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ourmandave 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite

This article appears to be nonsense from a fascinatingly nonsensical site. Is someone running fake news site using a large language model?

The front page: full of headline clickbait with paragraph segments of nonsense. For example:

"The Remington Portable Typewriter lists at $29.95. It has capital and small letters, standard key board, shift key and many features. It also resembles he big machines in efficiency, for don’t forget it’s a Remington – with every merit for which Remingtons are famous. On sale at all stores except Jamaica."

The article is... questionable. One part says:

> It’s smart to avoid using wireless devices like mobile phones or GPS systems, since they have digital signatures that can reveal your location.

This would make more sense if it was referring to drones that carry a sigint payload, except GPS receivers don't transmit and that would be a RF signature, not a "digital signature".

It appears to be a copy of this article [1] from The Conversation (the original was published under a Creative Commons license, so I guess that's fine).

The Conversation is backed by a number of well-known universities and foundations [2], and the author seems to be a real professor [3].

Of course that doesn't mean it's not nonsense. But probably not generated by a language model.

[1] https://theconversation.com/how-to-hide-from-a-drone-the-sub...

[2] https://theconversation.com/us/partners

[3] https://www.sandiego.edu/news/biography.php?profile_id=2082

I'm confused; is he a real professor, in the sense that he actually knows core sociology literature well, or is he a grifter sociologist professor who has found a niche and some publicity for himself by writing relatively light academic-sounding fluff focusing on the intersection of drone technology and modern issues of concern (slavery, trafficking, the panopticon)?

Sociology is not known as a hard science, regardless of the professor.

I was curious, so I searched that typewriter ad.

Turns out there are a whole bunch of copycat sites with that ad too.


The ad in itself doesn't actually sound nonsensical. Remington did make portable typewriter models, though I didn't find any pricing information. I'm also not sure what's meant by "all stores except Jamaica." I don't know if Jamaica in this case means the country or the NYC neighborhood.

Right? I was hoping for a good article and instead got machine learned drivel. Is the OP just a bot too?

This is an SEO site farm.

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