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Here's my strategy:

   * decrease your expenses (or at least know them)
   * build up a cash cushion (I like a 6 month runway, including buying health ins if you need it)
   * moonlight (check your employment agreement) by asking folks you have worked with or met if they need help. LinkedIn is great (always ask if people know anyone who needs help, rather than "do you need help" as that is less awkward)
   * take the plunge when you feel like you have enough contacts
You can start building a name for yourself in a specific area by blogging or contributing to open source.

I wrote more about this here: https://letterstoanewdeveloper.com/2020/10/05/how-to-make-a-...

and here: https://www.mooreds.com/wordpress/archives/2190

HTH. My email is in my profile if you have specific qs.

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