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I use their images locally with Qemu, here's an example of an address to a qcow2 image:

How does one find these links you might ask? Well, I haven't found a nice way other than this:

Find the AMIs (newest last)

$ aws ec2 describe-images --region eu-west-1 --owners amazon --filters 'Name=name,Values=amzn2-ami-hvm-*-x86_64-gp2' 'Name=state,Values=available' --output json | jq -r '.Images | sort_by(.CreationDate)'

      "Architecture": "x86_64",
      "CreationDate": "2021-11-09T04:50:55.000Z",
      "ImageId": "ami-09d4a659cdd8677be",
      "ImageLocation": "amazon/amzn2-ami-hvm-2.0.20211103.0-x86_64-gp2",
      "ImageType": "machine",
      "Public": true,
      "OwnerId": "137112412989",
      "PlatformDetails": "Linux/UNIX",
      "UsageOperation": "RunInstances",
      "State": "available",
      "BlockDeviceMappings": [
          "DeviceName": "/dev/xvda",
          "Ebs": {
            "DeleteOnTermination": true,
            "SnapshotId": "snap-0f312650dadc31d95",
            "VolumeSize": 8,
            "VolumeType": "gp2",
            "Encrypted": false
      "Description": "Amazon Linux 2 AMI 2.0.20211103.0 x86_64 HVM gp2",
      "EnaSupport": true,
     "Hypervisor": "xen",
      "ImageOwnerAlias": "amazon",
      "Name": "amzn2-ami-hvm-2.0.20211103.0-x86_64-gp2",
      "RootDeviceName": "/dev/xvda",
      "RootDeviceType": "ebs",
      "SriovNetSupport": "simple",
      "VirtualizationType": "hvm"
From the information returned you have to stich the version numbers and filenames into this format:

And if you did it right, you can now download the file.

https://cdn.amazonlinux.com/os-images/latest/ exists too.

You'll also find VirtualBox, Hyper-V and VMWare ready images in there.

(and also arm64 ones)

The latest Amazon Linux and Windows AMIs are available as public SSM parameters:


ISTR there’s also an SNS topic you can subscribe to if you want to do something automatically on new AMI release.

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