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It's easy to steal bitcoin (for some definition of easy).

The hard part is cashing it out. As Breaking Bad used to say, what criminals want is to pay taxes on their criminal proceeds.

Here is my guide for laundering Bitcoin https://capitalgram.com/posts/how-to-money-launder-bitcoin/ - it should give some useful tips.

Anyone using your guide will be caught if the FBI goes after them.

Your guide basically says use Binance/OTC, a fake ID and this bank.

And you have zero stuff about actual money laundering - ie, justifying $46 mil suddenly appearing in your name.

> And you have zero stuff about actual money laundering - ie, justifying $46 mil suddenly appearing in your name.

In China and Russia they give you a party membership if you manage to steal such an amount from a Western individual or a company.

In Dubai, that is an US ally, they just do not care. You can march to a shop with $2M cash or Bitcoin and buy a lambo. Just move to Dubai. They have financial regulator compliance, but it is just on the paper and in real life you get away with anything. Dubai is for crooks and shady money. These is no extraction treaty. The lifestyle is bling bling, good for crooks that want to flash their rolexes.

You need to be really really stupid getting caught in Dubai, but it may happen if you are too outrageous:


Bitcoin makes this trivially easy… “I mined it a long time ago and forgot about it until now”

Isn't that easily verifiable?

One expert told us that the chance of catching illicit actors is “magnitudes greater” using blockchain than in the traditional banking sector. Another went so far as to say that “if all criminals used blockchain, we could wipe out illicit financial activity.” https://cryptoforinnovation.org/resources/Analysis_of_Bitcoi...

except that everything is time stamped

Become an "artist" and buy NFTs from yourself?

pro tip: you don't have to launder $46 million at once. you can treat it like a lottery annuity and just skim off a little here and there.

Some years ago a Dutch teen bought a house with $100k money from stolen bitcoin. He was caught and arrested because he couldn't justify the money.

You also need to worry about algos that 10 years from now will analyze bank transfers, purchases ...

Just move to a place where they do not worry about justifying the money


Canada is already that place. That's why their local purchases didn't catch up with them, but something to do with a (likely) US service.

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