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Does anyone know where there are screenshots of this on the website? I like to see how a desktop looks before I try a new distro. Seems absent on the site

From what I understand of alpine, it's commonly used for Docker images to provide a lightweight distro for your apps vs using something like ubuntu or debian which may include more than what's required.

I don't believe it's intended to be used in a desktop environment, but I could be wrong.

This is false; you can install a variety of DEs from the repos.

Got it. Thanks for correcting me!

Yes, it's defintely used for Dockerizing apps. I've Dockerized several Ruby, Node and Elixir apps using Alpine at work.

Alpine is more of a command-line distro. It's compact design and lack of many dependencies make it ideal for virtual servers and containers. Personally I've been eyeing it for an install on a small ARM board as a music streaming server, which it seems quite suitable for. In this case I would still connect to it over the network, still with no GUI or desktop.

Alpine is a bare bones / DIY distro (like Arch); it'll look like whatever DE you install.

You can install any Desktop Environment you want.

You can do that in any distro. I think the OP refers to the fact that, usually the distro supplies some default config files for the DE which makes it look distro specific.

... except that it's command-line by default, so the DEs has whatever Gnome/KDE decided them to look (rather than adding wallpapers and such).

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