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Fibers!!! Who wants to bet we are a few releases away from async/await syntax now. Giving credit where it’s due Microsoft with C# pioneered the syntax and every classic (including a few modern) language has adopted the syntax.

I believe we are a few steps away from a fully builtin production ready server and db connection support.

I think the hope here is that you don't need async/await syntax. The fiber implementation is supposed to abstract over both sync and async implementations.

What usecase would async/await have in day to day PHP use?

I can see it being a boon for the esoteric stuff like ReactPHP, but for a regular MVC site it just seems like a unnecessary complication?

In JS land, it atleast makes interacting with the event loop and NOT blocking the UI thread easier.

Async/await isn’t something to hope for. It’s a terrible pattern languages should work hard to avoid.

Care to explain why?

"Async-await is nice, which is why we’re adding it to Dart. It makes it a lot easier to write asynchronous code. You know a “but” is coming. It is. But… you still have divided the world in two. Those async functions are easier to write, but they’re still async functions.

"You’ve still got two colors. Async-await solves annoying rule #4: they make red functions not much worse to call than blue ones. But all of the other rules are still there: ..."

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