2-3 months at a rate of ~$80 USD/hr. To apply, please send your resume/CV to david@web3platforms.com.

SEEKING FREELANCER | REMOTE (Dallas/Toronto/Waterloo/Vancouver ideal)

Role: Javascript Developer

Technologies: Javascript, Angular/React, Twilio API

Remote: Yes

Project: Looking for someone with experience developing a javscript based group video chat application powered by the Twilio Video API. The ideal candidate would have an existing genric video chat app we could just customize for the project.

Rate: Negotiable

Schedule: Flexible, developer can work on project in spare time and provide delivery date.

Preference given to applicants with open source contributions.

Email: "applications21" at "elementservices.co"


Location: India

Remote only (Full or part-time)

I'm a Vanilla JS developer and primarily develops browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browser. I successfully completed 50+ projects in past 10+ years as a freelancer. I also worked in an early stage incubated B2B product based startup so I have a good understanding of how startup ecosystem works and the challenges faced by a startup, building an MVP, business model canvas etc.

GitHub: https://github.com/HemantPawar

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pawarhemant

Email: hemant@hemantpawar.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Los Angeles, US | Full stack software engineer/web developer

Hello! My name is Andrew, and I am a freelance full stack software engineer with a focus on web development. I have over 6 years of start up and contracting experience developing performant web applications. If you need help with React/JS/TS/CSS, chances are I can help!

Technologies: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, Redux, HTML, CSS, SASS, GraphQL / Apollo, Auth0, Launch Darkly, Express, Webpack, Babel, Git, Material UI, create-react-app, styled-components, GitHub, Jest, npm/yarn, CircleCI, Next.js, p5.js

LinkedIn/Resume/Contact form located on my personal website: andrewkowalczyk.com

SEEKING WORK | Detroit, MI | Remote | Full-stack | https://www.chasbean.com

Hey I'm Chas. I've been a founding engineer at several seed-funded startups and have over 7+ years of experience building products from the ground up

What I bring to the table is a rich experience of designing and developing entire products that fit a market niche. I prefer to work with you and your team through the entire product process, from ideation/design to development/deployment, as I believe this is crucial to delivering focused and elegant products, but at the same time I'm happy to fit whatever role your team needs most!

A bit about me: I believe strongly in being kind and open-minded to all people. I always speak my mind, and I always work to be patient and humble. I love getting to know new people, and I'm excited to talk with you about your project!

Check out my resume at my website above or email me at:

charlesparkerbean [at] gmail.com

Best At -> Typescript, React Native, Redux, NextJS, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Figma, Design Thinking

Languages -> Typescript, JavaScript, Elixir, C#, HTML/CSS, Obj C, Java, C++, Python, PHP

All -> Absinthe, Agile, Android, Angular, Architecture, AWS, Azure, Braintree, Braze, C#, Code Reviews, CosmosDB, CSS, Design Thinking, Docker, Domain Driven Design, E2E Testing, Electron, Elixir, Entity Framework, Elasticsearch, Express, Figma, Firebase, Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions, GraphQL, Groovy, Heroku, Hiring, HTML, iOS, Javascript, Keycloak, Loopback 4, Management, Material Design, Material UI, Mercurial, Middleware, MongoDB, NextJS, NestJS, NLP, NodeJS, Notion, OAuth, OIDC, Phoenix, Photoshop, PostgreSQL, Python, R, React, React Native, Redis, Redux, REST APIs, SignalR, Stripe, Squarespace, SQL, Typescript, Unit Testing, WebRTC

Degree -> BS Computer Science from Michigan State University

Some Things I Love -> My wife, my cats, music production, Lex Fridman podcast, Buddhism Guide podcast, Amon Tobin, Radiohead, yoga, painting, reading, eating, ...

SEEKING WORK | Remote only, based in Canada/USA Rid Industries is a small development firm comprised of (5) moonlighting engineers. We're looking for part time development work (15-20 hours per engineer per week) in the web application or mobile space. We have experience building out large scale service applications as well as smaller mobile/web applications.

We'd be happy to give you a tour of our portfolio!

Some technologies we work with include

• Python / Django

• Java

• Go

• Ruby / Rails

• JavaScript / Typescript / React

• iOS / Android

• Various database technologies (relational/nosql)

You can learn more about us at https://www.rid.industries or shoot us an email at team (at) rid (dot) industries

SEEKING WORK - Contract, Remote

Hi, my name is Tomas, and I run a boutique consultancy out of Prague, Czechia. Recent client highlights include:

- backend & integrations of a large content website for a US credit card company (PHP, Heroku)

- billing system for a car-sharing operator in the EU (Typescript, Postgres, Azure functions)

- backend dev & enterprise integration for an insurtech startup backed by Munich Re (Node.JS, Typescipt, Mongo, AWS, k8s)

Drop me a line if you need someone who is a quick study, will grok your business and the big picture. Raw developer firepower included.

Personal website with links to Github etc.: https://tomaskohl.com

SEEKING WORK | USA | remote preferred

ML Ops (MLOps for the keyword searchers)

I specialize in streamlining machine learning workflows and procedures. Want to iterate faster on your ML development? Replace your manual process with an automated workflow? I can help you out. I'll review your process, make suggestions appropriate to your situation, and implement them to your satisfaction.

I've worked with companies large (helped develop and maintain the ML platform at Airbnb, serving hundreds of models) and small (small startup iterating on a single model with no automation yet).

I've worked with a range of technologies (go, python, C++, java, javascript) and can adapt to whatever you use.

Email is in my profile.


Need to develop your SaaS MVP fast? I can build it in less than a month.

I love helping people to get their vision off the ground - especially if it's a niche product. I've built many MVPs in less than a month and in some cases days.

And not only will it be built quickly, it will be created to be a solid platform on which to grow and build upon. No dirty hacks or shortcuts. Just my repeated experience of building new projects to validate ideas quickly.

Technologies: Python, Django, Django REST framework, Pytorch, C/C++, + more

I also take on more traditional project work (and technical writing). More info / CV available on request.

email: hn [at] davidbrownwastaken.com

SEEKING WORK - EU, English, French - Contract, remote

- Location: Berlin

- Technologies: Svelte, React, D3.js, R, QGIS, TypeScript, Clojure/Clojurescript

- Website: https://basilesimon.fr

- Github: https://github.com/basilesimon


Freelance dataviz practitioner, creative technologist. All about telling a story from data and helping products do just that in a memorable way. Former BBC, Times, Reuters.

I work across the stack and encompass statistics and modelling as well as design and building of the bespoke output, in addition to standing up whichever data pipeline or API.


Contact: basile@basilesimon.fr

SEEKING WORK, Cassandra / Druid Cluster Engineer, EU-based, Primarily Remote

Well-rounded Scala data engineer with deep knowledge of the internals of distributed datastores.

Core Skills:

● Cassandra (Data Modeling, Troubleshooting Performance And Operational Issues)

● Druid (Stream Ingestion, Cluster Ops, Data Modeling, Scaling Complex Queries)

● Stream Processing At Scale: Kafka, Flink, Spark Streaming

● Programming Languages: Scala (highly proficient, 8 years exp.), Python (proficient)

Other Skills: Zookeeper, BigQuery, Redshift, Kinesis, Airflow, DBT, Snowflake, FiveTran.

Educational Background: Computer Science.

Solid experience working remotely.

More details: https://is.gd/dserbanresume202112

E-mail address in the profile.


  Location: PST

  Remote: Yes

  Willing to relocate: No

  Technologies: 4.5+ yrs professional experience; JS, React, React Native, Python, Node, AWS, Heroku, Dynamo, Mongo, MySQL, Ethereum (Solidity), REST, Docker

  Résumé/CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deejax/

  Email: david <@> callstop <d 0 t > com
I've helped 3 YC companies launch, have worked on and at multiple startups, and have a specific interest/expertise in newer financial technology. I work for and consult for startups launching MVPs, particularly with React.

SEEKING WORK - Senior Full Stack React Developer, UI/UX Designer

I'm a developer who designs. A computer scientist, and a self-taught UI/UX designer with works featured in online galleries.

The last 15 years I've been designing and developing websites and applications. From back-end to front-end, from architecture design to UI/UX design, on various stacks.

My current stack is React, Typescript, Nextjs, GraphQL, Headless CMS, CSS-in-JS.

I'm looking to design and develop websites and apps.

My last work is https://www.nftdeb.art/

Rolled out with the help of a custom design system, running on the Takeshape CMS.

Seeking Work

  Location: Tunis/Sao Paulo
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: depends
  Technologies: Rust, WASM, JavaScript/Typescript (React)
  Résumé/CV: https://github.com/omarabid | https://omarabid.com
  Email: hn (aa) omarabid.com
Looking for any position in AML (especially fintech/blockchain AML) /or/ edge computing (Cloudflare workers/WASM). I'm only interested in working with Rust/Typescript in these two particular fields. Open to any particular arrangements (contracting/travel/part-time...)

Hi, My name is Wiqar, head of product manager at Wasmer. We are a WebAssembly company and our product is one of the leading server-side WebAssembly runtimes on the market. I am looking to hire someone with your exact requirements asap.

Please use the following link to book a 15-minute meeting: https://hub.wasmer.io/meetings/wiqar

I look forward to speaking with you.

Thanks, Wiqar

SEEKING WORK | Lisbon, Portugal or Remote | Originally from Hamilton, NZ | Full stack -- and I mean full stack, from BIOS-dev to biz-dev :)

I've done a bunch of interesting stuff over the years. I like working with pretty much everything except web UI really, and I'll even do that if there's something else interesting attached to it. Drones, VR, OS development, low level network mobile/server stuff, reverse engineering, streaming video, speech-to-text, automatic cloud optimisation, deep tech, etc.

Ping me and we'll talk!

https://paulh.consulting or paul@bieh.net


- Software engineer with a master's degree in computer science and 11+ years of experience.

- Multifaceted skill set: full stack web and desktop application development, data engineering, computer science research, technical writing, graphic/UI/UX design, music production, etc.

- Java aficionado, but also a Jazz aficionado.

- Available for part-time contract work, in any of the aforementioned areas. Open to fractional CTO roles.

- Rate: $800-$1000/day, but prefer to quote on a per-project basis.

- Contact: https://shorturl.at/vxBN8 or georgejazzt@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCE WORK | System Engineer | Software Engineer

Location: The Netherlands/Spain

Remote: Yes, remote only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: 15+ years server administrator experience in Linux and Windows Server environments with a multitude of different technologies and applications.

6+ years software development experience in Objective-C, Java, Laravel PHP, Python, C, NodeJS, Swift, Shell scripting, Javascript.

I have built and run a webhosting and a VPN service. My experience helps me to connect the dots quickly and implement new technologies fast.

Résumé/CV: https://joosthoogendoorn.com

Email: Please see my website for contact information

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Any timezone

I'm Naum, software developer with 13 years of experience, of which 10 years as a freelancer.

Location: Remote only, I can adapt to any timezone.

Tech: PHP, Java, Javascript, CSS, SQL

Website: http://ekstrakt.mk

CV: http://ekstrakt.mk/CV_Naum_Taneski_2021.pdf

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ekstrakt/

email: naum.taneski@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Berlin,Germany| Full stack engineer

Hello! My name is Puru, and I am a freelance full stack engineer with a focus on back-end development. I have over 16 years of experience in working with fortune 100 to startup companies developing enterprise applications. If you need help with Java, Spring Boot and Angular, then I can be of help!

Technologies: Java 11, Spring Boot, Angular, Wildly,Keycloak, IAM, Stripe integration, Git, CircleaCI.

personal website: https://purushotham.me Email: purushred@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCE or SEEKING WORK, Brazil, Remote OK, c410.f3r (at) gmail.com

  Email: c410.f3r (at) gmail.com
  Location: Brazil
  Remote: Yes
  Résumé/CV: https://c410-f3r.github.io/curriculum.pdf
  Technologies: AngularJS, Assembly (x84_64),C, C++, Docker, Docker Compose, Ember.js, GCP, Golang, Java, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, NodeJS, PHP, Polkadot, PostgreSQL, Python, ReactJS, Rust, SQL Server, Smart Contracts, Solana, Solidity, Substrate, TypeScript, Vue.js
  Willing to relocate: No
Software engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and over ten years of experience in several technologies and programming languages. There are two fields where I mainly act: (1) DevOps; from database administration and data modelling to back-end programming or front-end design all the way to orchestrated deployment with latest tech and (2) Standalone software; involves embedded development in restrict environments, blockchain applications mostly related to Parity's Substrate and plain command-line interfaces.

On the open-source side of things, I regularly contribute to several projects, helping and communicating with other developers. Take a look at the available coding portfolio in my GitHub profile at https://github.com/c410-f3r where most public collaborations in the last five years were more focused on the Rust Programming Language ecosystem.

Over 40 certified courses have been completed and nine professional certifications that covers a wide range of areas were obtained from different organizations, e.g., Linux Foundation and the Blockchain Training Alliance. Learning is very important to keep up with both old and new technologies, my newest certification is the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect and more certifications will be earned over time.

In my last work experience I refactored, architected and developed many key parts of a Parachain always aiming for security, readability, robustness and maintainability, which contributed to two successful marketing campaigns. In addition to all this and to finish, I also created and deployed a brand new Relay Chain like Kusama or Polkadot for custom usage and testing.

SEEKING WORK | San Francisco or remote

I'm Joel, senior software developer, favoring Elixir & Phoenix, Svelte & JS/TS, Rust & Rocket. My GitHub has many of my code repos and leadership consulting repos. I'm happy to talk with you about your project.

Email: joel@joelparkerhenderson.com

GitHub: https://github.com/joelparkerhenderson

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joelparkerhenderson

Hi, My name is Wiqar, head of product manager at Wasmer. We are a WebAssembly company and our product is one of the leading server-side WebAssembly runtimes on the market. I am looking to hire someone with your exact requirements asap. Please use the following link to book a 15-minute meeting: https://hub.wasmer.io/meetings/wiqar

I look forward to speaking with you.

Thanks, Wiqar

SEEKING FREELANCER | Austin, TX | Remote (US) |

We are looking for a freelancer who has a history of doing web scraping projects in Python. This would be an ongoing engagement and the deliverable would either hook directly into our Django app, or be a JSON formatted file with a predefined target data schema. We want at least a year of experience so you can hop right in. Moonlighting or part-time works for us!

Reach out to me at cto+hn@parqhq.com with a short description of your experience doing this and any portfolio projects you can share (links, repos, project deliverables, etc.)


Tribe.ai is a community of top tier AI/ML folks who come together to work on interesting projects (mostly for growth startups but also a few public companies). Beyond that we really try to get together as a community and support one another with events, lunch and learn sessions, and a few people have gotten together to work on startup ideas.

If you're interested, please apply to join (only takes ~5 mins) https://www.tribe.ai/join


I'm a software engineer with a computer science degree and experience of 9 years ranging from global companies to national startups. My passion is to design and implement scalable architectures for distributed applications with state-of-the-art technologies.

JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Vue.js, Python, Java, .PHP, GraphQL, REST, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, MongoDB, Elastic, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker, Security, Architecture, UX, Product Development

CV available upon request

Email: yorgos.dimosthenous[at]gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCER | $8,000USD (negotiable)

I'm developing software to autogenerate lyric music videos with alignment models. Currently we're using Kaldi under the hood and need some help on training new Kaldi models especially with sung english words. Additionally, we have on-going work afterward for multi-lingual and many-language support in the same song. The first project is to develop a relationship and then work on bigger milestones.

Email: praful@aionthebeach.com with subject: "Kaldi Project Freelance Work"


ContentLab.io is a technical content marketing agency that creates content developers actually want to read. We're trusted by leading tech firms such as Microsoft, Adobe, HubSpot, GrapeCity, and more.

We're looking for writers with expertise in any of these areas:

Databases SREs Containers (Kubernetes, Docker) DevOps Monitoring, Logging, Tracing Security Java Python C++ Go

Check out our website to learn more and apply: https://contentlab.io./writeforus

Thank you!

SEEKING WORK | US | Remote only | Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility consultant: audits, remediation, workshops, accessibility strategy development

6+ years in web development. I can provide reports with actionable advice for fixing WCAG 2.1 issues, or perform remediation myself, whether you have a static site, React SPA, or Wordpress multisite behemoth.

Website: https://www.garnetconsultingpdx.com/technology/

Email: nome@garnetconsultingpdx.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | India | Full Stack Web and Mobile Developers, QA

We are a team of 5 devs and 1 QA who are available part time or full time available individually or as a team.

We have extensive experience with Building Web and Mobile Apps, automating tests and have a designer coming onboard soon.

Portfolio of our work done and CVs will be made available on request.

Tech Stack that we are familiar with - Javascript, React.js, Python, Django, GraphQL, Selenium, Scrapy, EndTest.io, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

Get in touch at varun.rathore@outlook.com.


I could use a helping hand on AnonyProxies.com, see the Github repo via the link on https://anonyproxies.com -


Alexander Schliker Facebook (co-Founder), Microsoft (co-Founder)


Location: european, running a development services company in china.

Technologies: Linux, frontend and backend webdevelopment, prototyping.

20 years experience with web development, offering web development services, developer training, mentoring and part-time CTO support for developers or junior CTOs. (fluent in english and german, learning dutch, french and chinese)

Email: see profile

I am also able to build up a development team for you in china to help you enter the chinese market or take advantage of resources in china.


  Location: Mexico
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Résumé: https://aloui.se/resume
  Email: email [at] aloui [dot] se
  Github: https://github.com/thelastinuit
  Technologies: Elixr, Rust, Ruby, PHP and JS


iOS + backend dev looking for part time freelance work (2-3 days per week)

Location: Bay Area, USA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Node.js, PHP, Golang, distributed systems

Résumé/CV: available on request

Email: shtopointo åt gmail døt com

12 years full time experience across the software stack

Most recent: team lead on distributed system handling 5k+ req/s, 99.98% uptime

Before that: team lead on iOS app, 1 million+ DAU

Currently full time employed, but looking to switch to a 2-3 day/week job, while using the remaining time to work on side-projects.

For you, and everyone else seeking work: it might be useful to get a sense of how much you would cost. Ballpark, range, etc, everything helps.

Must have missed this. Was there a requirement to specify this in the post?

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE (UK TIMEZONE) | Full Stack Typescript Developer I'm a full stack Typescript Developer, specializing in React and Electron applications. - I have over 5 years experience working on typescript / react applications.

Interested in fintech, video automation and blockchain, but open to any industries!

Daily rate of £600 ($819) per day - Happy to quote on a per project basis instead if you prefer.

Contact: dave [at] weatherall [dot] io

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Part-Time | Back-end

Location: Washington DC, United States

Remote: Yes

Availability: 15-20hrs/week

Technologies: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL, Python, Java, Azure, CI/CD

My name is Ari and I'm an ex-Microsoft software engineer currently pursuing a masters in Computer Science.

I have 3 years of experience shipping production quality code that's used by millions of users.

I work well on the back-end and never shy away from a legacy code base.

Feel free to reach out via email!

Email: alkorin452@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Seattle/Remote | Full Stack

I'm Zack, a full stack Web developer with experience in Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, and Wordpress. On the front-end I have experience with React/Redux and no-framework development. In my spare time I play around with low level graphics in C and fix vintage bikes.

Currently looking for part-time or short term projects.

https://zjm.me | z@zjm.me

SEEKING FREELANCER | Remote | Rails OR react OR Node

Hey, Forward is looking for 5 freelancers at the moment and are in particular in need of a) rails engineers and b) react engineers.

More info on us here:


and on the specific roles here:


Feel free to reach out directly to zach@forward

SEEKING WORK Location: Barcelona, Spain. Used to work in the US timezones.

Only remote (8 years already)

Technologies: Rust, TypeScript, Angular, Ionic

Résumé/CV: https://jamm.dev/resume.pdf / https://jamm.dev/cv.pdf Email: oz@jamm.dev

SEEKING WORK | Romania | Remote Senior Full Stack Developer

Email: me@bolocan.eu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petre-cosmin-vlad-bolocan/

Skills: C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET 5 rest API, Angular 2+, TypeScript, Angular.js, Javascript, MongoDB, Angular Material, PrimeNG

Location: NYC

Remote: Yes, please

Willing to relocate: nope

Technologies: Go, Python, JavaScript, PostgreSQL

Resume/CV: notes.eatonphil.com, github.com/eatonphil (I can give you a real one in email)

Email: phil@multiprocess.io

Past ten years I've been a dev or manager often at startups. Most recently a manager at Oracle. I mostly do web development (frontend, backend) professionally but I also enjoy writing compilers, parsers, interpreters, databases.


Software Engineer for Apple platforms

Location: Mountain View, CA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI, imperative UI frameworks like UIKit and AppKit

App Store apps: https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/austin-conlon/id11895089...

Email/iMessage: austinconlon@icloud.com


Spellbound is hiring a Front-end Engineer (React/HTML/CSS) at a competitive rate and flexible hours!

Spellbound is a stealth startup working on reinventing how businesses communicate. We’re backed by investors including the founders/CEOs of Github, Notion, Loom, Kayak, Ramp, and Product Hunt.

Email akshaya@spellbound.xyz with your resume/portfolio to apply.

Full stack developer

I have 10+ years of experience building both front facing and internal apps for fortune 100 - 500's. I build a lot of feature driven apps that often need to have flexible scale. Used to fast as well as medium paste environments.

STACK: python, JavaScript, css, Typescript, flask, FastAPI, Vue, SQL, Postgres, SQLite, Django, got, GitHub, gitlab

CONTACT: dillonko84[at]gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Remote | Any timezone

I'm Muhammad Sayed, Front-end developer with 4years of experience

Location: Remote , I can adapt to any timezone.

Tech: Javascript, CSS, Reactjs, Vuejs, Redux, Vuex, Bootstrap, Tailwindcss, Material-ui

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/muhammad-sayed-1001

email: muhammadsayed1001@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK | Germany | Remote only

Mechatronics engineering student looking for freelance projects involving PCB design and manufacture; also experienced with 3D printing and mechanical design - have a prototype or idea laying around but no time or clue how to turn it into a working board? Get in touch with me at danikinader@gmail.com


Location: Remote

iOS developer looking for new projects. Have experience with both Objective-C and Swift. http://nickpetrov.weebly.com/portfolio.html Feel free to get in touch at nickiosdev+hn@gmail.com for more info.


Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Looking for fractional CTO type role or lead developer. Ideally part time hours but we can discuss longer hours if needed.

Have experience in Rails, JS, React, Vue, Python, Node.js, etc.

Email: myhnusername @ protonmail.com

Serious inquiries only. My rate is north of $100/hr fyi.


We are a Javascript development team specialized in ReactJS and React Native technologies.

Tech Stack: ReactJS, React Native, Ruby on Rails.

- Email: hola@alamedadev.com

- Web: https://alamedadev.com


Location: Vilnius, Lithuania, EU

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: C/C++, Python, PostgreSQL, Embedded Linux, Qt, HMI and almost everything related with Open-Source Free Software

Resume/CV: https://simar.win/CV-Suszczynski-EN.pdf

Email: martin@simar.win


Experienced software developer, specializing in Clojure(script), Optaplanner and performance tuning of JVM applications.

I'm looking for part-time contracts in addition to current assignment, or full-time contracts after May 2022

SEEKING WORK | Remote | React.js, Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer looking for part time freelance work 15-20 h / week

Email: ryanbrew13@gmail.com

Resume: available on request

previously: frontend @ rose.ai (Raised $4.5mm)

currently: founder @ dialect.so, student @ Johns Hopkins University

SEEKING WORK | Mauritius | Remote

Fullstack Django developer with experience in devops.

Looking for opportunities in SaaS and CMS based projects.

Email me michael@confuzeus.com for a quick intro.


Location: Liverpool, England

Remote: Yes (Remote only)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET, SQL Server/MySQL/MongoDB/EventStoreDB/Redis, RabbitMQ/Kafka, CQRS/Event Sourcing, Azure/AWS.

Résumé/CV: http://cv.craigtp.co.uk

Email: craig [at] craigtp.co.uk

Hi. I'm Craig. I'm an experienced Senior Software Engineer, Systems Architect and Microsoft Certified Professional with a passion for software development.

I work primarily, but not exclusively, with Microsoft technologies and the .NET / .NET Core frameworks, leading complex and challenging enterprise software development projects to successfully deliver robust, secure, scalable and efficient software solutions, encompassing over 20 years of experience in the field.

I'm passionate about distributed systems design, CQRS and event sourcing and a proponent of domain-driven design to ensure that solutions are laser-focused on solving real business problems. I'm an open source enthusiast and advocate using the best and most appropriate tools available, providing for an effective and pragmatic solution that delivers genuine and quantifiable business value.

Throughout my career I've helped numerous businesses of varying sizes in varying industries get their technology investment right and I can do the same for you.

Recent projects include:

+ Successfully delivered large section of an ambitious project to re-engineer a number of monolithic applications to cloud-native, event-driven distributed services for a leading hospitality software provider as part of a company-wide effort to modernise entire software estate including training and mentoring staff on event-driven architecture and distributed system design.

+ Successfully designed & delivered large, global SaaS product to manage and automate music royalty collection and payment for one of the UK's largest and most demanding independent music publishers including full cloud geo-distribution & redundancy to ensure high availability & reliability for the worldwide client base.

+ Successfully lead project to develop industry leading anti-motor fraud web application and API with advanced OLAP & OLTP system and data warehouse including one of Europe's largest anti-fraud databases for a Top 40 UK law firm.

+ Successfully lead project to deliver a market-leading, best-of-breed corporate travel management web & desktop-based product suite for a company who, largely as a result of the technology, were later acquired in a multi-million pound deal.

SEEKING FREELANCER above auspices of ticket to gold, disabled to gold, golden ticket, etc.

Visit https://www.anonyproxies.com - there are a few things to make happen:

Create an auto-deploy section on the page that allows you to automatically deploy the service to a new cloud VPS for a service fee just like the other sections that say Subscribe Now. This needs to be part of the API which is located at https://anonyproxies.com/api/ (django-rest-framework). The API url mentioned and its functions just needs some configuration to resolve any kind of Internal Server Error and it needs setup to ensure it runs using a database like MySQL (settings can be places in live.py of anonyapi repo located at https://bitbucket.org/anonysurfer/anonyapi/. The section and the configuration modal that you generate allows the person to at any moment in the future specify custom advertisement javascript code or any javascript code at the top of the A2, Glype, PHProxy, PHProxy++ pages assuming the user is logged in (use a "Config" button that opens up a modal where this can be configured using our API). The "Config" button and its modal also allows the user to specify if they want their deployment to be part of the mirrors, a DNS domain name option where they can provide a domain name (otherwise we provide them automatically with a domain subdomain of anonyproxies.com and anonyproxi.es [an alias of anonyproxies.com])

VPN sections need to be configured and a .sh script needs to be generated to automatically setup the VPN and proxy options that are offered on https://anonyproxies.com

Login functionality needs to be setup so that people can login to the /secure/ URL with some kind of secure cookie and also login to the individual sections

PhoneGap application needs to be deployed (the code is already there, just needs to be compiled) with more clear instructions for setting everything up at https://bitbucket.org/anonysurfer/anonyproxiesgap/ - an .apk file, Apple Store file, Microsoft Store file needs to be generated and uploaded to the PhoneGap repository at https://bitbucket.org/anonysurfer/anonyproxiesgap/

If logged in to both the anonygap and anonyweb apps from github.com/anonyproxies/ - sections on the page need to show, based on what was paid for in particular whatever VPN or proxy details are necessary to use the application.


Email me: founders@anonyproxies.com

A few thousand lines of code and I'll add you as a co-Founder to AnonyProxies :)

A few major contributions and you can join the team page at https://anonyproxies.com/team.php


Alexander Schliker

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE SR Software Architect / SR Full Stack Engineer with Golang/Kubernetes Focus

  Location: Berlin, Germany
  Remote: at least 70%
  Remote availability: Worldwide
  Current preferences:
  Kubernetes, Golang, Kubernetes Operators, Ci/CD, Containers and automating everything
  Willing to travel: yes
  Willing to relocate: no
  Languages: German (Native), English (Fluent)
  LinkedIn: www.hoelzel.it
  Github: https://github.com/jhoelzel
  E-Mail: hn [at] hoelzel.it
Hey I am Johannes and I talk to humans and machines!

I grew up with the internet, uploaded my first websites to geocities, was tech-admin of a lot of bulletin boards and have been doing professional code since 2003. After trying to build my first start-up in 2006 I realised that they just won’t come only because I built it. Therefore, I have a bachelor economical psychology, which helps me immensely with team leadership but also allows me to view the product from multiple perspectives.

Since then I have been freelancing with the exceptions of 6 years where I have been exclusively working with one of germanies biggest conference companies to establish their internal and external tech products as well as their IT department. This was the beginning of leading and hiring diverse international teams for me, therefore kanban, scrum and design thinking are not foreign to me. Some I have even taught to clients, when I wear my consultant hat.

That hat also enables me to train others in what I have learned, makes me easygoing as a person and also not afraid of talking to other departments or clients. Overall I have 7 years of hands on (mid level) CTO experience but never really stoped coding since I was 11. I currently specialise in Golang, Kubernetes and how to best make them work together. I write minimal containers with distroless, build clusters from scratch, know my GitOps (also how to set them up) and currently like to play with the kubernetes api directly through the official go-client or the operator sdk among much more. I believe the kubernetes API is the actual key to multitenant deployments as well as more refined scaling techniques.

I started working when Servers where still mostly dedicated, have lived the revolution of virtual servers, made a short stop at serverless tech and am now invested in the kubernetes ecosystem and its containers. My preferred cloud is AWS, but I have worked on others and also like to tame bare-metal and everything in-between. I love solving difficult issues and do most of my work in development containers.

All this makes me perfect if you are looking for someone with seniority, that is flexible, plays well with others but also likes to get his hands dirty.


  Fullstack (Frontend, Backend, APIs, Daemons, Deployments, CLI)
  Favorites: Golang, JavaScript, PHP
  Cloud / X-Cloud : AWS, Azure, Hetzner, OVH, Bare-Metal
  Databases: MySQL , MSSQL, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, SQLite, Redis
  DevOps: Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Bash, Rancher, ArgoCD
  Server: Kubernetes, Docker (Swarm), Bare-Metal, Fargate, Serverless
  Windows Server, Windows Network, Active Directory
  Location networking, VPN (Wireguard, Software, MS-VPN)
  Jira / Redmine / Trello

> Hey I am Johannes and I talk to humans and machines!

Dear Johannes, you should know that you're great at marketing, too! One of the best headlines I've seen in a while :)

It might be helpful to mention where you are usually located, so people that want to hire you have a sense of the timezone you work in.

Dear Simone,

sorry for only now seeing this and thank you for the compliment =)

as for the location, I am currently located in Berlin, Germany or in the CET timezone, which means that for instance San Francisco is regularly in my timeline from 07 to 10 am. https://24timezones.com/difference/san_francisco/berlin

For the eastcost its even better as 8 am to 1 pm for them =) https://24timezones.com/difference/new_york/berlin

In General though, this has not created issues for me yet. I would even propose that it is an advantage, because I get stuff done before you get up, which, in most cases ;), means that I can make your morning better by reporting in.


This looks like spam. This thread is for individuals seeking work, not for agency ads. I suggest you remove your post and never post again.

SEEKING WORK | US | Remote - Software boutique with experts in Python/Django, Javascript/React, and UI/UX design.

Hi I’m Artur, from Labcodes. We’re a software boutique based in Brazil. We’re results-driven and internationally recognized for our 7+ years of partnership with US companies.

We’re experts in Python/Django, Javascript/React, and UI/UX design. Our team is comfortable working together and has a strong engineering culture, which is hard and expensive to build on an internal team.

I know that engaging with an external company, even more if we reach you out on a cold approach, is risky, so I’ll leave some links with social proof of our knowledge and experience here.

Talks we gave in major Python/Django conferences https://lab.codes/talks

Client reviews https://lab.codes/clutch-reviews

React open-source libs we maintain https://github.com/labcodes/react-redux-api-tools https://github.com/labcodes/rel-events

Design portfolio https://lab.codes/design-portifolio

email me if you’re interested in doing business or get to know more about us: artur@labcodes.com.br

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