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The Gender Gap in Censorship Support (psychologytoday.com)
18 points by mpweiher 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Well, perhaps suppressing women was the right decision after all. (Obviously you are completely free to find that suggestion offensive, do you think conflict aversion is the correct choice here?).

> it likely is motivated—at least in part—by desires to protect others from harm

That might be the motivation, but that doesn't help against conflicts at all. On the contrary you are not solving animosity that way. Some conflicts are inevitable and it will only lead to a more severe escalation if you enforce some form of fake harmony nobody really agrees with.

To be honest, we should listen more to the women that run counter the majority of their sex in my opinion.

> some scientific findings should be censored because they are too dangerous

For example? I think there is a problem that scientific findings are often read as a guideline, a field very susceptible to this is economics, but also some social sciences. You are also free to not subject yourself to offensive ideas, but please not in an environment that is in search for knowledge.

Freedom and equality collide at some point. A society can and should set a lower border in participation. But not valuing freedom of expression in an academic setting is juvenile.

On the 2nd point, this talk mentions scientific findings that were unpublished because they were too dangerous; and it had nothing to do with political correctness: https://www.ted.com/talks/zeynep_tufekci_we_re_building_a_dy...

(I'd give you the exact timestamp, but I am on a mobile network at the moment)

I don't believe it to be restricted to that and this special case to be more of a marketing gag.

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