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Centrist Dems sink Biden’s nominee for top bank regulator (axios.com)
2 points by walterbell 63 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Inevitable headlines like “Former Soviet communist Democrat champions leftist banking reforms” cannot be a good thing for Democrats or for the reform proposals themselves. There’s got to be someone without that particular baggage that the Democrats can advance, no matter how qualified Omarova is. She’s an academic and can always advise…

The opponents to Democrats are always going to find some baggage or other to complain about, even if they have to invent it. So they can't let the baggage by itself rule people out. Republicans would never vote for this candidate, regardless of their background.

It does mean that they need to find somebody who's universally tolerable among Democrats, which is a very tall order. In this case, they're not objecting to her background, but to her policies against large banks. They'll object to anybody with those policies, regardless of their baggage. So it comes down to a matter of negotiating who can be made acceptable to a party who has to act unanimously.

That is an immensely complicated intra-party matter of persuasion, negotiation, horse-trading, and occasionally bullying. Sometimes the administration will win; sometimes they'll lose. But they can't afford to write off everybody that Republicans think has "baggage", because Republicans will never vote for them and so there's nothing to negotiate with. They'll start instead with people the administration thinks are qualified, and do the hard work from there.

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