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Ask HN: How to approach finding a relocation offer abroad?
2 points by cursedclock 59 days ago | hide | past | favorite
I'm interested in hearing your experience and advice on how someone from outside the EU would go about finding an entry/junior level job with visa/relocation sponsorship in Europe. More specifically:

- How much of an investment is a visa sponsorship from the company's standpoint? Is it something that is only really done for senior employees?

- Is there a specific subset of companies that are more likely to be open to relocation? In terms of company size, country, area of work, etc...

Any firsthand experience from a recruiter's point of view would also be greatly appreciated.

A bit of background information about myself for those who would like to give more specific answers. - graduating with Associate's in CE this spring - about 1yr work experience mostly in devops/cloud and some in SE - interested in cloud/infrastructure and maybe shifting towards development in this area in the future - from sanctioned country, Iran (so remote work isn't possible in most cases)

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