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Suggestions of countries for web-developers (relocate)
4 points by ooonnn 66 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I'm a web developer (from Brazil),

I'm thinking if it's a good time to move abroad, and started looking for countries where there's demand for web developers, and good HDI, and the visa is not "too" complicated.

Hints of special programmes like Canada's "Skilled Worker Visa".


Getting a work permit or visa that allows work is hard in most countries that might be more attractive than Brazil.

There’s no shortage of web developers unless you’re a senior developer with specialized skills, degree, and good work history.

Language and cultural issues will complicate getting f/t or p/t jobs.

I suggest you look into freelancing remotely for companies in countries that pay relatively well for your skills (US companies generally pay more). Then it doesn’t matter where you live and your don’t need a work permit.*

*Technically you do usually need a work permit to legally do any kind of work for pay, in every country, but enforcement focuses on people working illegally and taking jobs from locals. Some countries offer visas that allow this kind of work. Freelancing on a laptop for a company in a different country isn’t likely to get you into trouble. That’s the whole digital nomad model.

I would suggest you to look at https://rebase.co/portugal if you want to travel and https://nomadlist.com to discover cities and countries where you can work and feel well.

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