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Hey that looks really nice. I've actually done your exact business model for photography sites and made a pretty good chunk of change.

Nice! Photography sites came up during the product visioning as ones that suffer many of the same problems as restaurant sites, it's good to know something has happened in that area. Can I ask how you approached selling it? I'm still going one by one but also seeing interest from web developers looking to re-sell as part of their ongoing relationship with restaurant clients, which I want to support better.

Well, we do all sorts of websites for different types of photographers (see my profile for links) so we had an existing client base and a pretty good audience in the industry in general.

When the iPhone first came out, I jumped on it and created some simple pages/scripts that could be uploaded (along with some directions for detection/redirection). We sold a good amount of those for $79.

Now we just offer them as part of our overall website offering (and it's a full web app similar to cilantro here).

I like that you moved early on it. I was pretty hesitant before jumping in to build Menuito and wish I did it a year earlier, but isn't that often the way :)

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