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Thanks for all the feedback. Email me your address.

>> I personally think your domain is somewhat subpar. If you owned cilantro.com, it would be incredibly brandable. CilantroSites.com is a bit awkward and long.

Yeah, I don't love it but I'm not trying to get too hung up on it for the time being. I own CILANTRO.ME as well and CLNT.ME is just intended for short URLs.

>> Out of curiosity, how are you planning on monetizing?

a. monthly fee for premium sites (multiple menus/locations) b. other plans in the works

Just FYI, and maybe it's just me, but CLNT.ME looks way too close to an inappropriate word.

Agree. Even lower case. If it is suppose to look like an abbreviation of cilantro I'd be wary of using it.

Even lower case?

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