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I'm hugely pro-crypto and I think this guy is being led astray by promises from coins that are incentivized to generate hype and not punished when they don't deliver.

I think firstly crypto has to become money and I think that's all it has to do to change the world for the better. Not many people bother thinking about how inequitable our centralized fiat systems are, but there's no system with half the influence that's even close to inflicting half the pain and suffering (while benefiting a small select chosen class of people). Fiat prints money and gives first dibs (preinflation dollars) to banks. Crypto prints money and gives it to who? Everyone and anyone. This is revolutionary. Further, most crypto doesn't implement a poor tax and steal the money from people who can't afford to buy investment assets while inflation takes from their purchasing power so they have to beg their overlords to increase their salary which will never keep up with inflation.

I don't understand why we've missed the point, but crypto is an amazing chance to get equality right with our money but so many people have their blinders on with a strong negativity bias that they don't want to see past the clickbait and overpromised tech.

Luckily crypto is dramatically better money than fiat in all categories but stability and it's becoming less volatile. I can't wait until we reach the tipping point. I can't wait to see 3rd world countries be given the opportunity to deal in the global economy and climb their way out of the hell fiat has kept them trapped in.

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