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Show HN: Free email alias to hide your real email and organize accounts (locke.id)
21 points by connorpeters 50 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

With no written privacy policy or TOS, I'd be reluctant to use this.

Second that. Email is insecure, so whose eyes can see it is my first thought.

Thanks for the comment, currently they're hosted on S3 but I toyed around with the idea of having a downloadable application that syncs the emails to your own device and deletes them from the server. Is that something you'd find valuable for the sake of privacy?

I will work to address the TOS soon, good thinking.

Having my own domain I tend to just make up email addresses as I need them. Not too anonymous though, given whois. Anonymity has not been a issue for me I suppose.

Hacked this together on AWS over the last few weeks, please let me know if you find any bugs or get any value from the project! Also any tips for more clearly communicating how it works and the value it provides would be appreciated, I've found it difficult to explain to some of my less technically inclined friends.

I'm a happy https://simplelogin.io user. Seems much more feature rich than this service?

There is also https://anonaddy.com which is open-source and has a great free plan

Thanks for the links, wasn't aware of these products until now. Will have to checkout their services more but does seem to be the same in essence.

There's also DuckDuckGo Email, if you have a DDG account: https://duckduckgo.com/email/

Email aliases don't work any longer, since super smart companies like Google and Microsoft will treat any forwarded spam as original spam and will then consider the forwarding server to be a spam server.

Not sure that this is actually forwarding, but with no way to find out except using it, I'm just going to guess that it is based on the description on the site.

It's not actually forwarding, it's sending a new email with the same content. I haven't seen any issues with them going to spam but definitely a concern of mine.

Nice project! But I would be a little concerned not to be able to bring my own domain name. I would not want to update all my accounts where I have used the alias in case your project stops working some day.

Thanks! That is a very reasonable concern, hopefully won't be an issue but you never know. Perhaps at some point I will add that feature to ensure people don't get locked out in some unforeseen circumstance in the future.

Please consider a less cool but more neutral domain/TLD.

Hi thanks for the comment! What do you mean by "more neutral domain"? What is non-neutral about locke.id?

I think the author of the reply means a domain that reads something like, beautifulsunnycloudmail.com - so it looks inconspicuous (or rather unflaggable?) compared to the words "lock" and "id"

Ah gotcha, good point! Something for me to consider moving forward.

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