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I haven't written PHP in years but I get the feeling from this release that they are taking inspiration from TypeScript and JavaScript.

They take inspiration from everything! I think that's one of the most interesting aspects of PHP design since version 5.0 is that they sort of unpretentiously take the good concept and syntax ideas from any language that has them.

Definitely some JS influence plus a little Swift and Java. PHP seems to be evolving faster than it has in years

It's actually becoming a problem keeping pace with PHP major updates

PHP isn't Linux with its strict "never break userspace" dogma - but for real, a PHP version upgrade should not be that bad to follow.

I think 8.0 had a bunch of relatively major/annoying breaking changes, but that's the first time since the 5.x era.

They did give deprecation warnings in various version 7 releases, so they didn't come out of nowhere. (Not that you said they did, but for the purpose of other readers.)

That's a funny thing to say, considering those took inspiration from other languages.

they all lifted stuff from ml/scheme in the 80s

Probably FB’s Hack and similar efforts were influences first, since they predate the rise of TS.

On the other hand, though, PHP’s always tended to be a borrowing language that accumulates features from elsewhere, so there probably is some TS influence.

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