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I'm surprised Consumer Reports isn't enormously popular here. It's not personal, engaging blog-style writing - it seems written to help the broadest possible audience, but it's the most technical research by far:

They have actual domain experts, labs (well-resourced), scientific method, and loads of objective data - e.g., for bicycle helmets, they have human head/body models, put all the helmets on them (I'd guess 50 at least, IIRC), dropped them on their heads (I don't remember how the impacts were constructed), and measured various outcomes. Through their research they discovered new risks, such as the stretch in the chin strap.

And it's in sortable, filterable, dynamic tables. What is not to like?!

> What is not to like?!

People don't like paying for things, especially when there is a free, easy, and legal alternative. I am a CR subscriber, and that $39/year fee was a hard thing for me to pay at first. But then I realized that is less than an hour of work at my salary, and I had already spent more than an hour trying to figure out which review sites were trustworthy.

I do find that they don't review everything in a category and can take a long time to review new products, which is frustrating but makes sense.

Was a huge fan 20 years ago, but it's low quality now. They just don't do much work now and the testing is superficial and lazy.

Their home page is covered with reviews. I have't seen superficial or lazy - as I said, they have labs, research, etc., well beyond any competitor - but can you give an example?


They also are leaders in consumer advocacy, such as for privacy, financial abuse, broadband service, and much more, and organize user testing of things like broadband, water quality, and credit reports



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