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This trope he ends with, of guys wives tolerating their crypto mining interests sheds more light than it initially seems. I get periodic incomings from non-tech female friends asking me if their male partner is being taken in by a pyramid scheme. There are lots of women in tech and this isn't about that, it's about the relationship to risk.

My acquaintences with PhDs in a variety of fields all say crypto is bullshit, whereas my entrepreneur friends have mining rigs because buying electricity for a few pennies and converting it to a token people will pay 3-5x for is a no-brainer.

Smart people are essentially defined as being able to see, navigate, and align with what they understand or percieve as the real factor of power that drives the outcome in a situation. This is distinct from people who are intelligent, who are also almost defined by their aptitude for handling abstraction and reasoning about mixed counterfactuals. They're different perspectives. The reason I think my friends wives ask me about whether crypto is bullshit is because they are the smart-indexed part of the partnership, where they see all the seedy, dodgy stuff about crypto and react to it with disgust because it's an inferior distraction to what they know to be true about the world.

The intelligence indexed side of the partnership recognizes that only from shit do all things grow, and so they seek out and take the risk. It's not an intrinsic male/female thing, it's an orientation to risk as a result of their indexing.

I'm not in crypto (other than making an NFT of an experimental musical track to test it, priced too high for anyone to buy), because I didn't see it as on the list of viable paths to financial independence for me (even though it has been for hundreds of thousands of others), and it just looked like a giant deferred tax liability that will psychologically turn crypto holders into fugitives from their own governments and societies. A decade of cultivating what used to be only hacker-level paranoia has knock-on effects. Cryptocurrencies are the seed of an ideology that has analogies and precedents, but it is still forming, I think.

The people who think crypto is bullshit believe it because the smartest thing for them to do is to signal their alignment to establishment values, as if you had any apprehension of how vast and powerful the establishment was, you would too, so the thinking goes. When the rewards are greater than your perceived risk/returns on that, you buy a mining rig. I'm sure there is a straightforward game theory model to describe it.

More people believe it's useful than don't, but the people who signal they don't have the political power, so it's a question of how to bet on who prevails, and the volatility in the interim, imo.

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