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No wonder the US dollar is about to hyperinflate. They're printing it like crazy and handing it out to speculative projects whose clients' revenues are also all denominated in worthless USD.

USD has become a liability for the world. The only reason China doesn't dump all their USD reserves is because they know the global economy will pop instantly because there's no real value behind it to support such big, unfairly distributed numbers in the pockets of so many unproductive people. The world is simply afraid of what comes next but they will have to face it regardless because time is running out and citizens of the world are tired of propping up this fiat pyramid scheme.

If the USD is hyperinflating then pretty much every other currency is also hyperinflating too. Check the other major currencies like Euro, GBP and JPY. The US Dollar is actually strengthening against these currencies and these countries don't have enourmous USD reserves.

All reserve banks print to maintain a stable exchange rate so they will naturally all hyperinflate together. EU governments are dumping a lot of euros on grants for useless speculative tech projects which have no chance of delivering anything of value. It's infuriating to be part of this system. Then people wonder why many don't trust the media or vaccines...

That said, I don't understand why the fiat exchange rates are stable (USD even coming out ahead as you say) but inflation is not even. In Europe, I'm not seeing any noticeable inflation in consumer goods but apparently consumer goods inflation is very noticeable in the US... But you'd think this uneven inflation should affect exchange rates. Why can't Americans get the same price for the same product as Europeans can? That should be a major arbitrage opportunity.

IMO, there is some serious manipulation going on here to prop up the USD and this may be what is causing the inflation and shortages in spite of stable exchange rates.

What, EU has big inflation problem as well. The real economy problems might start Feb 2022 from China according to Cathie Wood. I think investor know and rush to IPOs till the sun is shining.

Also agree that EU does distribution wrong way. It would be better if they simply gave more cash to extend reach of already succesful companies, maybe. Or just sane law to fund startups via shares EU wide.

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