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The Raku Programming Language (raku.org)
33 points by dunefox 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

I really need to take the time and do a deep dive on this language, it has such an interesting feature set.

For old-timers: this is the programming language formerly known as Perl 6.

It's funny to think of Perl as an old-time language, but its heyday was 20-30 years ago and history really seems to have passed it by. Weird to think that Perl is to kids these days as Snobol and Prolog were to me when I was first learning to program in elementary school.

I'm leaning towards 30+.

It’s getting there.

From 1995-2000 (maybe -2002, -2003), it was absolutely relevant, even prevent in the industry.

After that point, it felt like Java/PHP/Asp took the lead.

It also has a place in history as the original language of some very influential web products, notably Amazon.com, GMail, EBay, LiveJournal, and del.icio.us.

Not to forget Booking.com :-)

I'm thinking about trying the upcoming Advent of code with Raku, but I have never used it and it looks too complex to be picked up in a week or two. Any thoughts?

I don't feel like it's too complex. I started working with it about two years back and was productive within the first hour.

You definitely don't have to use everything. The only "requirement" you need - I use the term very loosely - is knowing how to use sigils ($,@,%,&) and understanding when to use which, which is easier than it looks. The rest of the knowledge comes naturally if you're inclined to refactoring.

For me, that means I'd write the most verbose solution first, then slowly work my way down to fewer SLoC. A recent programming problem took about 20 lines in Python but was a one-liner in Raku. I know SLoC isn't everything but it provides the dopamine this lizard brain craves, haha.

Raku have very magically function in core

OOC, which functions do you think are magical?

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