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Deleted as too negative.

Can you expand on why this is unkindness? I've generated lots of very useful discussions with recruiters, with four serious leads for companies I'm interested in, and also rejected many companies immediately based on compensation. As far as I can tell, it's saving both me and the recruiters a good amount of time. I probably wouldn't have bothered with responding to those emails individually.

Maybe you think that I'm sending the recruiters these emails to troll them, and not actually responding? Certainly not; in fact, I have a policy of always replying to any recruiter who takes the time to reply to one of my bot emails.

The equivalent might be running an automated fuzzing process and opening issues on the relevant repos. People actually do that, and it's generally a valuable service.

Actually, the recruiters are reaching out to me, and I'm replying. I'm not automatically submitting my resume to a hundred resume portals. It would be more like opting into Github's Dependabot and then getting annoyed when they open security issues on my repository.

Things like negotiating compensation up-front are due to several situations where I didn't receive compensation details up-front, then went through their interview process, and got an offer that I wouldn't have accepted anyways. So I've added details like that to avoid these kinds of situations in the future.

Many recruiters don’t bother understanding what they were actually supposed to be doing. You can not be a tech recruiter if you do not understand the basics of the said tech.

I get offers for jobs asa frontend eng, when I am a 100% backend guy. Recruiters need to understand that based on the very detailed information that they have about me.

They clearly don’t care, so why should we care?

> I get offers for jobs asa frontend eng, when I am a 100% backend guy.

for you it might be the difference between "tire guy" and "engine guy" whereas the recruiter just sees a car mechanic.

That's the point of the post you are replying to: don't be in business of hiring mechanics if you have no clue that there are "tire" and "engine" ones.

i too find the "fullstack developer - printer problems" memes pretty funny but i can also sort of understand the other side and to return to the analogy, a tire-guy car-mechanic probably has a better chance to diagnose and fix your car than any bicycle-mechanic.

It would be a good analogy if the recruiter spam also did not contain experience requirements: they are not just looking for somebody to fix their car, they want somebody with 10 years experience if Pirelli and 5 in Bridgestone and there will be a quiz where you will need to identify tires (there are just about 1500 of those) by patterns, Leet Road.

I disagree.

Recruiters who mass spam the emails of folks they’ve harvested from LinkedIn or elsewhere receiving a more or less templated response in kind is anything but mean. It’s awesome!

Imagine a recruiter recruiting for a machine learning role and they got such an email!

The best developers automate the boring stuff and sifting through templated recruiter emails is hella boring.

Curious, would you rate an equivalent non-automated email (but asking the same questions) also as a punch in the face?

It shouldn’t be. This is what I do. I have a set of questions to every ask ok LinkedIn or email that I get. I respond with a thank you and my questions: remote? Salary, total comp, company name, tech stack. And it filters out a lot of things that will go nowhere.

It's a figurative punch in the face - an analogy for hurting someone.

sure, same question. Is the problem that they have a formalized response or that it's automatic? Or something about the specific response?

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