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My brain is apparently poisoned, I thought for sure this was about financial hedging, or maybe brexit as a hedge against the rest of Europe, or some other political-economy hot-take garbage.

Anyways, glad it's about plants. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

>Anyways, glad it's about plants.

confused me, what with there being nothing about foreign agents being used to manipulate the media, but then I realized it was about vegetative matter. :)

> then I realized it was about vegetative matter

Manipulating vegetative matter into homogeneous shapes. Not entirely dissimilar then?

On topic... While we still have a lot, we have also lost a lot of our hedgerows to commercial farming practices. So Britain aren't exactly great examples either. These are supposedly insect habitats - insects which have all but vanished in recent years which will no doubt have a large ecological impact.

Same. Was quietly excited about some subtle-but-numerate upside of the Brexit long arc that, err, I hadn't seen yet, but no we're talking about the bits between fields (which are great I guess).

I thought at first this was about hedge in the linguistic sense (which is closest in meaning to "humble" of all the senses of that word)

Hedging is one word that does not coming to mind when it comes to British government.

"Buy cheap buy twice" as the saying goes.

Yeah. I thought Britian bought a lot of BTC to hedge against inflation.

You're not alone in this twisted mind universe

Captain Pump 'n Dump reporting for duty!

Sorry, the pandemic has made me be more on the internet and HN is only 30 to 60 articles long.

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