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Nice, a few more plugins and you'll have a semi-vanilla Vim!

I've been using Vim since 200x (i think 2007, but not sure), some time even as my main editor, but this is simple not true at all.

I've been trying the "built your own IDE from the editor" approach using Sublime, VSCode, and several other editors, but it doesn't work as good as good IDE. Especially the I in the IDE is important. And also that it actually really works and is integrated by someone else. I can't even remember how many times I've got broken things in VSCode, for example when I was using rope (refactoring library) or MS plugins for code analysis.

PyCharm has a superior understanding of the code, which allows you to do refactoring and other things effectively. What convinced me to use it was when I've seen other people use highlevel features like "take this piece of code, move it into own method and set theese default parameters" without even thinking, in split second decisions. I've read Effective PyCharm and kinda decided, that I don't have enough time to try to make my own IDE from things that will never get the integration to the level PyCharm already has. It was a pain (it took me something like two weeks just to map all the keys and set the defaults), but it made me much more effective.

How, vim is an editor, Intelij supports a vim mode(I never tried it since I hate vim) but vim is not an IDE , maybe you wanted to say you put 30 plugins and you get a half implementation of a good IDE.

IdeaVim feels incredibly close to vim. It can read vim configs and supports every motion I use. There's nothing missing.

I like ideavim a lot, but I really hope they integrate an embedded neovim into the IDE like The VsCode community has. There is an open ticket you can show support on: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/VIM-858

Almost. Occasionally you notice some small differences. But it’s impressive how close it is.

Makes me wish I could compile it myself. Sadly compiling pycharm extensions isn’t for the faint of heart (or drive space).

gr8 b8 m8

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