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Ask HN: How do you keep track of your reading queue (books)?
4 points by igammarays 57 days ago | hide | past | favorite
I usually have about 20+ books in my open reading queue at any given time, on various formats and devices, from paperbacks to eBooks and PDFs. There are entire collections I intend to read thoroughly and completely in my lifetime, like the European classics and the Western Canon, and then there are other books which I quickly pick up and discard or peruse for value (like Tyler Cowen's method of reading fast)[1].

I would like a simple app or workflow to keep track of reading progress across all my books. Maybe academic papers and articles as well. It should offer quick progress percentages at a glance, perhaps even an iOS widget, and be quick to input new books and update reading progress.

I've tried the iOS apps "https://readinglist.app", "http://leio.co" and Bookly, currently using ReadingList.app and am pretty happy, but would love to hear what you guys are using.

[1] https://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2006/12/how_to_read_fas.html

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