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Absolutely in love with Pulumi. I had to pleasure of interning at Amazon, where the AWS CDK was used extensively. I greatly enjoyed using typescript to define infra, as opposed to the two (that I know of) alternatives:

- use terraform: I’m not a fan of terraform because HCL just feels like, to me, advanced YAML. No type checking, and while it was a step up from not using iac, I felt like I had to scour external documentation (which is fine) and forgo all the wonderful ways VSCode allows you to look at documentation inside the app.

- use the AWS console: very painful for anything larger than small.

The only negative, to me, of using AWS CDK is that I’m not able to use cloudflare offerings - which is why I use Pulumi for my personal projects.

I wrote about this topic here, if you want to take a deeper look:


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