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techsin101 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite

None of the things you mentioned make sense in the US.

Selling behind bars doesn’t solve any problems for CVS, Walgreens, etc. These are big stores with a lot of walking surface that benefit mostly from uninterrupted traffic of people.

Paying gangs? Dude, these are not gang-level crimes. The people who loot stores are uneducated poor people with a low sense of morality. But what you’re suggesting is absurd simply because paying criminal organizations for protection is a crime itself.

The last point does make sense though. But again, this completely ignores how retail commerce and urban distribution works in the US.

These are all ideas that only work in corrupt, lawless and economically challenged settings.


- aisle system encourages spur of the moment purchases (reducing revenue).

- The US stores have so many different brand and pricing choices. Personally, I prefer to shop where I can see the ingredients, prices, and choices, especially if I am purchasing something I do not usually purchase (and thus know what to ask for).


- I might be wrong, but I don't think its gangs raiding the stores, but homeless drug addicts. Not sure if you can just cut a check to a gang and have all of the addicts stop selling (unless maybe you pay off the dealers and the dealers could control the addicts?).


- The stores have been paying for security within their stores, but its still insanely expensive and humans aren't perfect.

I wonder if Amazon's Go stores where you have to scan a QR code for payment is better system than above. I guess that those stores exclude travelers, people that can't afford smart phones, or don't want to create an account.

2. It’s both. There is minor theft from drug addicted and mentally ill folks, and organized groups stealing high value items to sell elsewhere. The second group is the larger issue, and committing the more impactful thefts(clearing shelves in Walgreens).

The recent example of the woman charged with 100+ counts of stealing from target, and of the looters charged with robbing Louis Vuitton, it’s notable one is being charged fora robbery at Walgreens.

"but it's more of a case of good intentions and bad outcomes"

If you say you have good intentions but all of your actions have bad outcomes then I start to doubt the goodness of your intentions

4. In El Salvador groceries have a small outside window from metal bars, you order through it (you are supposed to know what you need though)

What are these stupid laws to which you refer?

1) No prosecution of property crimes by CA DA.

2) Theft of less than $950 is not a felony but misdemeanour.

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