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Ask HN: Black Friday/Cybermonday deals for hackers?
55 points by 3by7 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments
I tend to buy most of my yearly subscriptions and learning materials during Black Friday. Are you aware of deals that may be particularly interesting this year? I’m particularly interested on those coming from independent creators as those tend to be less known outside their circles, but anything is fair game.

I'm a self-published author and these are my offers till end of this month:

1) "Practice Python Projects" (https://learnbyexample.gumroad.com/l/py_projects/blackfriday) ebook is free (normal price $10)

2) "Learn by example Python bundle" (https://learnbyexample.gumroad.com/l/python-bundle/blackfrid...) is $2 (normal price $12) - three ebooks titled "Python re(gex)?", "100 Page Python Intro" and "Practice Python Projects"

3) "All Books Bundle" (https://learnbyexample.gumroad.com/l/all-books/blackfriday) is $5 (normal price $22) - includes all three Python books mentioned in the bundle above and eight other books on regular expressions and CLI one-liners


I know a couple of blog posts by indie creators with their own sales and links to other programming deals:

* https://treyhunner.com/2021/11/python-black-friday-and-cyber...

* https://www.blog.pythonlibrary.org/2021/11/24/python-black-f...

Grammarly - 55% off on the first payment

Pro Writing Aid - 50% recurring off - https://prowritingaid.com/en/App/Purchase

Coursera Plus $1 for the first month - https://www.coursera.org/courseraplus/special/cyber2021

Pluralsight 40% off - https://www.pluralsight.com/offer/2021/bf-cm-40-off

O'Reilly / Safari online, 40% discount, use CYBERSAVINGS21 - https://www.oreilly.com/

Apress - https://www.apress.com/us/shop/cybermonday-sale

NoStarch Press, 35% off + free shipping, use BLACKFRIDAY35 - https://nostarch.com/blog/2021-holiday-gift-guide (not affiliated with any of these)

This is the biggest infosec-focused collection I've seen https://github.com/0x90n/InfoSec-Black-Friday.

My shameful promotion to level up your SSH tunneling and port redirection game:

* $10 for the interactive lab - The Cyber Plumber's Lab Guide and Access https://opsdisk.gumroad.com/l/cphlab/blackfriday2021

* The accompanying book is free: https://github.com/opsdisk/the_cyber_plumbers_handbook

There's a collection of deals from indie makers, collected by Marie Ng, at https://indiemakerblackfri.glide.page/dl/d0a5f4/s/d0a5f4

And the Twitter thread where it started: https://twitter.com/threehourcoffee/status/14609177735848960...

Also, full disclosure (and shameless self-promotion;)), I have a deal listed in that collection. My book "Make the most of AWS Lambda with Go" is 50% off with this link: http://kevinmcconnell.gumroad.com/l/lambda-go-book/sale

The page doesn’t seem to load on iOS?

I get the top bar and the bottom “Made with Glide” button, and otherwise a white screen.

I'm seeing that now too.

Refreshing the page seems to make it load properly (for me, at least) so, while not ideal, at least there is a way to work around the problem.

PentesterLab has a special for Black Friday: https://pentesterlab.com/pro

Covert Instruments (by the guy behind the LockPickingLawyer) has awesome offers for hackers who require physical access :) https://covertinstruments.com/collections/black-friday

Parallels Desktop is 20% off. They have support for the M1 Macs, and there's an ARM port of Windows (you have to register for it), and of course various permutations of Linux support ARM.

I'm an independent creator working mostly with Python, and I have 40% OFF of the Python Problem-Solving Bootcamp (https://mathspp.com/pythonbootcamp) through Black Friday.

Everything else I have is just free, like my Pydon'ts book (https://pydonts.com).

VisualSitemaps | Autogenerate Visual Sitemaps of any public or private website.

---- OUR $99 LIFETIME DEAL ---- https://visualsitemaps.com/black-friday/?utm_source=HN&utm_m... ----

___LTD Reviews & FAQs: http://appsumo.com/visualsitemaps

PortSwigger(creators of BurpSuite) certification cost was reduced to £6.


Lifetime pass for Plex for £71.24 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/plex-lifetime-pass-25-off-3...

I'm an independent creator running a deal (50% off the 1st year, and there's a generous free tier too):


> Checkbot is a Chrome extension that finds website SEO, speed and security problems before your users do. Test 100s of pages at a time including local development sites to stop critical issues going live.

Plotapi (https://plotapi.com) has its 20% off sale running... it's independent :) focus is on creating beautiful and interactive visualisations

LowEndBox / LowEndTalk have some VPS deals

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