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This is awesome! Thanks for providing more details (was a bit hard to notice your medium post at first) [0].

For folks here interested in doing this kind of thing (one example is for building web-available IDEs) the other way to run languages in the browser is to find implementations of the language in JavaScript like Brython for Python and there are a few Schemes that come to mind. I wrote a bit about this here [1]. Some people have taken this even further [2, 3] than I did.

And specifically both this OP post and all the links I'm talking about work differently than repl.it does because repl.it has a server where your code runs. Everything I'm talking about runs solely in your browser. Which makes compute free, with a bunch of limitations (io, basically).

[0] https://medium.com/leaningtech/cheerpx-using-webassembly-to-...

[1] https://datastation.multiprocess.io/blog/2021-06-16-language...

[2] https://github.com/fiugd/plugins/tree/main/.templates

[3] https://github.com/viebel/klipse


The cool thing about Cheerpx is that it's not limited to interpreters at all, it's a more general framework that can be used to run many Linux tools out of the box - we are currently experimenting with bash and some common commands, for example.

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