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A Visual Intro to Large Language Models (cohere.ai)
50 points by jalammar 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Hi HN,

This is the first in a series of articles I'm writing to introduce devs to practical applications of large NLP language models (for text generations like GPT and for language understanding like BERT).

I have been connecting the dots between the capabilities of these models and their business application. I still believe we're in the beginning of grasping the amount of potential value we can extract from these models. Happy to get to share these as I learn them from my exposure to the problem space.

Some of the key visual language I'm aiming to simplify is that of "prompts" and their use to shape model output (leading to practical applications). In this post, a key visual is [1] which shows an example of a summarization prompt and [2] showing a high-level process of "prompt engineering".

Would appreciate your feedback!

[1] https://docs.cohere.ai/img/intro-llms/language-model-prompt.... [2] https://docs.cohere.ai/img/intro-llms/prompt-engineering-and...

There is a real gap between the development and techniques on how to use them practically and where to use them(use cases). Thanks for filling in the gap

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