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Distributed Authorization and Wayfair’s Supply Chain (aboutwayfair.com)
37 points by gneray 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

The author seems to be using Monolith and Monorepo interchangeably, when they are not.

This sentence "With that, Wayfair decided to split the monorepo into smaller microservices" makes little sense.

The main reason most people have monorepos in the first place is because they have smaller microservices, and to facilitate working on them as a unit.

You can certainly have a monolith in a monorepo.

Yes, but you would split a monolith into smaller microservices. It's inaccurate language to say you'd split a monorepo into smaller microservices (as GP describes), that's a conflation of two different but related concepts.

Surely that's just a repo?

As I read this post, I was really looking forward to learning how they productionized it, as that seems like that is where the rubber meets the road (and where the complexities and dragons lie).

But all I got was "Oso helped us out" :( .

Is there something Python specific about the Oso project or just seemed like a good fit?

Seems like they have bindings for several languages, but I think Python was the first language they supported

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