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#1 and #6 are increasingly solvable using CSS and they are, of course, completely possible using SVG or canvas depending on what else you're doing. The libraries need some serious work to be more consistent - after battling font embedding inconsistencies and bugs I really wanted to use CSS.

I liked a couple parts of AS3 but … the toolchain so horribly broken that at this point I wouldn't consider Flash unless Adobe gives me a free upgrade from CS3 to something where the "debugger" doesn't crash frequently and things like breakpoints actually work. I'd tend to think $800+ should get you remotely near feature-comparable with current browser debugger.

Basically this is a long way of saying that point #2 is a huge drawback from my perspective because Flash is integrated but none of the individual components are as good as what competition's producing in the open world and Adobe's been very slow to try fixing years of platform neglect.

I've been playing with SVG in Google Chrome and found some very ugly bugs. So, I realize that the HTML5 is not there despite the hype.

For example I draw an object SVG and when I move it I have trailing bitmaps and flickering.

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