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For all the (truly) amazing performance from the M1.*, how much of the benefits are just coming from Mac users not realising how laggy their OS is on non-extreme hardware? I used MacOS for two years on a '15 i5 MBP and didn't realise how persistently sluggish it was until i blew everything away and chucked on Xubuntu. (Nothing magic about linux here, Gnome and KDE were as bad as MacOS)

Is the incredible performance of the M1 just going to enable a whole new generation of inefficient software?

This article literally benchmarks a variety of low-level compute heavy operations and compares them with a Ryzen. It’s about as far away from your take as possible.

You might have missed the point - he means that more we get performance from the hardware, less we care about optimising software. And this is already a problem with Electron for example.

I get that point, thanks. Neither that glittering generality nor the supposition that Mac users are blown away by the M1 simply because macOS was running on creaky Intel hardware have anything to do with the article though.

Yes.. software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster

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