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Ask HN: Product Owner lacking Numbers, problem?
3 points by anotheryou 51 days ago | hide | past | favorite
Throughout my career I had too little exposure to metrics.

How do I change that?

My current job: B2B2C with few but big customers, currently a merge happening with lots of integration work, no focus on metrics. I tried to push for them since a year now, but there is also slight feature creep and a general lack of focus causing various other priorities.

How problematic is it for my career?

With my last job search I already felt inadequately experienced in that topic, even though I'm generally good at numbers and would love to track some stats.

What kept me away from metrics in my old jobs:

- B2B2C Startup 1: feature creep (made me quit), boss did not want to implement tracking. Did at least do qualitative testing observing users.

- B2B2C Startup 2 (freshly acquired): with low customer numbers, ever moving targets (ultimately made me quit again).

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