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I saw an interesting stat the other day:

According to this "built with" site, use of SWFObject (which is pretty much what 99% of flash devs use to detect + embed their swfs) is starting to decline among the "top sites":


I'm the original creator of SWFObject, so I've looked at that chart a bit, and I've never seen the usage go down in the few years since that site's been tracking js usage.

I figure the success of browser-Flash will depend on touch parity between desktop & devices.

Flash is a complex experience to create and generating two forms (mouse & touch) confounds the universal cutting-edge innovation expected from Flash.

Does this include SWFObject2? (I think the current version is 2.2)

That's a good question. I suspect it does, as v2 has been out a long time.

They may just look at file names, like swfobject.js, or look for "swfobject" in the file path.

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