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Pics of old SF on a map (oldsf.org)
116 points by sdizdar on Aug 26, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

This is yet another great example of the benefits of living in a city with so many passionate and talented developers. I'm so thankful I live here

Very nicely done. Reminds me of all the walking I did during my second pregnancy (we lived where Noe dead ends at Laidley).

Looks much like http://www.historypin.com/ , but geographically restricted and with more photos of SF.

Amazing. Did they geolocate each photo by travelling around the city and eyeballing it?

According to http://www.oldsf.org/about:

The geocodes are based on two sources:

1. Photo Subjects. All photographs in the “City Hall (old)” series presumably belong in the same place. We manually geocoded several hundred subjects.

2. Addresses and Cross-Streets. The photo descriptions often contain either an address, block number or set of cross-streets. These were converted to coordinates using the Google Geocoding API.

Brilliant work, it must have taken thousands of man-hours to do this. I'm really enjoying looking through it.

That is amazing thanks for sharing. Was very cool to go to the different neighborhoods I have lived and see what it looked like 100 years ago.

I just spent a good hour of my life on this site and I don't regret it. Thanks for making this.

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