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Is Python totally DIY? Can't find it in the package search.

The packages are either python3 or python2 for the language, and prefixed py2- or py3- for any of the packaged modules. https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/ does support wildcards so you should find the packages using "python?" or "py?-*".

There is a pretty good set of maintainers/packagers that compile Python libs for Alpine, but if you stumble across one that doesn't have a binary built, you're going to have to install the whole build toolchain and get all the headers yourself. The pre-compiled manylinux* binary packages on PyPI aren't compatible with Alpine.

Ah, so. Python2 is past the "pining for the fjords" stage, I should think.

Try 'python3' or 'python2'.

    apk add python3

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