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Show HN: An AWS Savings Plans Calculator (cloudshim.com)
45 points by mickeyt500 48 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Hello HN, We created an AWS Savings Plans calculator. A simple calculator to determine how much Compute or EC2 Savings plan commitment is required for your use case.

AWS computes your Savings Plans recommendation in the cost explorer. However, in some cases, there will be No Recommendations for any selection of options. Possible causes could be due to:

- The average On-Demand spend of the EC2s is less than $0.10/hour

- The EC2s are not on 100% utilization (i.e., not running 24/7)

- The EC2s have partial or complete coverage with RIs

In these cases, you can still leverage the flexibility and discounts that Savings Plans offer, but this will require manually calculating the commitment necessary. This is where the calculator comes in handy. The calculator will allow you to:

- Calculate total EC2/Compute Savings Plans commitment for 1-year or 3-year commitments

- Mix and aggregate calculations for different regions and instance families

- Specify the quantities and Utilization (On-demand hours) to ensure you do not over-commit

- Give you a visual breakeven point for your use case

We'd love to hear about any feedback, ideas, or questions you might have!

Thanks for this! There's a lot be said for filling in the gaps and majing use cases and value propositions dirt-simple to calculate and share.

Thank you :)

How is your calculator better than aws own tools?

Would you be referring to their pricing page or AWS pricing calculator? Assuming it's later, the AWS pricing calculator displays only 100% utilization Savings Plans rates and doesn't display breakevens. These are useful when determining how much to commit.

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