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YARP configuration is done using a json file, as you can see in the getting started page: https://microsoft.github.io/reverse-proxy/articles/getting-s....

Did you really stop reading after 2 paragraphs because they show a XML snippet? The XML is only related to the C# project file...

Yes, I really stopped reading there.

this is sort of like stopping when reading some tutorial on nginx and the example app the tutorial is using to show how nginx works is written in php because you're too cool for that php stuff.

I stopped reading at Microsoft. Why would I want to hitch my wagon to another failed Microsoft attempt at embrace extend extinguish.

I’m still laughing at the companies that poured into things like silverlight a few years ago.

The difference with Microsoft is that even if their product fails, you're still going to get support for years and years. Like, Silverlight was deprecated in 2012, and apparently it stopped being supported a month ago. That is why a lot of the enterprise folks like their products.

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