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mapehe 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite

> Nobody cared about the tech then, nobody really cares about the tech now.

Agreed, out of 1000 people who want to talk about crypto, maybe 1 is the cryptography PhD who is in it for the tech, and everyone else is trying to get rich before the whole thing pops.

Fairly content-less article, but with that headline I'm not surprised it's at the top of the front page.

> Oh, by the way, even though climate change is a very real existential threat for our species, we are spending a country's worth of electricity on meaningless SHA-256s, because we're too greedy to quit.

Some cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs are more useless and waste more energy than others.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and some of them will be abandoned. Thus, as painfully admitted by the author, it is getting harder for them to ignore it; hence this rant.

> If you can trust your government and your banks to a reasonable degree, it's much simpler to run things the centralized way.

Then, the $2,699,580,856,745 [1] question is, do you trust your government and banks to a reasonable degree?

Looks like a lot of people have voted with their wallets.

[1] At time of writing, market cap of all known cryptocurrencies/tokens on Coingecko.

> Looks like a lot of people have voted with their wallets.

Hmm, but is the vote they are casting "I don't trust my government" or "Give me big ROIs"

Market cap doesn't mean anything without knowing the number of shares available as well as who's holding them.

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