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Norway, too. You can see that they start to ramp up the price slowly a month or two before. At least here, we have laws against bogus sales - you have to sell so and so many items for the "normal" price, or have them listed for a certain period, before you can put them on such sales.

Not sure how much these (marketing) laws are enforced, though. Some 10 years ago, when everyone and their sister tried their hand at drop-shipping, you'd get drowned by these "99% sale" ads, where people would try to sell AliExpress watches/jackets/etc. for $100-$200, with some ridiculous before price. ("Before: $5000 - Now: $100", etc.)

Oh wow. 5000 to just 100! Reminds me of that south park episode

"These are genuine faux sapphire earrings.

14-carat gold, 86-carat faux sapphire.

Faux is French.

It's got an X in it, but you don't pronounce it.

How do you like that for prestigious?"

You joke but I recently heard a term "original copy" going around in my wife's circle. Turns out, that term is to signify something that is a near-perfect copy of a designer item. These are not cheap either; they sell for at least 20x the price of a "non-original copy" i.e. inferior fake.

Some years ago a friend (who I've slipped out of contact with since) who was into fashion to the point it might be called an obsession, used the term “original copy” to specifically refer to side copies, made in the same factory as the actual original, likely by the same workers, off the record, with excess materials from the end of an official production run (or simply stolen, sorry “redirected”, materials). Sometimes items would have minor defects (maybe those were official originals that failed a QA inspection?), often there would be nothing detectable different from the “real thing” apart from maybe a missing care label or such.

Sounds like the term has become a bit more general, going by the interpretation you've experienced.

There is a "nearby" Shoe Industrial Area, in the major city I work. And in the city centre, you can see a lot of low cost shoe shops selling shoe-ware that came from "excess production" to luxury Italian brands. You can get real nice deals there, but you have to be careful if you are buying actual excess or just something that did not pass QA (which are most)

Huh I never knew about this angle - thanks for sharing.

"Original X for iPhone" or something like that has been a thing for many years. Miss the for (if you don't know the language very well, like many shoppers from around here for example), and you're screwed.

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