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I‘m from Europe and never been to SF, but imo taxation isn’t necessarily needed. Instead the „american dream“ should be adjusted. Not every human needs their own family home. Build more apartment complexes.

I’ve recently seen in a youtube video by the NYT that there are actual lobbies against changing low density housing zones to high density housing zones: https://youtu.be/hNDgcjVGHIw?t=253

I’d recommend to give it a watch :)

Imo the soviet apartment complexes are a good idea. I live in one as well (Germany), and I can afford rent without hassle.

I also live in Germany and pay low rent, but keep in mind this is because the contract isn't new and rent/tenants rights are highly regulated in Germany. If you tried to rent a new apartment in Berlin/Hamburg/Munich/any of the attractive cities with jobs today you'd pay a lot more in rent than you do on an old contract.

One must want to live in Soviet apartment complex. I saw them in ex Soviet Union states, I saw them and lived there in Germany. They were in better shape in Germany. But personally I like wealthier neighborhoods with more Germans living there.

To be clear: the lobby against such high density buildings is the neighborhood itself.

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