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Is this Hamilton, Ontario, Canada?! Unclear

Also, Josh Jones, the founder of DreamHost? wow. heh

Edit: Sorry, because I read it on outline/archive I didn't see the glaring Hamilton Spectator logo at top and related Canada nav. Thanks

Yes, the same Josh Jones.

He also created bitcoinbuilder.com, which among other things, brokered the sale of people holding Mt. Gox bitcoin after it collapsed. If you held bitcoin on Mt. Gox, you could sell it to him and he then resold those rights.

Now that it looks like there is a settlement coming next year, he is still sitting on a mountain of coin.

Pretty amazing that he got hacked. He is super technical. In other words, it can happen to the best of us.

It is in the text as well.

> Jones first reported the theft to the Los Angeles FBI, who then brought in other U.S. and Canadian agencies as the investigation grew.

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