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Getting Started with Reverb Design, Part 1: Dev Environments (valhalladsp.com)
77 points by donbrae 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

Ooooh. Very excited to see Valhalla DSP on Hacker News. Sean makes some of the best algorithmic reverb plugins in the game, AND he sells them at a very accessible price. I can't wait to dig into these articles.

Here are some more reverb papers and implementations I gathered last year, while implementing reverb on Daisy Patch (an open source Eurorack module) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nfHcryicc1vz42BaoLtJ06Ac...

I'm a bit into EuroRack but I don't remember hearing about Daisy Patch - sounds really cool. Thank you for the shared doc, a treasure trove of interesting references!

This is great, I've been building questionable quality software for more than a decade, and run a team (10-20 people depending on year) for some churches on and off for about the same amount of time - the technical side of reverb & associated FX has always intrigued me.

ICYMI: Valhalla is essentially the de facto in reverb plugins

Srsly. I use Vintage Verb over stock reverb 99% of the time (usually just set to mode: "Dirty Hall" + time: "Now"). Sounds fantastic. Their UIs are simple, to the point, have tooltips on hover, and are built using vector graphics so you can scale the plugins to whatever size you want. And they're already M1 compatible and don't have shit like iLok ruining my day.

Valhalla is the model VST developer that err body should take notes from. In another life I'd have paid more attention to my electrical engineering courses so I could actually work at companies like this but what can you do.

Valhalla does one thing very well…super long ambient reverb. It’s pretty overrated IMO. The best reverb all around? For me, that title belongs to EastWest Spaces 2. It’s an impulse response reverb and is very realistic. Altiverb is another excellent reverb in this category. For algorithmic reverb, Fabfilter Pro-R takes the cake, IMO.

Not sure I understand the point of describing a free plugin as "overrated" if it does at least one thing very well. I don't think many would even agree that it's limited to one good reverb function.

They aren't free plugins. I think it's fair to say they are overrated if people are suggesting they are the "de facto" reverb makers. It would be more reasonable to say that they are one of the top reverb designers. There are a lot of really high quality verbs out there in many different styles.

Happen to know what model it uses? (I have a background in DSP, including plugin design, but I'm also maybe 5-10 years out of date with whatever's current SOTA)

There is a part 2 on the blog with some algorithms references, and a part 4 with books :)

And a Part 3 with online resources:)

This is gold. Valhalla's reverbs are the best around.

I agree with the article being gold. Not so much on them being the best around. We’re lucky to have so so many outstanding reverb plugins available as musicians. They’re definitely in the upper levels though!

What would you consider as being the best around?

I had been thinking about building a reverb in max. Thanks for sharing!

Also Valhalla's supermassive is one of my favorite reverbs.

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