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Look, if you hate Flash because it eats at your CPU, or it broke into your house - be angry.

The author explains that Flash breaks 3 fundamentals:

   * it encourages design abuse
   * it breaks with the Web's fundamental interaction principles
   * it distracts attention from the site's core value.
Guess what else breaks these fundamentals? Everything. Not just Silverlight or JavaFX. These technologies have accessibility API. People just don't implement them.

Anyone who implements a fancy custom scrollbar, forgets an ALT attribute, or doesn't properly wrap their label tags is breaking these fundamentals all the same.

It's not like I don't agree that Flash could be better, but this argument could be applied to just about any technology at any point in time.

Thank you. I keep pointing out that these complaints can be applied to Canvas just as easily. When it takes over, will these people hate Canvas with the same passion?

If people create whole websites within Canvas? Then probably.

I'm meaning more the annoying banner ads. Most Flash designers do not create entire websites in Flash anymore, that's a special case situation these days.

Have you read anything from Jakob Neilson before, he would agree with you. If it were up to him the Web would like pretty much exactly like his article.

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